• Waning Moon
  • Moon in Taurus
  • Moon enters Gemini: 11:33pm
  • Moon Void of Course: Midnight – 11:33pm
  • 6:6:6 Star Gate


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In a certain way, this is the most important day of the entire year, because it delivers the 6:6:6 Star Gate. There will be two more 6:6:6 Star Gates this month, and a few hidden ones as well, but this one is the pure essential 6:6:6 energy, and believe me when I tell you, we need this download more than we can ever know. 6:6:6 is one of those important symbols that has been convoluted and used to instill fear into our collective consciousness by reversing its meaning. It has been associated with the antichrist and the devil, but now that we live in 5D, a realm of consciousness that recognizes the oneness of everything, these definitions lose their power.

6 is the number of the divine feminine and 3 is the number of manifestation. 6:6:6 represents the power that delivers us to the Christ within our Selves, exactly the opposite of what it’s purported to mean. BE FEARLESS today, open up and allow the download that can mean your ascension. It’s no accident that we’re just at the end of the worm hole that has carried us to new territory. Everything here is new and requires a fearlessness that can move us through to uncharted ground. There’s a 6:6 Star Gate every day this month, and numerous triple 6 energies to deliver us to the water energies of the summertime. LET THEM IN.

The Moon will be void for most of the day, (a great sign that all is benign and benevolent).. We are inside the domain of the divine feminine all day today, and just toward the end of the day the Moon moves into Gemini. It is time to transcend all the duality of 3D once and for all. How? Move into your feminine self completely and unequivocally. What does that mean? Surrender. Allow life to happen to you. Let it all BE what it is. Shift form all your doing to simply BEING. This is feminine energy, and we are all well equipped with it.

Once you do this, (and just one pure moment of it will be enough), you will find that the real journey is in the balance of male/female energy. Balancing doing and being. Move into your heart, let it open, and tune into it. It will guide you.. It will move you and the movement that comes from your heart IS RIGHT ACTION. It is the kind of doing we are all after. That kind of doing involves no questions, no doubts, no hesitation. Just the doing that comes from being.

Venus and Mercury are VIP’s right now. Heart and Mind are the rulers of Being and Doing. Both of these planets are out of bounds, in uncharted consciousness territory. Both of them are simultaneously forming very significant pictures with Saturn and Neptune, not to mention Pluto. This series of water trines and kites is preparing us for the great expansion of the summer time that will be reflected by the Jupiter (conjunct Mars) Saturn Neptune Grand Trine with Pluto forming the tail of the kite. We will soon be solidly marching in the new world.

Be still today and allow all the light consciousness from the star gate in while the Moon is void in Taurus, where roots get planted as solidly as they can ever be instilled. This is a very important day. A turning point. And as most turning points go, we won’t necessarily know it from the events that take place. Believing it is the important part, because what we believe is what we are creating. The worm hole is dissolving and the new Moon is upon us.

It’s about to get very interesting. . .

“The wise know that too much doing and a thing won’t get done. The secret to manifesting on the highest level is to find the perfect amount of doing and non-doing to allow the doing to be done. Sometimes much more can be accomplished simply by letting go and trusting.”

– Jackson Kiddard

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