• Waxing Moon
  • Moon in Sagittarius
  • Moon enters Capricorn: 11:18am
  • Moon Void of Course: 5:06am – 11:18am
  • 1:1 Star Gate

Satsang is a gathering of like-minded, like-hearted people, and it’s one of the most important things we can do for ourselves as we move collectively into a new state of consciousness. You can purchase an MP3 of any of my Satsangs, including the latest, ‘Physical Pain and What to Do With It’, by going to: http://www.dev.thecosmicpath.com/category/downloads/monthly-satsang
Next Satsang will be Wednesday, November 6th at 7pm EDT on What is an Eclipse, REALLY?’. We will be in the midst of a couple of eclipses at that time, and understanding this extraordinary energy can change your life..Send your questions to me via email or in the registration portion of the teleconference sign up…
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Once again here is your opportunity to ground yourself , heal your body, mind and spirit taking that next important new step into the life you are wanting to create now. This event is happening on one of the many very significant astrological dates of this fall season. It’s all about rebirth and resurrection in all your relationships. With the most important being the one you are having with yourself! Self Love, Self-care and nurturing are keys here…
When: Sunday Oct 20th 12- 12:30 pm EST (this is a remote event)
Where: in the comfort of your own home, no need for phone or internet connect. Instructions will be sent after registering
Please click here to register:
or email me with any questions AT www.drsherrigreene.com

If all has gone well, we are up and running on a brand new server today, and all those crashes should be a thing of the past. Thank you all so much for your loyalty and patience. This is the first of many new beginnings, and I look forward to experiencing each and every one of them together…

This from Lauren Gorgo:
LOVE is our new template. Anything left in our lives that is not LOVE must go. No exceptions. All things not-of-LOVE, including our thoughts, not only feel wretched here, but they will be incessantly amplified like a divine highlighter showing us what needs to be faced, and/or eradicated…without reprieve. Nothing is ever done TO us, we create, miscreate and uncreate it all. Stepping into our power means taking full responsibility for what we think and how we feel…including and especially about ourselves…and putting those thoughts and feelings in action. This is the only way to freedom.

Lauren Gorgo’s new 5D report, entitled Fifth Initiation: Monad Merger, is yet another of her brilliant missives on the state of human evolution. If you’re not a member of her site, please do yourself a favor and join up! (www.ThinkWithYourHeart.com). Lauren says the hardest part is over according to the Pleiadian High Council. We have all been shown to the part of our Selves that needs to be released. There is a loss going on in everyone’s life somewhere. We are slated to spend the rest of this season processing this loss and awakening to the newest part of our Selves, the part that can’t birth until this old part is put away forever.

Now if the loss appears to be happening to someone you love, or if the loss IS someone you love, it is imperative that you take responsibility for that part of your Self. Do your very best not to perceive the ‘other’, but take it all on as your own experience. Your loss. Your script. Your concoction. Each of us is standing over a cauldron that contains the very ingredients we put in there in the first place to alchemize… that is, to turn from lead to gold. We know what’s in there, but we do not know how it will all turn out. We can’t know. That’s the nature of alchemy. All that matters is our diligent presence and the stirring of the bubbling liquid.

It’s emotional, because that’s what Scorpio is. A water sign that runs very very deep. This is core stuff. Let it all be and let it all go. Don’t put your consciousness on the end result. If you do, it will be the very same thing as taking your new multidimensional highway and turning it into a one way street. Let it be what it can become, and refuse to define what you can’t see. At the same time, Know that you already Know your way. I took that concept from a major revelation one of my most brilliant students had this week: I can’t see the path but I do know the way. Thank you Sarah Tisch. This is the perfect state to be in at this moment. Fully present, trusting in ones innate skills and wisdom, stirring, stirring, stirring. This may be the most profound act of Creation we’ve ever been conscious enough to manifest.

We enter this day with a Sagittarius Moon, disposed of by Jupiter, and end it with a Capricorn Moon, disposed of by Saturn. Saturn is the main ingredient in the cauldron. The Inner Guru within each of us is emerging. Venus and Neptune square each other in the early morning hours (EDT), making for some of the most significant dreams we’ve had in a long while. Once the Moon moves into Capricorn at 11:18am EDT after a 5 hour void, the business of being fully present for our lives takes over. There is another more subtle Neptune aspect later tonight with the Sun. Enlightenment moves front and center, and certainly a great deal of clearing occurs today.

I agree with Lauren that the hardest part is over, yet I believe it is important to bear in mind that all this new territory is just that…NEW. It will take some getting used to, and trying out wings when the winds of change are blowing hard is not the easiest (or funnest) task. But it has to be done. We are headed into some very important astrological activity in the next few weeks and we need to be prepared for it.

“What’s difficult in life is to stay centered when somebody does or says something that tempts us to close our hearts because their heart was closed. That is hard. But that is also how we grow. We go through those circumstances in order to evolve into people who can hold to our loving center no matter what the world throws us.”

– Marianne Williamson

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