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The winter season promises to be unlike any other we’ve known, and this teleconference will include a look at the New Year’s chart for 2014 and all the New Year promises. You can read more about it and register here:
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Let’s talk about Uranus. He has been known as the Great Awakener for decades, and so he is. He is the archetype within each of us that represents the access door to the higher Self. Together with fellow outer planets Neptune and Pluto, he is a major portion of our higher Being. Where Uranus is in our birth chart, we experience many unexpected and often startling moments, all designed to act as a kind of alarm clock, waking us up to the Truth of who we are.

At the 3D level, Uranus is the bolt of lightning that causes us to SEE what we could not see before. It brings the revelation that liberates us from our older belief systems, and provides the newer perspective from which we can perceive with new eyes. Ultimately he delivers us to the observer’s perch, so that in 5D he is the electrical energy that lights up the world with its juice. Said differently, when we perceive our Selves to be in physical (separate) form, Uranus looks like the bolt of lightning that comes out of nowhere, completely unexpectedly, and shows us what was unseeable before.

From the perspective of oneness, Uranus is the electricity that lights the bolt, and the juice it provides is recognizable as the Light that we all contain. The Great Awakener.

The Great Awakener has just stationed to go direct (yesterday afternoon EST). That means we are all given to those magical sudden moments of revelation and realization, if we are still enough and open (detached) enough to perceive what is going on all around us (in a multidimensional way). Uranus is not without his extra added goodies these days, either. For one thing he is part of a huge ongoing square with Pluto that is right smack in the middle of its 3 year expression. Currently Mars (and very shortly Mercury) will get involved with this square and the major transformations that are happening in the world will become personal once again. What that means is we will either get a very personal taste of the ongoing resurrection that is taking place (because we haven’t become conscious enough of it yet), OR we will personally come to realize how the world is the perfect reflection of what is going on within us.

Either way, it’s a blessing, though not necessarily very comfortable. But hey, after that Scorpio cauldron we’ve just been through, this is a piece of cake.

Uranus also has a newly discovered female counterpart, called Eris. Eris is the Feminine version of the Great Awakener, in that her capacity to shake us up comes from within. Put these two together and a real Awakening/Ascension happens. And that is exactly what is happening. We all have Eris in Aries, and Uranus is currently traveling through Aries. As the Great Awakener transits your female Great Awakener, which he will do somewhere in these 7 years that he moves through Aries (2 ½ are completed already), you will Awaken, IF you’ve put in the spiritual work. (If you’re reading this, you’re there).

This Uranus station at 9 Aries sends the Great Wave of Human Awakening back into forward motion. At a time like this, when the Sun is about to flip poles and cross the Galactic Center, and a Great Cardinal Cross is forming that will take us through the new Year, this station is very important.

When you’re standing in a field knowing lightning is everywhere, it is vital to remain open and without any preconception or attachment. In this way you can get the most out of this turnaround moment.

Here is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for the Uranus station, reprinted with the author’s permission from his book Star Sparks. This is fascinating:

Aries 9: A fat man in a state of reverie smoking a hookah.

”I live in another world. I have a task to perform. I am called upon to disperse old thought forms and to precipitate a condition of disorientation and reorientation. I always skate dangerously close to violating every boundary, doing far too much in every direction. But I am directed from within to make it impossible for anybody to continue as they were before.

I trouble the waters. I stir up mischief. There is intricate method to the madness. I am so steadily in command of my powers. And I know when and where to push through. Yet I must act like I am deranged, I am out of my right mind. For I’ve gotta get inside fast and turn the dials and get out. I’m about big changes and they’re not allowed.

What I delight in the most is getting away with what nobody else could, namely respecting no borders, not even acknowledging persons, and going against authority rather than obeying it. I can do all this because I am sneaky, fast, and I don’t look like I’m doing much of anything. For I’ve learned to put on the style of somebody who knows what they’re doing and belongs where they are as a matter of course.

It seems like there are few who challenge that kind of nerve. It’s just too unlikely. How could anybody be the way I am?

Well, I work for the inner worlds. And we are busy busting up what used to be the way of things in surface humanity. We’ve gotta get away with it because this is revolution. We are part of a big change. We are on the wave of evolution. And what we gotta do is insinuate that there’s a lot more where that came from, buddy!”

” When I didn’t resist I could see the world.”
Pema Chodron

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