• Waxing Moon
  • Moon in Taurus
  • Moon enters Gemini: 7:26am
  • Moon Void of Course: 5:59am – 7:26am
  • Hidden 1:1 Star Gate

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There’s a lot going on today, and we’re going to feel it. It’s a busy day for Venus, who makes two very important aspects this morning. She sextiles Saturn at 5:44am EST, before the Taurus Moon goes void, and then she conjoins with the Sun inside that void, just one minute before the Moon moves into Gemini at 7:26am EST. Once the Moon enters Gemini the day really takes off, and WE get very busy, but all that Venus energy this morning is not to be overlooked. So let’s look at it.

The Venus Saturn sextile is the first of two Saturn sextiles today, (the other is from the Sun later on). Saturn sextiles make things more cohesive, more definitive, more stable. With Venus retrograding, there may be older themes related to romance, or anything you have loved, really, that have been swirling around your life, and now certain feelings have more clarity and substance to them. Neither Saturn sextile occurs inside the void, which is interesting, because these new Saturn aspects (after that wild and crazy cauldron) required Right Action.

Right Action is action that comes from the heart. It isn’t the result of a mental process, like a choice or an answer to a question. It’s simply a movement, free and easy, that comes from being centered in your heart and being as fully present as possible.

The Sun Venus conjunction marks the middle of Venus’s retrograde journey. It is the interior conjunction, where the planet of Love comes between the Earth and the Sun. As mentioned above, it is pretty close to exactly sextiling Saturn, and since Venus has not retrograded entirely in Capricorn in more than 200 years. Saturn is, of course, the main dispositor of Capricorn, making this a REALLY nice mellow aspect that sets the tone for the day.

The Venus Saturn conjunction itself, occurring inside the void Taurus Moon (which is disposing Venus), should have a profound inner effect on the heart. The retrograde Venus is not very disruptive or dramatic in the first place, so this conjunction should be very revealing as it relates to what the backwards journey means for us. It is a heart centered event today. ] When planets come together and all their dispositors are in on the picture, it’s significant, even if it isn’t full of flare and intensity.

Once the Moon moves into Gemini, Mercury takes center stage, just in time for his entry into Aquarius. When Mercury is in Aquarius, our thoughts turn intuitive, and move along more creative and inventive lines. Watch for the new mental themes that emerge today.

What follows is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for today’s Sun Venus conjunction at 22 Capricorn. It is reprinted with the author’s permission from his book Star Sparks:

Capricorn 22: A bare altar covered with black velvet.

”Sometimes a surrender is asked. Previous gains, developed stature, taken-for-granted knowledge, a certain kind of authoritative stance becomes a lie. They pose a very great encumbrance and will be the source of much illusion if held to any further. So there is this empirical demand that the one who inherits ancestral and personal karmic powers and domains become willing to do without these and to discover what happens here when we listen to the inner call and tune out the false worldly voices.

The considerable risk is that even this sacrifice and renunciation may be too late, too partial, and therefore the erosion process will have done its work in a destructive fashion. We have to live with this possibility sometimes. Is that gesture just a formal one? Is this concession here substantive and heartfelt?

A greater power is at work behind the scenes here. That power is immense, world-shattering. It requires us to be dissected of that aspect of ourselves which stands between us and what we are called here to sense. And with relentless fury, it will not let us be.

For we are meant to be forged and fashioned into something beyond the grasp of our historical self. We are being asked to supersede the old patterns and syndromes with something which is already well on its way and just needs our blessing to fulfill its cycle of deep change here.

This is a decisive point, personally and collectively. It can go either way. There are good reasons to hold back, to hold out, to ask for better terms. Yet timing is so very crucial. Can we afford to be so sure, when we know it’s well past such considerations?

At the last moment, when everything depends upon it, the idols topple; the power-heavy way of life is suddenly gone. In its place, there is the obedient servant of the Most High.”

“Intuition will tell the thinking mind where to look next.”

– Jonas Salk

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