• Waning Moon
  • Moon in Aries
  • Moon enters Taurus: 6:33pm
  • Moon Void of Course: Midnight – 6:33pm
  • 9:9 Star Gate
  • Hidden 3:3 Star Gate
  • Hidden 6:6 Star Gate

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It’s Saturday and the Moon is in Aries, void all day (until 6:33pm this evening EDT, Pluto has just gone direct, Venus/Saturn and the North Node are still completing their triple conjunction in Pluto’s sign, and despite all these huge energies that are not finished completing themselves, the world feels brand new. Doesn’t it? It’s as though that huge wave that kept pounding us and challenging us to stand firm in our Truth and our empowered selves has finally subsided, and even though we’re still out in the middle of the relentless ocean, it all feels like a gigantic relief.

Pluto’s station changes everything all by itself, but because the Venus/Saturn/North Node triple conjunction is happening WHILE its dispositor (Pluto) is turning around, we are feeling the shift very powerfully. Today Saturn forms a perfect sextile to Pluto, an aspect that has already occurred twice this year, and this is a dynamic that adds a lot of positivity to the experience we are having. I have heard from many of you who say you are struggling with your Selves, but I am finding that most of you are much more given to seeing the higher perspective than ever before, and that once you perceive it, everything turns around.

This is the magic of Saturn Pluto, which was a part of the Grand Merkaba a month ago, and because it is only becoming exact now, it brings that very magical energy right back to the forefront, as if it was never gone. Pluto and Saturn are also in mutual reception. That is, they are moving through each others’ signs, and therefore they are working for each other in ways they might not ordinarily be able to do. Saturn is definition and structure, and lately, our capacity to be real and take on the full measure of authority that is possible for us. Pluto is, more than anything else right now, the resurrection so many of us are experiencing.

Don’t you feel brand new? Like an entirely different person? Are you actively practicing looking for the blessing in everything and everyone you encounter? This is very important. What you focus on becomes your world. This has always been true, we’ve just been fairly unconscious about it. Saturn is Time, Pluto is so multidimensional at this point that he defies time. Especially right now, while he is stationing. He holds sway over everything in the cosmos, and therefore in our higher consciousness.

The Moon moves from Aries to Taurus today, from Mars’s sign to Venus’s, and Venus and Mars are about to square each other (on the 28th) as the final exclamation point on this huge planetary dance that is going on with the Scorpio planets, Pluto, Mars in Leo, and Uranus in Aries. It’s a giant resonance that involves nearly all the planets, and we are feeling it, if we can allow it to be what it is. (And of course we can)…

Venus forms an inconjunct with the newly upgraded planet Ceres, and yesterday she formed another inconjunct with Uranus. This is a Finger of God, one that points to Venus, and the heart center. Venus is also in the center of the giant triple conjunction with Saturn and the North Node. Self-esteem yields new results that are undeniable. Though the Finger of God implies that certain very diligent and specific choices need to be made, and they all have to do with choosing Love, of course.

We head straight into the Fall Equinox tomorrow, as the Sun crosses the world axis and we are all renewed and invigorated by the Sun’s ingress into a cardinal (leadership) sign. Find the leader in you and step into him or her. It’s time and there’s a blessed journey just up ahead.

“You are constantly invited to be what you are.”‘
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

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