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I’m beginning to be convinced that this physical discomfort I am in (yes, it’s persisting, and it keeps changing), is a training ground for the upcoming Satsang on physical pain that I’m offering on Tuesday evening, a topic I decided on a month ago. The waves of terrible discomfort I am conscious of are very difficult to hold a Loving thought for, though I know it is what I need to do. Having been as sick as I was last December through February, and exhibiting SOME symptoms that are very similar to those back then, I have realized I am clearing all the toxins in my body, but the fear that I am relapsing is relentless. This is Scorpio territory.

Here’s an interesting fact. When I went to Philadelphia in mid-August, I went to an amazing lecture given by John Marchesella on Saturn through the houses. He talked about Saturn’s transit through the 8th house, and how it often brings a near death experience. I have Saturn in my 7th house (old system, of course), just a matter of a few degrees from my 8th house. The first time in my life that Saturn moved through my 8th house was when I was 6. I nearly died of the measles. I had 106 for 6 days, and I remember not being able to move, and a terrible smell, which was my own body burning up. I do not recall being afraid of death back then, just being very close to it.

When I was around 34 or 5, Saturn moved through my 8th house again, and I was in the throes of intense drug and alcohol addiction. I did have a couple of experiences of very near overdoses, and to this day I am amazed I lived through that period. I got sober when I was 39, and I am still sober now.

This time around I got very sick again, and came closer to death than ever. This time I did have some fear around dying, largely because I have children, who are teenagers, and too young to be without a mother, but I had to get to the place where I could let go of all that and make a choice about whether I wanted to live or was ready to go. When I chose life, I realized that death was always imminent for me, because I wasn’t happy with my self. I awoke to the fact that unless I learned to love and nurture my self, all the way, inside and out, I would continue to walk that line.

That line, by the way, is very much like the via combusta. (Many of you know that is where I live, with my Sun at 29 Libra and my Mercury at 7 Scorpio.) It is flirting with death, with the irreversible, all the time. That’s what I feel like tonight. BUT…. It comes at a time when I have spent the past 4 or 5 months immersed in a cleanse and a detox. I have a new lease on my tendency to abuse my self with the wrong foods. I am convinced that I got breast cancer two years ago because I ate processed foods with gusto. And even though I did spend some years being much more careful, those back and forth behaviors, which ranged from self-care to self-hatred, were harder on me than anything.

The 8th house in the old system, which is also where my Sun is, is the 1 o’clock hour in the new cosmic consciousness system. In this part of our conscious energy field, we MUST learn to LOVE our SELVES UNCONDITIONALLY. That is what this moment is.. A test… a cleansing.. a chance to keep on loving my Self in the face of the greatest fear there is.

All that Scorpio activity this Fall occurs in this hour of my birth chart. This may be a passing physical thing, but it is anything but on the higher level. I want to thank you all for you kind emails, supporting me. I love you all so much there is no real way to say it. I know that I am all right, and because I get to share this with you, it is SO much easier to bear.

“Now I am the voice!
I will lead, not follow!
I will believe, not doubt!
I will create, not destroy!
I am a force for good!
I am a leader!
Defy the odds!
Set a standard!
Step up!”

-Tony Robbins

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