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We are in the middle of another huge planetary picture, a Venus/Saturn/North Node conjunction, and this one is not as complex as the last bunch we’ve been through, and so it feels a bit easier. And so it is. Easier to navigate, that is. What we don’t fully realize yet is that this triple conjunction is just the beginning of a season’s worth of very significant conjunctions that will take place right here in Scorpio, including an entire Mercury retrograde cycle, AND a solar eclipse.

So whatever’s up in your life right now, any situation that requires your integrity and your emotional responsibility, a story line you might have seen as a drama before you learned to be neutral and centered through everything, THAT is where the entire season will prove to be hinged. No, it’s not about any of the players, it’s all about you, what you feel you need to do, what your higher Self is calling you to do, and how willing you are to step up and BE the ONE you came here to be.

Mercury will enter Scorpio this coming Sunday and the understanding we are still lacking begins to make itself known. But it can’t be stressed enough not to reach for understanding, EVER. It’s all about ALLOWING it to reveal itself to you. This can only happen when you’re willing to believe that your higher Self already understands it all. Adopt that belief, and go forward with an open heart, and everything you need to know will be unveiled.

Today Saturn meets up with the Moon’s North Node. A little less than a week ago Venus met up with the North Node too. These meetings have produced in us the potential for action that can help us evolve in new ways. Every one of us is looking right at a door that has just opened that we KNOW can help us to evolve. The steps we must take to get through that door are really what matters now. These steps invariably require discipline and focus and a very responsible attitude… toward your Self. Are you ready?

What is a Saturn North Node conjunction but the need to be responsible to your Self for your own future? As you step up into the possibilities that surround you now, make a vow to your Self to be as authentic as you possibly can. Trust that you are real and believe in who you have dreamt yourself to be. There is no difference between the waking state and dreams any more. That is, the world we call ‘reality’ is as much a dream, or an illusion, as the dream you dreamt last night. It’s all real. Life is limitless. There is nothing we can’t be…

What follows is Ellias Londale’s meditation for 10 Scorpio, which Saturn has just arrived at (and the North Node is just leaving).. It is poignant, as ever, reprinted here with the author’s permission from his book Star Sparks:

Scorpio 10: On a human nose, a wart that turns into a diamond.

”You can see right in front of your eyes that we have inherited from every past an energy pattern which is destructive and debilitating. It amounts to working the negative old forms to an extreme measure. And in the face of it, this will be our undoing, just as we fear.

Spirit rewards that which is consistent into itself, that which follows its connection and its passion wherever they lead. If we have the guts to take up shadow as our obsessive form for our lives, this can lead us to a place we would never expect to go, since doubt is clouding our vision and obscuring the path ahead.

We may turn out to be onto something here, something big. By facing the unfacable, by perpetually confronting and being bound up with what we don’t like and want to be rid of, we can complete this path, fulfill its destiny, and not just perpetually be at the mercy of its agony and it’s frustration.

Everything here depends upon whether we can stay with ourselves when our own antipathy to where we are at could easily stop us cold. It’s a matter of what we feel beyond our feelings, what we believe deeper than what we profess, and what we inherit from the past.

It we actually are inspired by truth, driven by the need to be authentic, almost cauterized by the intensity of our quest to confront what is there, the entire project transmutes into its deep core value and becomes an infinite resource of being there for ourselves and our world. It is just a matter of cutting through enough layers and refusing to turn against our own unpopular and ornery style.

The [point] of the karmic battle emerges eventually and always was really sparked by love and vision. Sometimes we can’t let ourselves turn away from the foul [evidence] of where we’ve gone wrong, yet with a deep [ancient commitment] we support our need to go through every bit of this, even if the passage is severe and grim.”

We are in the Scorpio mansion now, that portion of our energy field from which we create the world. It is not, and has never been, the lightest, breeziest place to be. We are in via combusta after all and we will be here for the next couple of months. The struggle is part of the process. It is what it is. Don’t let it drag you down, let it lift you up. If you’re going to create a world you truly want to live in, it will have to come from your connection with the higher truth.

“The only way to learn forgiveness is to be betrayed. You might understand the intellectual concept of forgiveness, but you will only learn how to truly forgive when someone has done something that requires you to love them and let it go. Life demands these hurtful experiences for you to learn how forgiveness feels, it could be no other way. If there is anyone in your life that you must forgive, instead of seeing them as someone who has hurt you, try to see them as someone who was sent to teach you forgiveness and thank them for this precious gift – then forgive them, and let it go.”

– Jackson Kiddard

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