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So much to talk about!! How about the Voyager making it outside the far reaches of our solar system, into interstellar space? This is an amazing event, because it is the reflection of our newest state of being. One thing that fascinates me, aside from the Voyager being launched in 1977, the same year that Chiron was discovered, is that our solar system has expanded to what some say is 10 times the size we originally thought it was. So the Voyager, which was launched with the great objective of making it to the edges of our solar system while still functioning as eyes and ears we’ve never had before, had to keep on going and then going some more just to arrive where it is right now. It is still functioning, reflecting the fact that we now have ‘extra’ senses that can take us where we’ve never gone before.

Or so it seems. When we think about it, really contemplate it, does anyone think it’s possible for there to be anyplace anywhere that isn’t reflecting what is within us already? I don’t think it’s likely. How could we ever perceive anything that isn’t in our consciousness in the first place? It’s not a bad idea to look around at the world and take note of what’s new… These situations are also reflecting our newest capacities.

We were headed for war a moment ago, much in the same way we often get involved in situations like that, and it was somehow thwarted. I personally don’t care how, to me that’s a local story, a drama I can do without. But the paradigm is completely different than what we are used to, and that sticks out like a neon arrow to my mind.

A judge in India sentenced four men to the death penalty for raping a woman this week. Now the death penalty carries with it a whole set of issues that might benefit from being take into much more consideration, but this kind of punishment doesn’t happen in India, and it does show a huge shift in the way the collective consciousness deals with women and women’s rights, doesn’t it?

It’s not so much WHAT is happening that’s different as THAT it’s happening. We have a new consciousness, and we are just getting started learning to use it…

There’s a lot going on today, as lower body rulers make a lot of aspects to the outer planets today. Mars completes his Finger of God, as he forms a Great Eliminator with Chiron. Mars also trines Uranus today, bringing on those paradigm shifts in loud and undeniable ways. I was reading Lauren Gorgo’s latest 5D report, and she is reporting (through the Pleiadians) that there is no such thing as healing in 5D. Healing requires sickness, and that is a 3D experience. What DOES exist in 5D, according to the Pleiadian High Council, is WHOLING. All is well, and all that needs to happen in 5D is for us to acknowledge that Truth.

As Mars completes this Finger of God today, this concept of ‘wholing’ as opposed to the need for healing should become a very clear concept. The Mars Uranus trine should help us to ‘grok’ it completely. Healing and ‘wholing’ is definitely a concept connected to Chiron, and it seems completely perfect to me that this whole thing is being unmasked as the Voyager leaves the solar system.

The solar system is a metaphor for our waking consciousness. The Sun is the Son, the higher consciousness that has always been there, but veiled, for so long. As the Voyager, symbolic of our capacity to use our senses to perceive the world, or in this case, the cosmos, has moved into territory just beyond our waking consciousness. We have made it to new ground. New territory.

But to take this full circle, there isn’t anything out there that is new. It’s all there, within us, and we have finally found the courage to break through those centuries old inner blocks to perceive what has been there all along. It’s only a matter of time (or in this case space, before we truly come to grasp it.

” Where is it? Where is it?! Have you seen your future lately…? Oh, there it is! Spinning in the palm of your hand.”
The Universe (Mike Dooley) www.tut.com

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