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We’re not quite out of the worm hole, but today we move into the first of the Grand Water trines that become the focus of the Summer Season. It’s been all about the water for more than two years, beginning when Neptune moved into Pisces in March of 2011. Since then we have been adapting to the intensity and vastness of the water (within us) in some of the most profound ways. Water is a major part of the divine feminine within, and we learned very quickly that we did not have the right relationship with this part of our Selves (and consequently the planet). We had to learn, in some very difficult ways, to realign with this much ignored or overlooked part of our Being.

We dealt with tsunamis, floods, droughts, and months adrift in the limitless field. We had to remember, and quickly, how important the emotional body is to our existence, and we have to find the right relationship with it. Many of us faced life-altering events in our lives that required a kind of adaptation we were not used to. We were flooded, leveled, the water in our homes, on our planet and in our bodies went through violent changes. That was 2011 through the summer of 2012.

In the winter of 2012 we were sufficiently aligned to spend a few months adrift in the vastness of our consciousness that is the limitless field of potential. We have spent so many centuries bound by limiting beliefs and fear based restrictions, that finding our Selves adrift in the utter boundariless-ness of our true state of consciousness was very difficult to endure. It took SO MUCH out of all of us. Some of us deal with extreme physical reactions in response to this intensity.

What we learned, above all else, is that the emotional body goes hand in hand with the physical, water and earth are the two parts of the one divine feminine. They are different, but there is no separation. We have all learned to bring our emotional selves into better alignment with our physical selves, and we will see the results of this effort in the world soon enough.

Enough of us have learned to balance the heart and the body enough to be ready for the next wave, which begins now. (There are legions of humans who are being readied for the next wave, and they have finally realized that Love is an alternative to fear). We can all remember being there, can’t we? It has taken many of us lifetimes on the spiritual path to get here. Fortunately we are in 5D now, where everything is NOW and there is no such thing as linear time. Those just getting on the path won’t need to take as long, in fact, there’s no such thing.

What begins today is a series of Grand Water trines that involve the lower body rulers, Sun, Moon, Mercury Venus and Mars, along with Jupiter, trining Saturn and Neptune, to form a series of five Grand Water trines that will take us all to the next level of divine feminine consciousness. Today’s Grand trine is formed by Mercury Saturn and Neptune. Saturn is retrograde. Neptune is stationing and will go retrograde on Friday, just before Venus makes the same Grand Trine. That mind and heart lead the way into this new state of being is remarkable. Both Mercury and Venus are out of bounds and therefore bringing us into new territory where our consciousness is concerned.

The worm hole ends on the 8th with the Gemini new Moon, and Mercury, ruling the newest chapter of our lives, moves into his retrograde shadow on the 9th. Mercury goes retrograde on the 26th, the same day the Sun makes his Grand trine with Neptune and Saturn. You can’t make this stuff up. These inner archetypes are dancing with each other in new and very harmonious ways… ways we are not accustomed to. You might say the harmony is coming from the Grand Trines, but I say it’s coming from our efforts to align our Selves with the feminine within in new and much more comfortable ways.

We have learned to work with our emotional selves, and so these water trines are sure to pay off by becoming the most expansive vehicles we’ve been given access to in a long time. ALL of these Grand trines are also Kites, because Pluto is sitting opposite all the Cancer planets as they go by. A Kite is a Grand trine with a tail that makes it fly… in this case Pluto… gatekeeper to the new realm of consciousness.

These trines/kites will go on for much of the summer. The countdown to blast off has begun. Get very still and centered and run your engine checks from that space. This promises to be one of the smoothest rides we’ve ever known.

“To live a meaningful life where we continue unfolding, we must learn to befriend the empty spaces where we are not controlling the course. This allows for shedding of old identities, structures, and ways of being both internal and external are no longer true.”
Miranda McPherson

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