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Everything is turning around isn’t it? We can all feel the great new chapter just up ahead, but we are also feeling Mercury preparing to stop and go back over the territory he has just been through. Whatever happened to you in the last 2 weeks or so will now be revisited and revised. Don’t fret. Don’t sweat it. It’s all as it should be no matter how it seems.

Many of you know how much I’ve been through physically these past couple of years. I was pretty fortunate with my health care, signing up for much more comprehensive coverage just as I learned about my breast cancer in October of 2010. I called my insurance company during open enrollment in November, and because I had been covered by them for years (with only well coverage), I had no problem getting great coverage with a snap of my fingers. (I had to wait till January for my surgery, but other than the anxiety of not knowing how it would all turn out, that was not a big hardship).

Enter Obamacare. My insurance company informed me last November that they were raising my insurance by 50% for coverage that was not as good as what I already had. That was the first effect of Obamacare. Then I decided to see what Obamacare could do for me. I applied and was told that I qualified for a nearly $700 monthly subsidy, so I VERY CAREFULLY looked into all the options for coverage and, reassured that my favorite doctors would accept my plan, I joined in December.

I paid my first premium and they told me my insurance wouldn’t kick in till February 1. I called all my doctors (I still see a lot of them regularly) and moved all my appointments to February, checking carefully that the coverage was still good. (I was nervous about it).

I have my first appointment tomorrow with my new Primary Care Physician who has to give me referrals to all my specialists. My lung doctor, who it took me years to find and who is the only one who got to the bottom of my issues and got me healthy again called to confirm my other appointment tomorrow and asked for my health insurance number. I told them I had given it to them more than a month ago when I called to change my appointment. They had no record of it.

To make a long story less long than it has to be, I was told today by the doctor’s office, the health insurance company AND Obamacare that within the last two weeks my health insurance company pulled all the doctors in my area that are only affiliated with the Hospital in my town out of my particular plan. I am not covered for the doctors I went to such great length to get coverage for.

I had a dramatic day. I know enough to know what I’m up against and that there may or may not be a way to straighten this out, and it’s all okay, but to be told by one more person “I’m sorry Ma’am that’s just the way it is and there’s not much we can do” was positively nerve wracking. I very consciously did my best to stay calm, and by the end of the day (and about 10 back and forth phone calls) I had spoken with a supervisor at Obamacare who offered a decent solution, which involves CANCELING my insurance and applying to Obamacare AGAIN for the coverage I want and waiting till March 1 for my insurance.

The whole point of this story is that Mercury is going retrograde this week, and all my very careful, diligent hard work will now need to be redone, revised, and redefined. But it’s all for the best, no matter how frustrating it is, and if I can stay above the drama and negativity I can get to the end of this cycle (On February 28th, by the way) happier and far less stressed than I might have been.

You do the same. Life turns around when Mercury goes retrograde. It is correcting or revising itself, usually for reasons we have no clue about. Let it all shift. Help it shift instead of resisting it. You won’t regret it and you’ll be much happier for it in the end.

“Don’t believe what your eyes are telling you. All they show is limitation. Look with your understanding, find out what you already know, and you’ll see the way to fly.”

– Richard Bach

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