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  • Moon enters Aries: 12:58pm
  • Moon Void of Course: 7:13am – 12:58pm
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There’s so much to talk about. First, let me say that at this moment I am fairly certain that Jon Waldrup will not be posting his Full Moon article today. Like the rest of us, he is overwhelmed with his work. Unfortunately I too am way too busy to get that column written in half a day. Like everything else, I have to assume that everything happens for a reason, and this one too shall be revealed…

Venus connects with the Moon’s Nodes today, taking all matters related to the heart – that is relationships and more importantly our capacity to love our Selves, to the karmic/dharmic level. The Nodes, in the new system, are very interesting, because they are the only points in a chart that move clockwise. (Except for the occasional retrograde planet)… To me that means these are doorways to the next dimension, and they exist more in 5D than in 3D. Or I should say they have more of an intelligent meaning and essence there.

When a planet like Venus connects with the Nodes, ancient cycles reappear and we tend to think we have backslided into something we thought we had cleared long ago. The truth is, though, ancient cycles have many layers, like onions, and our deepest issues will likely require clearing for many decades to come. This particular South Node connection with Venus is a polarity (an opposition), and Venus is more powerfully expressing a connection with the Dharmic North Node today. That means we have a chance to take a huge evolutionary step forward today, out of these ancient patterns. The reason they feel so old and in our face is because Saturn is present with Venus and the North Node right now, and Saturn, as the inner teacher, isn’t likely to let us forget where we have been.

But it is more important to be fully present in the moment, because that is the only place from which we can truly create something new. This is where neutrality and all that we have learned recently about remaining centered will come in very handy. Good, bad, right wrong, up down, none of it matters if we are judging it, and we are judging it if we are calling it any of those things. Everything that is happening is what it is. It is meant to be. Just as it is. When we allow it all, we are free to move forward. Allowing is true liberation.

Pluto is stationing today too and will go direct tomorrow. The big picture is turning around. Can you grok that? Since last March we have been working with processing what we would call the powers that be inwardly. But now it all turns around. We work to BE in the world as we are for the next 5 months. Pluto is a big part of this planetary picture this weekend and the fact that he is stationing makes his influence even bigger. In fact, the stationing Pluto has the greatest effect of anything else that could be happening in the cosmos. (At least that is true at this moment).

These are big tides turning. And speaking of tides, the Full Moon occurs at 7:13am EDT at 27 Pisces. Talk about the limitless field and the kind of tides that are possible here. 27 Pisces is very close to the world axis, and with the advent of the Fall Equinox this Sunday, the World Axis, and specifically the zero Aries point, becomes very focal. This full Moon, occurring in the midst of all this planetary activity, certainly helps us to feel the power of it all. In Pisces we conquer our fear and doubts, and very consciously move past them into mastery. We learn about the true limitlessness of our nature, and we realize there is nothing we can’t do.

Here is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for 27 Pisces, reprinted from his book Star Sparks with his permission:

Pisces 27: A ritual sand painting.

”There is an elegance, a refinement, an intricate design. It has been laid there by nature, by the forces of the Earth. When human souls take it up, they are led to stick very close to the Earth’s subtle winding patterns. There are infinite variations. But all of these come down to tracking between the Earth’s reverberating depths and the deep soundings of the soul.

This realm is vastly non-verbal. It is intrinsic, implicit, goes with the territory. You have to be in there to get it. Even when you’re in there each moment shifts, although nothing stays the same. The paradox of great flux and immutable constancy forms the vessel.

People would say that this frequency is unconscious. That would mean; no mind can explain it, no self can claim it, no past can tell you where to go. It is unconscious. But when you are naturally attuned at those depths, the last thing needed is intrusion of the outer mind to try to get on top of the situation. There is no top. There is no situation.

This is the native sensibility of those who can’t get away from the design, the living mandala, the wondrous perfection that is here. To be authentic to interior experience is everything. But it won’t fit in with any schemes. You can’t do anything with it, except trace those flows and become them.

On the inside, this is a magnificent facility at staying present deep under and never needing to surface. It’s the underground world of the Knowers. You can do a whole lot here if you can remain naïve to the process.”

“Opportunities surround the One who does not judge a situation as good or bad but simply remains open, trusting and persistent in effort and approach.”

– Jackson Kiddard

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