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One by one the planets that rule the four body system pass by the Inner Guru Saturn, each one forming a super polarity, giving us the chance to attune in new ways to voice within. Venus, ruler of the emotional body and the heart, led the way. She formed a super polarity with Saturn between April 18 and April 22, before the eclipse took place. This helped us all to allow the heart to lead us into this powerful passage, where the recalibration taking place through this series of polarizations is producing our new understanding of manifestation and its mechanism here in 5D.

The Sun, (with the Moon representing the Spiritual Body), produced the next, most significant opposition, almost immediately after the eclipse the other night. There was no super opposition here, but the Sun, in its current polarity with the Galactic Center (In the biggest picture), IS IN ITSELF a polarized force at the moment. This Sun/ Moon- Saturn opposition was, for all intents and purposes, the eclipse itself. The Sun and Saturn completed their polarizing dance yesterday, when they came into an exact opposition. This brought us into spiritual alignment with the Creation dance.

We are also in the middle of the Mars/Saturn super opposition, also the longest one, (the physical body just takes longer), occurring from April 22 through to May 1. It’s fascinating that this polarization began the same day as the Venus Saturn dance ended, promising to bring the heart and the body into a much more profound alignment. This realignment of the four body system is the RESULT of all the upgrades we’ve undergone, and we are finally ready to step up into our new Selves as they are completed.

Mercury moves into Taurus at last, ALSO on May 1, after all those months of taking us through the limitless field, showing us our potential till we didn’t know WHERE we were, and then most recently bringing up the rear as the exclamation point for the Uranian Jolt. (Make no mistake about that Jolt, it is still working its way into our consciousness).. Mercury too will form a super polarization with the Inner Guru between May 3 and May 5. Mercury has already recovered his usual speed, and so the mind, with all its newest properties is just about to kick into a much higher gear. That is, after all, what we’re here for.

This realignment of heart, body, spirit and mind (in that order) is delivering us to out of bounds journeys for both Mercury and Venus in May, and while we’ve been enjoying so much more understanding of these trips outside the ecliptic by the four body rulers for years now, this is the first time they will travel in uncharted territory after our expansion into 5D, promising to add dimension and meaning to our manifestation experience here in the worm hole.

If you’re watching, you’ll see the each of the lower body dispositors is connecting with the outer planets in the same way, producing the same process and alignment for each one. During the polarity with Saturn, each of the Taurus planets forms semisextiles with Jupiter and Uranus, sextiles with Neptune and Chiron and trines with Pluto. These are some seriously expansive (and ONLY expansive) energies. Notice there are no squares to be found. This is not a growth process that comes out of conflict and struggle, it is an expansion that comes from the heart center.

So move into your heart as fully as you can and allow your Self to come from there. If you do, you will experience your entire world as heart-centered, and you will find new ways, every single moment, to share your Love and Light in unexpected ways. TRAIN yourself to come from there. MAKE BELIEVE you come from there… whatever it takes to get there. And when you do you will realize that you were ALWAYS there, and everything else is happening in your mind. Let it Be, and enjoy the show you’re producing.

” If you can get sure in your work, your dance with life, whether it’s in your home or the far flung reaches of the earth, understanding and appreciating your sacred place in eternity for the moment and the unrecoverable time that’s been bequeathed for the task, everything else will take care of itself.

And you can. Oh, you so can. “
The Universe (Mike Dooley) www.tut.com

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