• Waning Moon
  • Moon in Aquarius: All day
  • Moon Void of Course: NO

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At last, we are moving, albeit slowly, toward a new way of BEING. Can you feel this transformation happening to you, subtly but absolutely? What used to matter so much means practically nothing at this point, even when we go through the same old motions and we find ourselves behaving as though we still really care about those people places and things that used to wreak havoc with our emotional lives. Look around for those places in your world where you are still acting as if something you know darn well is meaningless has import you don’t seem to want to let go of. You know you do. And this is the moment to let it all go.

That giant storm on Saturn that looks like a red rose has been raging for months and months, according to scientists, but we are only now getting a good look at it. Maybe that’s because the Sun is opposing the Inner Guru, which physically affords a great look at the planet and consciously affords the greatest awareness we can have of the archetype that is our great Teacher. The storm did not come first, the consciousness of the Inner Guru’s great new presence in our lives did. The storm, however, is the mirrored image of the way we are collectively dealing with the new Inner guru archetype. Now tell me, did your mind go to Oh, no that’s not good? Of course it’s good… It’s ALL good. A storm is a great clearing, isn’t it? What else would be appropriate for a collective consciousness that has just become ready to turn to its inner resources for sustained use?

Let it all go. Let go of the old way you used to relate to the world and those you populate yours with. Approach everything from a new perspective, and if you can’t, or you forget, change it when you remember. There is no such thing as time here in 5D. If you approach an old situation with an old approach and two weeks later find yourself in a bad way because of it, and all of a sudden you realize it’s all because of your attitude, you can change the whole experience by changing your mind. That’s right, and you don’t even have to tell anyone about it. Just shift, inwardly, and sit back and watch the entire universe shift according to your new perspective.

Try it. Try it right now. Make believe the world is exactly as you desire it in your heart of hearts. Let it BE what you wish. Wave your hand, your magic wand. Make Believe! You won’t believe what happens.

I am hearing from some of you asking why your world isn’t reflecting any change.. It’s because you’re not changing. Looking at something else and thinking you want that is not the same as stepping into it, believing you’re worthy and you have every right to it. Wanting and Having are two different things. In 3D we spent a lot of time wanting for what we perceived we did not have. In 5D we will spend our moments in HAVING mode. Let it BE.

One final word: we are in a worm hole, one that is Scorpio in origin and longer than usual. It is also a very productive wormhole and it’s easy to forget we’re in here. What it means is that anything can happen in this passage, and it’s our job to open to it and say yes no matter what. Go where this passage takes you. Questions are mental, don’t ask.

Lauren Gorgo has another great article up on her website, www.thinkwithourheart.com .. Here is a little excerpt…. I urge you to go and read it…

”It’s a cold hard fact that the only thing that can move us now is divine LOVE, and because this level of LOVE can only be attained from within, there is nothing “out there” that can guide us or bring us that level of uncompromised joy. Joy (oneness) comes from our inner-being, happiness (polarity) comes from the outer-world and because we are so deeply in the oneness now our only option is to channel the true Source of our pleasure.” Lauren Gorgo

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