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  • Moon Void of Course: 2:40pm - Midnight
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Today is the beginning of what I am going to refer to as the quickening from now on… the part of the alchemical process that is, in a big way, what we’ve been doing it all for… the moment when the results begin to show. If you were stirring pudding, this is the moment where it starts to thicken. If you were baking cake, this where the amazing scent of baked goods begins to fill the air. While it all appears to be coming together at last, think about it. There’s no way to know how it will all turn out. You have to keep stirring, to keep the oven on and keep baking. Just because it looks like it’s done, it is far from done, but it is entering a new phase.

Starting today, just about every single day for the next 4 weeks features an important event that adds to the ultimate product of this alchemy we are each performing on our Selves (and therefore our lives). It is so thick and multilayered, so important to be conscious of whatever is in there, that I am going to take it slow, referring each day to the planetary connection involved and what it might mean. Notice I use the term might mean, because the most important piece of all of this is that we remain capable of the observer, detached mode, and not move into the temptation to define the finished product. The bottom line is not one of us can define the finished product…yet, and any effort to do so limits the outcome and dampens the alchemy

This day might fool you because it is relatively quiet and the Virgo Moon goes void at 2:40pm EDT for the rest of the day. The Moon spends the first half of the day making two aspects, sextiles to Saturn and Jupiter, and nothing else. This translates to a social awareness, a new perspective on the self that comes from all that has happened so far. What is possible is new ways to perceive, but not yet Knowing. Does that make sense?

Inside the void Moon the Sun comes together with the Moon’s North Node, the Doorway to Evolution. This is the beginning of the Solar eclipse that occurs on Sunday. The Sun lights things up and brings consciousness, and the North Node has everything to do with where we’re heading. Watch for glimpses today, like beans of sunlight coming up and taking us out of the darkness. But again, resist the temptation to decide what it is you see! This is a long haul alchemy, not a sudden revelation.

Let it come and then let it keep on coming. This conjunction today is a crucial part of the biggest picture, in fact it connects with just about everything that’s going on… the newly forming Merkaba, the Kite that Mars is creating, and the just pointed out Finger of God (Thank you FM) between the Sun/North Node/Mercury retrograde, the Moon/Mars, and Uranus. This Finger of God, in the middle of this Grand Merkaba is extremely magical. Uranus, ruler of the awakening process, is hard at work. We can all feel that, for sure.

This conjunction today with the North Node kicks off an eclipse event that is grander than anything we’ve seen in a while. There’s no Knowing what it brings, only the capacity to be open to whatever comes. Work on that and forget the rest.

What follows is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for 8 Scorpio, the degree of today’s Sun North Node conjunction. It is reprinted with the author’s permission from his book Star Sparks. This is fascinating:

Scorpio 8: A retarded man with white hair, he has an angelic countenance.


”He doesn’t get it. He hasn’t been allowed to see what everybody else sees. This creates so many problems. There are gaps everywhere. He doesn’t know what anybody’s talking about really. Yet he must somehow.


He doesn’t assume what everybody does around here. He acts like he just came from the place of all beginnings. And he never does wipe that smile off his face.


The Holy Fool doesn’t like to be one. It seems like a very old simplistic place to hang out. Yet inside that multiple disguise, what is cooking here? What is working so deeply, so utterly?


It’s like he threw in the towel on the whole modern experiment somewhere along the line, and now he inherits from himself this peculiar legacy of being such an outsider that he’s a true insider.


What can he do with himself really? How can he even conceive of what is happening to him? Does it all feel overwhelmingly intense, or hardly intense at all?


Well, it’s like being thrown open to every state anybody could ever be in, but you are just visiting it, just seeing it, not quite tangled up there, yet somehow more involved, more passionately committed than anybody would be able to take if they knew. Let’s throw them off and keep it moving light and free all around us, and see how long we can stay anonymous, floating free, watery.


There are no options really. There are no ways out. When you get in this deep, you really have to swim, and it’s a new kind of swimming. For you’re in with everybody, and you can feel the same edge in all of us. And you know you gotta carry it awhile. And you know it’s beautiful, it’s strange, and it’s needed.”

It’s a haunting expression of the current state we’re in, isn’t it? This kind of dumb, not Knowing that we also know is imperative and profoundly important? We will spend the week working through all these next degrees of Scorpio, so stay tuned, it’s quite a ride.

“If you let this karmic barrage of Saturn in Scorpio strip away your own obsolete thought forms and dysfunctional patterns during the next three years you will turn the world around with the power of Scorpio, and a new civilization will rise from the ashes of the old.” Mark Borax

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