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  • Moon in Aries
  • Moon enters Taurus: 4:47am
  • Moon Void of Course: Midnight – 4:47am
  • Hidden 5:5 Star Gate

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We are pulling in to the Mercury station today, and this part of the Mercury cycle is known as the “storm”, so called because Mercury is barely moving, and he’s been known to wreak havoc when he’s standing still like this. It’s been a rough ride for many of us, but it’s vital to ride out the storm, and wait until the calm returns before doing anything major. There have been so many storms for us to contend with lately, it should be easy as pie. It certainly isn’t anything we haven’t dealt with before.

Speaking of things we haven’t dealt with before, there’s a new Grand Water trine in play. It’s been building since Winter Solstice, but today Jupiter and Chiron form an exact trine, and Saturn, 10 degrees away, is preparing to go retrograde and back right into this Grand Trine by April. This emotional mastery offers brand new social identity, that has integrity after a new alignment with the higher Self.

Jupiter Chiron is always about personal mastery that can be applied to others. The kind of mastery that others recognize and appreciate. When Saturn comes fully into the mix, as soon as he goes retrograde at the beginning of March, this personal mastery will begin to be fully defined. This trine will last through to the fall. There’s so much available to us in the next few months if we play our hands lovingly.

Everything that is so disconcerting and stressful right now is taking us to the place where we can realize once and for all that it’s all just part of the plan. The more intense it is, the more evolutionary, but drama doesn’t have to be part of the experience at all, EVER, any more. We must be able to watch it all, and we have been practicing this for years. It’s about the kind of world that gets created when we remain heart centered and that Light becomes the projector we use to manifest every situation we meet.

Everything that happens happens because it is supposed to. We choose what happens when we decide to come from Love or unconsciously react with fear. Every moment offers a fork in the road. Both forks are pre-determined. Choose fear, a life lesson and a detour result. Choose love, an expansive joyful experience comes about. Both were predetermined by you by everything you’ve ever done, before you got here. Imagine if you keep choosing Love. The world would begin to reflect back at you everything your heart desires.

I believe that is what this Venus, Mercury Mars recalibration this year is bringing about: the chance to live completely in a Love based world. So go ahead, watch that intense drama like it’s the best movie you’ve ever seen. Then sit back and enjoy the results of that choice.

” As you venture into the light of the new dawn we say, bring with you only your LOVE. All else that is needed will be provided. What you bring with you must be tended to, cared for…and in a factual manner, will be burdensome.”
The Pleiadian High Counci (through Lauren Gorgo)

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