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I’ve begun to wonder if the intense Mercury issues that have been showing up, especially with phones, the internet, communication snafus, car problems, you know, good old-fashioned Mercury retrograde snags aren’t happening with such obviousness (I had to make up a word) because they are exactly that: completely obvious. When these things used to happen in the past, before we had the consciousness to See, these setbacks frustrated us, exasperated us, made us a bit crazy. But now they are positively hilarious, aren’t they?

Even the most frustrating lack of communication is SO intense it’s funny. The whole idea of retrograde Mercury is to take the time to integrate all the connections made during the past 3 months. When a planet retrogrades it is moving clockwise through the chart, and that is a very VERY good thing, from a 5D perspective. When we lived purely in 3D it was very frustrating. It caused us to be cut off from all the ‘outer’ connections we were in the middle of. In 5D that capacity to cut our Selves off and go inward is a great blessing.

Every planet’s retrograde is a gift, a chance to make closer conscious contact with Source. If you were born with a retrograde Mercury, you are fortunate. I have been saying that for more than three decades, with all the conviction in my heart, but I have to admit it is only recently that the REAL reason for that understanding is just coming to Light. What is more true than anything else is that consciousness is the only thing that can reveal what has been hidden. (Doesn’t that sound like a great interpretation of Uranus?). That’s because that is exactly what Uranus does: Lights up the previously unseen with a lightning like jolt that wakes us up and moves us to a higher consciousness. The GREAT AWAKENER.

We are in the Aquarian New Moon month, and Uranus is definitely playing his part. He’s a big part of the cardinal cross that is dominating the cosmos throughout the summertime this year. He is currently forming a bridge (polarity) with Mars, and Mars is going to go retrograde just after Mercury completes this retrograde cycle. When Mars turns around and begins his clockwise journey, he will bridge Uranus again, later this year.

Back to Mercury. He is stationing at 4 Pisces, in very close proximity to Neptune. It’s one reason for all this snow. Snow blankets everything in white and cold. This is very VERY purifying. Sure it’s a lot of hard work if you have to go somewhere, but what purification isn’t somewhat difficult? The Mercury Neptune conjunction will bring great breakthroughs in our capacity to SEE, to visualize the new world, to become enlightened, but that conjunction will have to wait till March 22nd and the Spring time. Everything that happens while Mercury retrogrades (mostly through Aquarius) will be preparation for those revelations and breakthroughs.

Mercury goes retrograde at 4:46pm EST, and goes direct again on February 28 at 9am EST at 18 Aquarius. It will take him 21 days to complete his journey back over his shadow. Let go of whatever you’re focused on ‘out there’. Know that all of that is your mirror, and take that inside to do some important inner work.

What follows is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for 4 Pisces, reprinted with his permission from his book Star Sparks. This is important: It seems to me to be a very true representation of Piscean energy. We should all immerse our Selves in it and become FEARLESS to move through. It is very close to where we truly exist…

Pisces 4: Mushrooms springing up everywhere.

”Proliferation of impulses, desires, needs, longings, and probes into every corner of infinity. A fast spreading fever of suspicions, intoxications, idealizations, disillusionments, frustrations. Giving the self away to everybody, to all worlds, whatever comes along. Desperate to be free of self, to experience something new, to find a different world to be in.

A chaotic turbulence of creativity that is unharnessed and impulsive. No boundaries. No sense of direction. A magnificent display of fragments and facets and soul moods and gifts and virtues and strange notions. The past blown open and showing up everywhere. A very difficult time finding true bearings.

Within this predicament lies another world altogether. Uniting with it depends upon being able to stretch and expand until the full range of the soul is acknowledged, is lived into, is given permission to be as free- form as it really is. If such an eventuality should come into being, the most astounding transformation, the truest of metamorphosis can spring forth into being.

This future fish, this unbounded one carries the very special charge of opening up spaces where they seemed to be shut. A capacity to spread around and give everything turn out to be viable, true, something that is meant to be this way. It’s all a matter of where you look at it from. If you take the deep inside under-view, the one the Earth accords with, you will find that infinite bounty and grace was here all along and had no idea where it fit within the existing state of affairs. Just a touch of letting be into his hyper-fertile field of forces turns it from a frenzy into the world’s fertile future dream.”

“Fear not. What is not real, never was and never will be. What is real, always was and cannot be destroyed.”

– Bhagavad Gita

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