• Waxing Moon
  • Moon in Libra
  • Moon enters Scorpio: 4:19pm
  • Moon Void of Course: Midnight – 4:19pm
  • Hidden 8:8 Star Gate

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As the Summer time wears on, the ongoing Grand Water trines and T-Squares bring up everything that needs to be cleared in preparation for the serious manifesting that begins in the Fall. Clearing your karmic density is the most important thing you can focus on this summer… Have you listened to my Satsang How to Clear your Karma yet? If not, it is available right now… Just click on the link above…

The via combusta Moon went void at 9:30pm EDT last night, after squaring Mars, and it will remain void for much of the day, emerging in Scorpio at 4:19pm. The last aspect the Moon makes before going void has the tendency to color the entire void period. Squares produce critical turning points that result in strength and stability beyond anything that was there before. This is always true, in any dimension. In 3D, this Moon Mars square is a conflict between emotions and actions. In 5D it represents a chance to add more structure and purpose to our Heart/Body connection. Either way, wherever you are today, the void Moon offers a chance to contemplate this process, according to the way it is presenting itself in your life.

The via combusta adds intensity to everything today, and although this is a decidedly less intense week than what we’ve been experiencing recently, we are still in the midst of some of the biggest energies we’ve ever endured. The stress is palpable for many of us, and the via combusta Moon is well known for adding to whatever intensity is already present.

The week ahead IS so much less active (planet-wise) than recently there is no way we won’t feel it. It’s a chance to breathe, before the 29 Aquarius full Moon on August 20th. This week Mercury makes a bunch of Great Eliminators and a trine to Uranus, and these aspects are the main focus of the week.

Mercury is recalibrating with the higher Self one more time, bringing our new capacity to Love with our Minds to even more solid higher dimensional ground. Two inconjuncts, one to Pluto on Tuesday and the other to Chiron o Wednesday, actually produces a new Finger of God that allows us to lock our new consciousness into place… for now. Of course, there’s plenty more to come.

Venus moves into Libra on Friday, and although in the new consciousness Libra is no longer ruled by Venus (but by Sedna), the planet that rules the heart center will forever be extra comfortable in this sign. She has a strong affinity for it. Love and the mirrored self become much more focal than they’ve been for a while, and we will undoubtedly get to try out our new unity consciousness in relationship settings once again. I don’t know about you, but that’s pretty exciting to me, to be able to experience my relationships in 5D. Have you noticed that up until now it’s been all about you?

Remember that the humongous wave of Divine Feminine rebirthing continues to wash over us, so that even if we’re not being asked to navigate that wave so industriously this week, it remains our main experience for the rest of the summer. The week ahead is like that moment when a huge wave washed over you and you have that moment where it starts to break up a little so you cann take a breath and get your bearings.

There’s still a lot of swimming to do.

“Bad habits are easier to abandon today than tomorrow.”

– Yiddish Proverb

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