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  • Moon in Aries
  • Moon enters Taurus: 12:44am
  • Moon Void of Course: Midnight – 12:44am
  • Hidden 6:6 Star Gate

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We rarely get to experience energies like the ones that are featured today. While there have been many Grand Sextiles over the years, and some of us even have one in our birth chart, this one is special, for many reasons. If you have one in your chart, by the way, this day is made for you. A Grand Sextile is special every which way you look at it. It is made up of two Grand Trines, six sextiles and three oppositions or polarities. There are also three mystic rectangles in the picture as well. Let’s look more closely at what each of these pictures represents, and also look specifically at the actual aspects involved…

A Grand Trine is formed when three or more planets are arranged equidistantly around the circle. When drawn in the center of the chart, it looks like a perfect triangle. A Grand trine is made up of three trines, 120 degree aspects that produce ease and harmony. Three trines together produce a magical energetic that is related to special skills, gifts and talents that are extraordinary and rare. Many of us have a trine in our birth chart, offering an easy relationship between the two planets involved. A Grand Trine in the birth chart confers a special skill set or gift according to the element it occurs in. (Grand Air relates to intelligence, Grand Fire to a leader’s spirit, and so on).

One Grand trine is special enough. I have often felt that a natal Grand trine is earned by the soul for something well done in a past life. It’s kind of a way to insure that ay evolution under one’s belt has a good chance at recovering the skills advanced in an earlier time. TWO Grand trines represent much more skill. I have seen charts with three or four Grand trines. But this Grand sextile, this Star of David, requires that the two trines involved be of the same gender, that is male, fire and air trines, or female, water ad earth. Today’s Grand Sextile is a female Merkaba. It is made up of a Grand Water trine and a Grand Earth trine.

It’s one remarkable thing to have a Star of David in your birth chart. It is the mark of an exceptional soul. It carries with it all the gifts and magical energies I am about to describe. But a TRANSITING Star of David is another thing.. it is that very extraordinary cluster of energy made available to each and every one of us collectively. Any time this happens it is possible for anyone to make good use of it, but today’s Grand Sextile is unlike any other, largely because of the moment in time that it is occurring.

With two Grand trines equidistant to each other, six sextiles are also formed. A perfect ring of planets, each 60 degrees from each other around the entire circle is a very magical sacred geometry. A sextile is a very productive and creative connection between two planets. It is always helpful and fruitful. To have a continuous series of these connections available to us is positively magical and otherworldly.

The polarities (oppositions) involved produce great ranges of possibilities. In 3D these would present as dualities, but in 5D they are polar ranges of one specific spectrum. In this case today we have a Venus Neptune polarity, expanding the heart into as much higher Vision as we can allow, a Moon Saturn polarity, giving each and every one of us full range of emotion and sovereignty, and a Mars/Jupiter Pluto polarity, making for energy ad drive toward regeneration and rebirth unlike any we’re typically exposed to.

The mystic rectangles get formed when two sets of polarities that are sextile each other form a rectangle. This is perhaps the most magical of all the connections today. Venus sextile Saturn opposing Moon/South Node sextile Neptune makes for a supernatural capacity to stand in one’s feminine power and create a new world out of an exalted capacity to vision it.

Saturn sextile Pluto opposing Mars/Jupiter sextile Moon/South Node gives a uncanny capacity to move it he direction of regeneration and rebirth. Saturn ad Pluto have been working together for months now to help us get to a new level of personal authority and this event today seems like a culmination of that, even though that Saturn Pluto sextile is not over yet.

That brings me to one of the reasons why this Star of David today is so important and unusual. The outer planets that are participating in this event, Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto ad Neptune have been dominating the cosmos for months, as the kite that has helped us to ascend. These planets will remain where they are for months more, holding the energy of this magical picture for months to come.

We are in the Lion’s Gate, that is we are connected to Sirius and Orion and the Egyptian energies that began this cycle of human evolution, and we are in between two Aquarius full Moons, serving as energetic pillars through which we enter the new order.

This might be the most amazing planetary event ever, and we have lived through some pretty spectacular events. The thing to remember is, it is at this point that we can realize that we are not separate from the planets, that they are reflecting what is going on within us. This has not been the case before now.

From now on, any intricate and spectacular picture can be recognized as our Selves. And we are looking really good today.

By the way, make a concerted effort to focus on the positive ad go to neutral from there. This is not a day to indulge the victim in you… It’s a day when emotions get magnified beyond anything we’ve known before. Be disciplined about this, or you run the risk of having a lousy day. What a waste that would be.

“Anything that looks like chaos and calamity in your life is just the Universe’s way of saying ‘Trust me and we’ll make a life together that is beyond your wildest dreams.’ The key is to trust. There’s a bigger vision and purpose inside you that your small brain or Ego can imagine. The Universe has bigger and better plans for you. It’s your job to be of service and not get in your own way. You can only receive what you believe. When you trust you open yourself up to greater possibilities outside of your control or imagination. So what’s it gunna be? Fear or trust?”

– Anon

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