• Waxing Moon
  • Moon in Leo
  • Moon enters Virgo: 5:34am
  • Moon Void of Course: Midnight – 5:34am
  • Hidden 6:6 Star Gate
  • Hidden 5:5 Star Gate

If you’re in the New York/Northern New Jersey Area, please join me next Thursday evening, May 16, as I facilitate a More Truth Will Set You Free Meditation and Healing workshop.
Time: 7-9pm: Location: Central Unitarian Church, 156 Forest Ave, Paramus, NJ
“The Lounge” (entrance in back of building): Exchange: $25 pre-registered; $30 at the door. First time is FREE. To register or for more information:
moretruthteachersnj@gmail.com or call 973-886-5120
These workshops may also be attended remotely. Please email or call to register and receive the healing benefits etherically.

PLEASE JOIN ME via teleconference FOR MY BRAND NEW MONTHLY SATSANG on the first Wednesday evening of every month, beginning June 5th , 7 – 8pm EDT.
Let’s get together and share about everything from the current transits to what kind of world we want to create. First month’s topic, on June 5th at 7pm EDT, is the Mirrored Self. There will be a half hour of discussion and a half hour of Q & A. Send your questions to me at StephanieAzaria@aol.com with Satsang Question in the subject line. Send any questions or topics you’d like to discuss and share our hearts and souls. Register in the upper left hand corner of the home page…
Go to http://www.dev.thecosmicpath.com/events?ee=29 to register.

What a huge day on tap! There are 10 aspects all together, and six of them involve Mercury and Venus, except for one, which features the Sun. The other four aspects are lunar, which is more common, but three of those are major connections, making this one of the most dynamic days we’ve seen in a very long time. There’s a major emphasis on the mind/heart upgrade that is generating the quantum leap in consciousness that’s gripping humanity at the moment.

The day begins with a void Leo Moon and inside that void Mercury squares Neptune. This aspect follows the Venus Neptune square that happened last Monday. These are essential parts of the recalibration process that is helping us to transform into homo luminous. This past week has left many in deep dark confusion. But even if that fog caught you in a harsh way, did you notice that fear and doubt don’t have the same energy they did before?

Not all of you lives in 3D anymore, and the part that has transcended it is incapable of being drawn back down to that much denser dimension. The part of you that still has a stake in the world of separation is still learning how to move out of there. These moments that seem to claim your peace of mind are actually the great blessings that offer you the way out.

The key is to be Loving in as many of your thoughts, actions and deeds as you possibly can, especially toward yourself. When you love yourself the best you can (and that does not mean PERFECTLY), your world is made of the Love you are holding and expressing. Self –Love is the answer to everything.

Right around dawn EDT Venus and Mercury come together on the ecliptic. That represents a mind/heart connection of the higher order. The rulers of the mental and emotional bodies are just about at the farthest northern edge of the ecliptic. The ecliptic represents our consciousness (in the sense that it is the range the Sun covers in the course of a year). Mercury is going to travel beyond the edge ecliptic as of May 20, and Venus follows on May 24. The Mind/Heart connection will move into uncharted territory just in time for the final eclipse of this worm hole passage!

Venus sextiles Uranus and inconjuncts Pluto today as well. All three planets are at the 11th degree of their respective signs, making for a heart alignment unlike any other. Follow your heart at all costs today, it will show you to places you’ve never seen before. And Mercury is right behind. He will repeat these aspects next Monday, and this Heart/Mind realignment continues.

Venus’s sextile with Uranus completes the Finger of God that began last week when she formed an inconjunct with Saturn. Saturn and Uranus mark the connection between the lower and the higher self. There is great awakening AND great definition and self-worth available now. And Mercury forms the same inconjunct with Saturn tonight, so the same Finger of God begins again, with the mental body in tow.

There is so much happening that it’s very difficult to know what’s what right now. It’s actually best not to try and figure it out. We are still inside a worm hole, so let it be what it is. Be moved by these powerful inner forces that are realigning themselves within us so that we may participate as fully as we can in the new order.


”Beloved, it’s all thought. You live in a dream world. Therefore, it’s all simple. You want something, anything? Just think it. Material or ethereal – they’re both me.

Which is the point I was about to make.”

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