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This from Lucira Jane Nebelung:
” My “new” sense of Mars is that “he” represents physical, personal full-fill-meant, the receptacle/vessel of Love.”

I have been searching for the words to describe the new Mars archetype and I don’t think if I had written 10,000 words I could have come up with something so succinct. The new receptacle/vessel of Love. The divine physical that is meant to receive the fruits of Source and be filled with it all. In his divine feminine co-rulership, Mars must be about receiving and not making it all happen, which is a role he was burdened and so very confused by all these centuries. No more.

This is very important because he is now triggering a major cardinal cross that will be in effect nearly all of 2014. Mars is going to spend 9 months in the sign of the mirrored self. The planet that presides over the self in the sign of the mirrored self. Can you think of a better opportunity to get past the old duality paradigm and into the unity perspective? I am convinced that is what the year ahead is MADE for.

Now all we have to do is recognize the physical body as the divine receptacle that it is. The awakened soul knows how important this is. If you are going through any kind of physical issue right now, this is why: so you can come to nurture your physical vessel properly. Don’t take anything for granted. Make sure, if you are being healed right now, through healers, or surgery or anything, that you work on bringing your emotional self into alignment with that physical receptacle. The two go together and cannot function separately without the right relationship to each other.

I have begun to realize that this balance IS physical healing and well being. Sure, the alignment with mind and spirit is also essential, bit for this moment, while the water trines are still in place (till the spring), this feminine balance is the key to our ascension/descension. If we work at balancing body with emotions, we will be well. Period.

Speaking of the mind, Mercury is preparing to slip out of bounds, which he will do on December 16th. He is getting close to the edge of the ecliptic (the usual boundaries of our consciousness)… As he moves out beyond the fringes, he meets up with Jupiter and Venus, promising a kind of heart/mind expansion unlike any we have known in our lifetimes. I say this because so many other planetary alignments and new energies are here for the first time ever.

I saw a quote today that said ”What is here is elsewhere. What is not here is nowhere.” This is the point of astrology, to my mind: what is in your consciousness is what you will perceive in the world, AND it is the stuff the entire universe is made of, for you. What is not in your consciousness is not to be perceived anywhere in all the universes, for you. When science pronounces that a planet has been named, it is a collective nod to a new archetype. What was not ‘there’ before is ‘here’ now… because our consciousness has expanded to encompass it, or ‘see’ it.

This to me is proof that nothing in the physical universe is real. It’s all a projection, or what some would call an illusion. We are all amazing magicians. It is now that we wake up to this truth and step fully into our authentic selves. We are already there. It has already happened. Belief is the one ingredient that is required for this beautiful cake to rise.

“Love is not what we become, but what we already are.”

– Stephen Levine

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