• Waning Moon
  • Moon in Gemini
  • Moon enters Cancer: 6:24am
  • Moon Void of Course: Midnight = 6:24am
  • 2:2 Star Gate

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Are you ready for the big download? In so many ways, this is the day we’ve been holding out for, because Mercury connects with three planets today, each for the third of three times, effectively bringing everything we’ve just been through to much more recognizable terms. It might fall on deaf ears to ask you to stay out of your head on a day when Mercury is so dominant, but if you can manage it, you can also find out what your Higher Mind is truly all about.

First Mercury forms a Great Eliminator with Uranus. It’s going to be hard to remember any of Mercury’s journey from the time when the cauldron began to bubble, but this Mercury Uranus aspect is the very connection that began this leap into the higher Mind. That’s what Mercury Uranus aspects do. This connection occurs first thing this morning, while the Moon is void in Gemini, and Mercury is still n charge of the atmosphere. It’s the perfect setting for a day of mind expansion. All you have to do to realize it is allow it.

The Moon moves into her own sign, Cancer, at 6:24am EST, but just before she does Mercury trines Chiron for the third time. This produces much healing at the mental level, and of course, Chiron has just stationed to go direct, making this event more powerful than it might have been otherwise. (Not to diminish it, it’s the end of a process that produces the beginning of the new Higher Mind alignment we are headed for this winter.

It’s a watery day, aspect wise. The only aspect the Moon makes once she is in Cancer is a trine to Neptune. We are in the limitless field, only our minds are capable of so much more than they were the last time we were here. We can See, Know and Understand on a much more multidimensional level, and that is just the beginning of what our Higher Minds are capable of. NO DEFINING… LET IT COME.

Tonight at 9:06pm EST Mercury sextiles Pluto for the third of three times, delivering us as fully as possible to our new Higher perspective. We may not notice the totality of this quite yet, as the cauldron is still bubbling, but we will shortly, and when we do, we will also notice that we were always here. We didn’t actually have to get anywhere.

What we did have to do was get the lower self out of the way, just enough to be able to experience what has been there all along. A very conscious perspective…A profound inner guidance mechanism, connected to a heart that never fails to lead us in the right direction.

A lot of this is going to become clear today and from here on in. Let it come. Don’t put anything you realize into any kind of package. Let it all pile up in front of you. Let it get sloppy if it wants to. Don’t worry about it. If you keep your mind and hands off it long enough, you will be able to watch it magically sort itself into a new world that you will soon realize you created at the very beginning.

What could be more exciting than that?

“Once you uncover the history of this pattern and trace its roots, you will see that your reaction in the present moment is really a reaction from the past, a shadow character’s attempt to protect you from reexperiencing an old emotional wound, which instead sabotages you in the present.”

– Connie Zweig

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