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What a busy, fascinating week lies ahead! All three etheric body rulers, Mercury Venus and Mars change signs, producing a significant inner shift in all of us at the personal level. Mercury and Venus are out of bounds, taking the mind/heart connection, newly reformed and recalibrated, into brand new territory, and both of these planets come together with Jupiter, ruler of Saturday’s lunar eclipse, in Gemini. Gemini is the part of our quantum energy field where all the rulers of the four body system are gathered to transcend duality once and for all.

To emphasize this process, the entire week features a Finger of God that begins today with a Sun Saturn inconjunct, and ends next Saturday with a Sun Pluto inconjunct. Saturn and Pluto are in an ongoing sextile since last November 16 until September 16 of this year. This Saturn Pluto sextile is making the transition from the lower self to the higher Self much easier for us. This Finger of God, involving the Sun, brings or conscious awareness into the mix in a big way.

The coming together of Mercury with Jupiter today and Venus with Jupiter tomorrow, after these two rulers of mind and heart just began a new cycle of co-creation when they came together last Friday evening just before the lunar eclipse, is very significant. With Mercury and Venus out of bounds, these conjunctions with Jupiter are taking us to new wisdom, new Knowledge and above all new expansion.

Expansion is the name of the game for the next few months. Our job is to allow our Selves to BE all that we are so that we can BECOME all that we are meant to be. We don’t know what that is, we have to allow it to manifest to find out. Too much thinking about it is inadvisable, as thinking gets us stuck in the fear based mode that we just spent many millennia getting out of. Let your heart be your guide. Trust your inner guidance mechanism. Surrender to your higher Self. These are all synonyms. Let it BE what it is and you will begin to expand beyond measure.

Mercury and Jupiter come together today to produce much in the way of wisdom and understanding. In Gemini, we can see both sides of anything and understand that it’s all part of the oneness. Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for the degree of this conjunction (which is ALSO the degree of tomorrow’s Venus Jupiter conjunction), is wild and enlightening at the same time. It is reprinted here with the author’s permission from his book Star Sparks:

Gemini 24: A nude man with a tail.

”Rooted in the subtle ethers of earth, cast loose upon the surface to find his way by tapping the subtle feelers and staying in the pulse of what they reveal. Bringing into currency that which is broadly denied, suppressed, even scapegoated. Needing to get away with being different. Pushed to far extremes to guard and protect, to maintain the domain of extreme otherness.

Tapping every forbidden layer of awareness. Hardly knowing consciously what is moving through. Spared the need to think about it, to make anything out of this in an external way. Permitted by destiny to do astounding things, but to do them surreptitiously, adroitly, keeping one’s own ego mind in the dark, as well as others.

Empowered to stay in touch and in tune with the multiple channels of cosmos, of deep earth, of magic, and of strange alternative realities. Tracking many of these through a complex system, collaborated with hidden realms throughout. Given tasks and objectives which require this kind of knack.

Exquisitely on the beam in uncanny directions. Knowing things nobody knows. Picking up on nuances which are the last places anybody looks. Yet entirely at home within these sub-rational multi-worlds. Only true to self in those secret ways.

A tremendous dilemma is faced with very little room for maneuvering. How can the vibrancy’s be sustained when the outer self is barren in a barren world? What does it take to tuck away that deep earth rudder and act like nothing strange is happening under there?

It is sensed as an impossible and absurd situation. Every caustic voice says “you have got to be kidding!” Yet this could not matter less. The fact is that a precious cargo is held intact this way, ready for the time nearly at hand.”

“To think anything is impossible is to limit the creativity of the Universe. Time & time again throughout history everything that was once impossible has been proved to be possible. The potential for everything has always been, it has only been our minds and beliefs that have caught up with the infinite potential that is right before our very eyes. Anyone who says anything is impossible is dead wrong. You can create any kind of life you want. The magic happens with an open mind, humble attitude and persistent effort. Trust yourself and you’ll be amazed at what IS possible.”

– Jackson Kiddard

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