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A couple of more thoughts on Nelson Mandela, before we move fully into the new Venus process: First, I kept seeing on AOL yesterday that the US and many others once considered this amazing soul a terrorist. It just goes to show you, the most powerful Light in the world is GOING TO be projected onto, and the greatest fear that can be WILL be assigned to that Light. This is what we all go through at one level or another. How many times have you been called something you absolutely know you are not? This ‘projection’ problem is the reason why.

Even more intimidating, consider how many times you may have bought into the collective projections that are hurled at certain ‘chosen ones’ through the media every day? Here is the Truth of the matter…. If you can call someone a terrorist and believe you see that in them, what you perceive is the terrorist in your Self. It is not possible to perceive anything ‘out there’ that isn’t within your consciousness in the first place. It’s all a projection and nothing is real. If you find it in your world, it is coming from your consciousness.

And those being projected onto are chosen ones, whether we call them good or bad. There has to be a certain amount of light present for a projection to be made apparent. If they are perceived as bad guys, they are souls who took on that karma, that destiny for the sake of their own evolution and ours. They may know it and they may not.. The ones who know it have the power to change the world.

Anyone with an awakened consciousness can change the world. How? Know your Self and BE your Self. That’s it. Every one of us has a life purpose, a skill, a gift a talent, and the more thoroughly we know our Selves the more that purpose comes to Light, and to life. The more you shine, the more projection you’ll take, but that’s because it is the Light’s job to devour the darkness. At first being projected onto is uncomfortable and undesirable. But we will all come to cherish it in the end, because it’s the best way to deal with the darkness in one fell swoop.

The other thing about Nelson Mandela that I wanted to put forth here actually came from my friend and mentor Michael Lutin, who said referring to the recent comet Isar:

”Post from nov 17:
A huge star is passing
Nelson Mandela

And ”Because the comet was seen the whole world over
It had to be a global icon
Just couldn’t figure out who
Until it happened.
That’ so Astrology!”

A lot of people asked me what I thought that comet meant. It had such a close association with the Sun, so I thought it had to do with our new consciousness, and I guess it does. But comets often portend the birth and/or death of a great soul. That is something Michael Lutin used to talk about all the time. If you want to read more about what Michael has to say on this and many other very profound topics, visit his web site at www.MichaelLutin.com … It’s always worth a visit….

I mentioned the new Venus cycle that had its stage 1 from 9/21 till today. Venus returns to the ecliptic today after more than a month traveling way out of bounds. She is in her retrograde shadow, and her retrograde will begin on the Winter Solstice, which is obviously very significant. Our hearts have been expanded and recalibrated and it is time to align this new core chakra with the higher Self that just been alchemized. This will take all winter. Just as Venus completes her retrograde cycle (first week of March), Mars will go retrograde in Libra.

That is very relevant to today’s events because Mars enters Libra today. Libra is the polar sign to Mars’s rulership, Aries. It’s not the most comfortable place for the ruler of the physical body to be, but that’s because Libra is the sign of the mirrored Self and Mars prefers to focus on the Self. We have a lot of new consciousness to step into here, and so it’s a very good thing that Mars will be in Libra for the next 9 months. As soon as he is done, Mercury will retrograde in the exact same place where Mars takes his backwards journey. If we play our cards right, this will be the place where unity consciousness it achieved.

It’s a hard road, and it requires more discipline and diligence than we have ever put in before, but we’ve worked hard to get here, and no one said it was going to get any easier. Good thing we know how to look for the blessing and embrace the ups and downs with equal emotionality. These are the first steps into the new world.

Just understand you are creating that world: YOU ARE, no one else is, just YOU. You are creating it as you go. Be sure you are free to create what you wish for, and that you are no longer unconsciously creating your hidden fears.

“The men [and women] who build the future are those who know that greater things are yet to come, and that they themselves will help bring them about. Their minds are illumined by the blazing sun of hope. They never stop to doubt. They haven’t time.”

-Melvin J. Evans

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