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It’s been a long time since Mars has been so active. Oh, he’s been involved all the way through the huge seasons of this year, going through his calibrations like all the other rulers of the lower bodies… But this week he is front and center, at the helm of a series of important aspects. He began the week with a square to Saturn, and then he formed the beginning of a Finger of God yesterday, when he formed an inconjunct (Great Eliminator) with Pluto. Mars will finish that Finger of God on Sunday, when he forms a second inconjunct with Chiron. We will talk about that later, because Mars is going to square the Moon’s Nodes today, and that’s the only major aspect of the day.

Mars squaring the Nodes is a huge aspect, and it is part of a bigger picture, giving it even more impact. Whatever happens today is going to be related to the way your week started out. (We all got blasted by something, an inner upheaval, a blind side, an upset of one kind or another). Many of us dealt with it well enough, staying as centered as possible. It was a lot like a land mine going off or a huge blast in the middle of everything, and the dust has yet to settle. But we all know that once that dust does settle, the new road ahead will finally be clear.

Mars squared Saturn, confronted your capacity for personal authority or empowerment, then he formed an inconjunct to Pluto yesterday, asking you to make some definitive choices about your personal power, and today he squares the Nodes, bringing up certain inescapable elements that are related to the circumstances that are taking place. Karma can be hard to ignore. Sometimes it comes up to bite you when you least expect it. BUT. We are in a new world where karma doesn’t pack the same wallop that it used to. We still have karma to deal with, and we probably will for the rest of this lifetime. The thing is to embrace it, understanding its necessity, and not to resist it or try to avoid it, because that will never do.

Dharma ALSO has a way of showing up when you least expect it. This could be a day, if you’re playing your cards right, when enough dust settles for you to be able to actually see what’s already there. If you catch a glimpse, you will know it, and it is in your best interest to choose it… allow yourself to be moved toward it, to become one with it. It’s an interesting phenomenon, this new type of experience of the future…. It’s familiar, but it still feels unknown. It’s not, of course, because in 5D all there is is the NOW… The past is NOW… The future is NOW. If it’s all NOW, then no matter where you are, you’re already there. There is nothing unknown, only a lot of experiences we haven’t opened our Selves up to yet.

This Mars square to the Nodes is the second of three squares Mars makes this week, and it’s a major part of the Venus/Saturn/North Node conjunction that begins next week. Believe it or not, all this Mars unrest is just the beginning of a major event. As long as we can believe in our Selves, it is all leading to a major evolutionary breakthrough for each and every one of us.

Evolution means future, and so it FEELS as though we have no idea what it is. But we are all right here right now, which means each of us DOES know, exactly what that doorway to the next chapter is about. We know it so well we will absolutely recognize it when we see it. Until that moment comes, we will FEEL as though we have no idea.

Suspend all judgment, all preconceived notions, all attachment to outcomes. Any form of definition limits your potential and certainly your experience. This is a magical week, as difficult as it is. Let it show you what it is, instead of projecting your ideas onto it. There is no way you can experience anything new that way.

“From your limited point a view the comings and goings of Life can seem chaotic, confusing and unfair. But if the ant could see the street from the bird’s eye view she would see the order of things. Think of your Heart and your Intuition as guidance from above and you’ll begin to see how everything is in perfect order.”

– Jackson Kiddard

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