• Waning Moon
  • Moon in Leo
  • Moon enters Virgo: 7:11am
  • Moon Void of Course: Midnight – 7:11am
  • Hidden 6:6 Star Gate

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Thank you all for the outpouring of love yesterday. It always means a lot to me to feel the warmth and compassion that wshes over me like a wave.

We have made it to the Mercury Saturn conjunction, which occurs tonight at 8:55pm EST. It turns out this is a super conjunction, in that Mercury and Saturn come together on the ecliptic first thing this morning. That is technically called a parallel, and it has the same energy as a conjunction, only on the higher plane. This is why a super conjunction takes the power of a conjunction, which is considerable, and amplifies it many times.

This Mercury Saturn conjunction is the long awaited third of three Mercury Saturn conjunctions that began on October 8th, just 12 days before he went retrograde. The second (retrograde) conjunction occurred on October 29th. The entire worm hole and Scorpio Cauldron experience was marked by the Mercury retrograde cycle. This Mercury aspect is the last one of his retrograde journey, even though he will spend much of this week connecting with Jupiter. He did not aspect Jupiter when he went retrograde, so this week’s connection with Jupiter will be a long awaited refrained from trine. (That means that Mercury went retrograde before he trined Jupiter, he refrained from the trine, which implies that the entire retrograde cycle is important for the ultimate aspect, which occurs this coming Thursday morning). It should produce huge mental expansion after the understanding and definition emerges through today’s conjunction.

After today’s conjunction the cauldron breaks up in earnest. We must wait for Mercury to complete his retrograde shadow journey, (on Wednesday), and then leave Scorpio altogether, on December 4th. Once the conjunction works its magic today, the intensity of the group of Scorpio planets will lessen with each day.

A conjunction represents a new cycle for whichever planets are involved. A new Mercury Saturn cycle represents a new way of thinking, This seems very reasonable considering all the quantum leaping through the worm hole we’ve just done. Mercury is going to interact with Venus and Jupiter this week, and Venus, as we know, is in uncharted out of bounds territory and reflecting the new heart centered consciousness we have achieved. Mercury is preparing to go out of bounds too, in a couple of week, so this meeting with Venus should bring important downloads and understanding. It’s great that he is meeting with Saturn first.

Don’t forget that Saturn is the inner guru these days. Have you been able to shift your perspective on Saturn enough to embrace and honor his role in your conscious life? He is your higher Conscience, your inner voice’s ambassador, just as soon as you value and honor yourself enough to believe in it.

Whatever you come to understand today can go a long way toward this self-assured state of mind. This is the perfect day to allow for all that comes through to your understanding. This is the day when definition truly breaks through.

What follows is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for todays. Mercury Saturn conjunction, reprinted with the author’s permission from his book Star Sparks:

Scorpio 17: The mountain abode of a hermit.

”The inside track of Earth existence summons us to return to the places we once knew and to work out the karmas of our hidden depths of soul, in all their complex windings. In order to fulfill such a quest, we must move through the most extraordinary sequence of events. Nothing makes sense on the surface. Nothing is as it appears. We are confounded, taken over, led in so many directions. Compulsive extremes, tuned out cycles, ways to die and ways to forget. We go anywhere and everywhere, barely knowing why or who.

To surface from these soul depths into outer consciousness is an exercise in futility. There is nothing to say about what we are going through here. We don’t know much about it anyway. It tends to be unconscious, magical, maddeningly hard to get at. What is the story here? The real truth is that we have carved out for ourselves a brutally intense path to make up for lost time. The deep core self directs our steps with fierce intent. What we don’t want, we will get. What we pretend to be immune to saturates our field of experience. The ego-self is a puppet on a string. The real story is elsewhere.

We are so fortunate. Everything we need to have come up will. Each of our hiding places will spew us out. And we will be compelled by karmic law to come back together with our own lost self.

Nothing here is easy. Nothing is a given. Yet deep down in there, we keep asking for this and needing this. Because we had become exiled from our own soul task and inner direction, and it was just at that time when we couldn’t bear another moment of estrangement. So we pushed the button and agreed to get down to it at last.”

“It’s not your job to like me – it’s mine.”
– Byron Katie

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