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Satsang is a gathering of like-minded, like-hearted people, and it’s one of the most important things we can do for ourselves as we move collectively into a new state of consciousness. You can purchase an MP3 of my latest Satsang, a discussion of The Dimensions, recorded Wednesday, July 3, 2013, by going to: http://www.dev.thecosmicpath.com/category/downloads/monthly-satsang

Next Satsang will be Wednesday August 7th and the topic will be “How to Clear your Karma”. Registration will be available shortly…


**Due to the passing of my Beloved father I am taking a few weeks off from writing the horoscopes. Britt Martin will take over for me, and I will be back very soon. Thank you all so much for your prayers and light, and for the space that allowed me to be fully present for my Father. He left when only I was with him, and I feel so blessed to have had that amazing experience. The Daily Weather will continue as usual…

Yesterday’s Sun Mercury conjunction marked the exact middle of the Great Messenger’s retrograde journey, and also served to inform us on so many levels of what the backwards process is bringing to us, and where we stand in the grander scheme of things. The Cancer mansion is all lit up in each of us, with that new Moon on Monday morning, Mercury’s retrograde cycle, and Jupiter’s presence now being felt unquestionably at the heart level. Cancer is the sign of emotional power, very deeply associated with Mother Earth and her predominant water energies. The Divine Feminine is truly taking her place as a fully empowered half of the new human, and therefore the new world.

When the Sun and Mercury come together in the middle of a retrograde cycle we get the lay of the land as it relates to Mercury’s purpose for this particular cycle. He is retrograding between 23 and 13 Cancer, hitting the degree of that New Moon three times before he is through. That is no accident. We will need to get a good grasp of this new beginning we’re up to, because it represents the launching pad for a huge expansion that has already begun, but which mostly lies just up ahead.

The conjunction yesterday made a lot of what’s going on so much clearer than it has been…. It’s been a rough few months, but we’re beginning to get our bearings. The midpoint conjunction can be thought of as a download of clarity that finally brings the understanding we’ve been waiting for. We are still in the Saturn station, which means that all the understanding in the world won’t help us move forward… not yet. Remain centered and still and open and surrendered… Take off is imminent, and if you are coming from the heart it will just happen. There is nothing to do but BE.

As Mercury backs over the New Moon degree Jupiter makes his way toward it, and a huge mind expansion is taking place. We may not fully realize it yet, but it is slowly making itself obvious, and soon it will be undeniable. Jupiter is also making his way into the Grand Trine/Kite picture that will Grace us throughout the Summer and again next year. Jupiter/Saturn/Neptune brings a new social consciousness to the world we are envisioning. Pluto adds the exclamation point of rebirth and transformation. We are all feeling it, and this is just the beginning.

All Mercury aspects inform us, so this is a day to remain open and allow all the news in that’s coming in. Just remain neutral and observe it all. What you learn will serve you well for years to come.

What follows is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation from the Sun Mercury conjunction, reprinted with his permission from his book Star Sparks:

Cancer 18: A black child playing with a tiger.

”Shadows crop up whenever we create something we need to be against. Such shadows lengthen, grow, come to life. Soon there is somebody there to fight with, to argue against, to measure ourselves in relation to. And we need these fierce disputes to stay alive, to stay interested, or so we think.

Collective patterns, ancestral karmas, past life repeat scenarios. That which keeps on feeling that same way it felt before. That which naggingly, persistently, achingly proves to be unresolvable, or a place we cannot win.

Grudges and grievances. Memories and righteousness. The feeling that somebody did something wrong and somebody must pay. Scapegoatings and fault-findings.

Learning how to outlast the part of mind which is memory-based and locked into old patterns at a level that is not to be penetrated by any stranger or witness observer. Realizing that what started so long ago must end here and that to make that possible, we can take ourselves through the very things we were most opposed to experiencing.

Discovering at every angle how it is for the other side. Stubbornly persisting in taking ‘our side’. Polarity karmas which will not relent until they do so. How does it finally happen?

We break through to an inward place where we embrace the play itself, where we empower the mischievous spirit in us to do as they please, for we will no longer fall under their spell. We just find when we cannot go on making trouble that it’s a lot more fun to burst the mischievous one and still enjoy them, without letting them live at the expense of the host, for yet another round.”

” Somehow our devils are never quite what we expect when we meet them face to face.”
~Nelson DeMille

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