• Waning Moon
  • Moon in Capricorn
  • Moon enters Aquarius: 2:08pm
  • Moon Void of Course: Midnight – 2:08pm
  • SUN ENTERS LEO: 11:56am
  • FULL MOON (Moon opposing Sun): 2:16pm
  • 0 Aquarius 06
  • 7:7 Star Gate

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You’re probably sick of me saying this is yet another gigantic week of planetary events, but there is no denying the intense impact of the numerous planetary events that have been taking place and continue to unfold this week. There are four major planetary happenings taking place today alone. There are so many layers of energy unfolding, they are practically visible. Let me explain.

The Capricorn Moon has been void since just before noon EDT yesterday, and will remain so until just after 2pm today. Inside that void three major occurrences take place, giving them the divine feminine impetus, right from the start. No effort required here, just plenty of allowing.

First off, Mars and Jupiter come together today, at 5 Cancer, taking last week’s two Grand Water trines to a whole new consciousness. Mars is out of bounds, taking us to uncharted territory physically. (What’s happening in your world that’s related to your physical body or your physical home that’s new and outside the box? That is about to get taken to a stratospheric level. LET IT BE. We are in 5D now, with all the tools we need to hold that space, and any time fear or doubt arises, notice it and kindly, graciously, close the door on it and allow Love to move you instead.

Mars Jupiter absolutely represents a new physical consciousness, and it has taken weeks of one Grand Trine after another to get us here, where we are completely ready to step into it. Inside this void Moon, experience your Self however you do today, and be aware of the differences in you between yesterday and today.

Venus, ruler of the heart, moves from Leo, sign OF the heart, to Virgo, sign of the Divine Mother. This is a tender moment. In the old system, Venus was in fall in Virgo, as she was thought to have a hard time feeling the Love in the sign opposite the sign of her exaltation (Pisces). But here in 5D, Virgo is a familiar place for Venus, she is tender and caring here, in a very conscious kind of way. From today. Venus makes her way to an opposition with Neptune, which will occur later this week, and that will be a major heart stretching moment.

The Sun moves into Leo this morning as well, which will add some major life force to everyone’s world. The Sun rules Leo, this is his home, and here the heart lights up brightly and shines its light for all it’s worth. Generosity of spirit and a newfound capacity to find the blessing in everything becomes a great gift now.

And on top of all this, after the Moon moves into Aquarius at 2:08pm EDT, the Full Moon occurs, at 0 Aquarius 06. This Aquarius Full Moon is not in the seventh house in New York, or LA, or London, but it IS in the seventh house (like the song Aquarius, in Japan. You can’t make this stuff up. We all remember how this water focused chapter began here on the planet, with that Tsunami in Japan? Today, in Japan, the Aquarius Moon is in the seventh house and Jupiter and aligns with Mars!

This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. For real. What follows are two meditations from Ellias Lonsdale from his book Star Sparks, one for 5 Cancer, the degree of the Mars-Jupiter conjunction, and the other for 1 Aquarius, the degree of the Full Moon. Many planets are at 0 today, giving further indication of a new beginning…

Cancer 5: A trap door under a rug.

”Descending through the layers into the places where every fear, every hope, every dream, every nightmare, every fantasy lives and lurks and seeks to play itself out. Magnetically drawn, against all survival instincts, to get in touch with the depths and tap the secret places, right in the face of our own immense resistance to this process.

A trance of inward necessity. Almost mesmerized to go down under and confront what is to be met. Trauma and crystallization. The unearthing of that which we all prefer to sweep out of view. A nose for trouble, for chaos, for going where we’re not wanted. The shadow essence playing itself out either at levels of subconscious and unconscious compulsion, or being entered upon willingly and daringly.

Sabotage of self and world is rarely considered useful or necessary. It seems to be perverse, wrongheaded, and really way off base. But the need is there and such tasks are not pleasant or reinforcing. However sometimes they come upon us from a depth that cannot be refused.

A consciousness given over to a certain curiosity and driving force of need to know. The investigator. The sleuth. The one who is implicated in all of it. The best example and the worst, all rolled in one, every bit of it inescapable.

The stage for this was set a long time ago. An agreement was made this time to let the truth be revealed anyway it needs to be. The contrast is binding. The only thing you can do is fulfill it with a certain humor as you observe the next twist.”

Aquarius 1: A two-headed calf.

”Opposite points of view held in tension with each other for the sake of a new synthesis. Very intensive identification within both ends. Often, one voice is conscious and the other subconscious. When this is true, the polarity is fiercely contented underneath and hardly understood on the outside.

Being convinced that life, reality, existence is one way, and then being convinced on another level of an entirely divergent perspective. The overt identification may be with the point of view which is potentially correct, or acceptable in one’s immediate circle of allegiance. The hidden absorption may be with the perspective which would be judged to be traditional, old-fashioned, out of touch, far too naïve and unworldly.

Strife and conflict, internal and external. Playing out the opposites pervasively. Pulled hard into extreme positions. Wanting to be right. Facing what it is also to be wrong, to be off, to harbor that which makes the soul feel guilty or strange.

Beyond all this confusion lies a synthesis, which is being sought at every turn and eludes grasp until the different sides are exhausted. The third point of view is not just the reconciliation of opposing sides or coming to a reasonable point of resolution. It is far more compelling than that.

A vision is held here of a world in the near future, where all sides are included, where the myriad aspects of existence are simultaneously upheld, honored, seen, appreciated, given their voice, their power, their spark of contribution and inclusion. Only when there is no further need to deny or negate, to judge or get rid of the shadow, the other side, the nagging question will the multi-dimensional vision be unveiled as simply common sensical truth.”

This is a major pivotal moment, when all that has happened since last December becomes who and what we are, and life unfolds from this moment right here and now, in whatever way we are we are capable of manifesting the world we wish to live in. We are each unique with our won set of special skills to offer, and yet we can’t do this without each other.

“The bad news: there is no key to the universe. The good news: it was never locked.”
– Swami Beyondananda

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