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Mercury and Mars are traveling together at the moment, coming together in a conjunction at 8:34pm EDT this evening. A conjunction between any two planets kicks off a new cycle for the duo, and Mars and Mercury are the dispositors of the Body and the Mind, respectively. A new Mind/Body paradigm is born this evening, rooted in the Taurus consciousness, currently known as the Tree of Life. This should be dynamic and stabilizing, after a long period of physical and mental reorientation and upgrading. We are new, and we know it. Now we get to learn just how that newness can manifest itself.

I have been writing about Taurus all week. It is such a profound sign, and given its predisposition to Venus, Taurus is a very strong place to be at the moment, as Venus is also traveling through this, her home sign. Taurus is the mansion where the upcoming Solar eclipse will take place, on Thursday evening. Interestingly, Venus, leading the pack these days, will move into Gemini hours before the eclipse occurs. This takes the karmic energies into the realm of duality, or the transcendence of, depending on where our individual consciousness lies.

The first thing that happens to this new Mind/Body paradigm is the advent of each planet, Mercury and Mars, forming a sextile with the Mater Healer Chiron. This bodes well for any alignment and healing that still needs to happen. Since this is a karmic eclipse event, (that is the New Moon is conjunct the Moon’s south Node), it’s great to have Chiron’s energies available in such a productive and positive way. It bodes well.

I don’t know about you, but even with all the intensity in the world, all the wildness, all the explosive energy everywhere, fear is not so intense as it was before. It’s almost like a distant memory, not SO far in the past that we don’t remember it, not so recent that it can swallow us up the way it used to. Pay careful attention to the ways in which your mind and body respond to the days’ events as a unit, as a NEW oneness, because it marks the beginning of the new way you approach your world. This is important because you are creating a new one.

Mercury and Mars are in a super conjunction tonight (no surprise there, is there?). They will form an energetic conjunction (a parallel) tomorrow midday. Whenever a planetary aspect is accompanied by a declination aspect, the effect is much bigger, much more powerful on our psyche and our experience. With this new consciousness there is so little that slips by us now. Remember that we are learning to manifest right here. It is vital to stay riveted to the higher perspective and create from that point of view.

It bears mentioning that this conjunction is technically, though not literally on the World Axis, which means it has its effect on absolutely everyone, conscious or not. In the next couple of days both planets will cross the world axis for real, charged with the energies of each other and Chiron while Venus makes her way into the sign of duality and lead our hearts into a new order.

What follows is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for today’s new Mercury Mars cycle. It is reprinted with the author’s permission from his book Star SparksThis is very exciting….:

Taurus 14 : An old lady selling bunches of violets on a street corner.

”She brings something so very fresh from within her ancient crone storehouse of goodies. For she delights in reversing the expected pattern. If she is old and wizened, it is her best chance to tap that which is primally free and was previously missed. She is the polarities weaver.

Her existence is lived out between and among odd bedfellows, unlikely combinations. She has to be challenged and provoked by the denial, the need to bring together what had been rent asunder. For she can only know herself and be true to herself when she comes from both sides to the center. Where the worlds meet, there she is.

Her presence in our midst is haunting, evocative, other. She seems to come from another time and place altogether. How did she appear there? Why does she seem to know what she is doing when her part is so impervious, so out of context, so devoid of rhyme or reason?

Well, she is part of a different order of existence. She is a rare representative of the worlds which otherwise tends to be hidden away. And she is quite fully in touch with her part and her place, even as others miss the connection she is making on every hand.

Her real role here is to restore what humanity as a whole so easily forgets and denies. She is so entirely at one with the deep earth realms that her presence in our midst alone restores the balance.

For she has this subtle under-flow to what she bears and brings. Perhaps on the outside it is more [tangible] and almost pragmatic. But on the inside, she is truly at one with the soul of this planet.

Her voice cries out in the wilderness. Her influence spreads. She is never alone. What dramatizes itself in many situations is the tip of the iceberg. She is an inside worker and she is supremely unimpressed by all the usual considerations.”

” The main reason someone moves mountains, wins friends, influences people, amasses a fortune, or anything else… is because they thought they would.”

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