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  • Moon in Gemini: All day
  • Moon Void of Course: No
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We are in a major pivot, right here. The next few days will see everything we’ve just gone through come to some kind of substantial fruition and then turn around, or shift, so that new beginnings and resurrections occur everywhere. The truth is, they are already occurring, if you’re looking in the right direction. (And the TRUTH is, they have already occurred, so there’s nothing to do but allow the shift). Looking in the right direction means focusing on the opportunities that are always there for you, and refusing to be engulfed by the fear based thoughts that cause us to focus on what we no longer have (or never had).

Life has changed significantly this past year. We have all been through experiences that have completely transformed us. Not one of us has been left out of this reality. That’s because it’s our new reality, and we must, must, MUST learn to be grateful for all of it. Nothing produces transformation like a life altering difficult passage.

So here we are, newly alchemized and being prepped for yet another major realignment of the brand new upgraded four body energy field we live in. The entire year ahead is all about this process and the new relationship with our Selves that will emerge from it.

These few days are very Mercurial, meaning that understanding, communication and connection are the main events. These days when it comes to Mercury, the activation of the higher Mind is the central theme. Leaving the old, more habitual fear based responses behind in favor of choosing to think with the heart is what it’s all about.

The Gemini Moon is building to its full state (tomorrow morning). That means Mercury is in charge of the collective emotional atmosphere today. Mercury has just connected with Venus on the ecliptic, with the ruler of the heart just returning from a long out of bounds journey, and Mercury just leaving the ecliptic (also tomorrow) for a few weeks. When these rulers of the lower body systems travel outside the normal realm of our consciousness (aka the ecliptic), we are imbued with new multidimensional consciousness.

Before we expanded into our current state of self awareness, these out of bounds journeys were not able to impart the same kind of awakening that happens now. We used to be aware that our minds or our hearts were ‘out there’ somewhere, and we would wait for the return to normal usage, if you will. Now we can easily travel with these archetypal energies into a new consciousness, grasp it, integrate and return to the realm of day to day consciousness with this new expanded material in tow.

So Mercury is on his way outside the ecliptic, after meeting with Venus, who just came back in. The mind and heart have had a little exchange that the more alert may have noticed took place yesterday and the day before. There is one major aspect today, a Moon Mercury opposition, midday (EST), making the consciousness of the mental/emotional balance focal. Another way to say it is we should be able to perceive where we are on the mental/emotional spectrum today. It’s important to remember at all times that this is not a static thing. I you don’t like what you perceive, change it.

Also this afternoon Mercury forms a Great Eliminator (an inconjunct) with Jupiter. Choices can be made for taking the high road when it comes to our thinking, and these choices must be deliberate and conscious. Remember, the more unconsciously you approach your life, the more likely it is a fear based response will kick in when you least expect it.

It’s a time to stay awake and alert.

” Destiny is mutable. It isn’t some mystical conclusion to your life or past life’s journey, but rather the result of, the proof of where you have been focusing your energy.”
The Pleiadian Council through Lauren Gorgo

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