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  • Moon in Cancer: All day
  • Moon Void of Course: No
  • 2:2 Star Gate
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There’s an interesting interplay between The Sun, Mercury Venus and Saturn today, and this seems the perfect time to bring up the question that keeps coming my way… What is the difference between letting it be and doing nothing? That’s a great question. It can be very complicated at times to know when to act and when to be still. In a time when heart centered stillness is the preference, how does one know when to stay put and when to take action?

It requires a conscious choice to do nothing. Doing nothing is not at all the same thing as being moved out of the stillness of your heart. Once you have acquired the capacity to come from your heart (for the most part), and many of you have, you know that there is rarely a moment when something significant is not happening. Put your energy into focusing on your heart center and being still in that harmonious place and you will BE MOVED to do whatever is in your best interest.

But it’s no good understanding it intellectually. If you only do that, you will always have a doubt. The only way to truly grasp the difference between letting it Be ad doing nothing is to live the experience. If this question is on your mind, you have not allowed your Self to just Be, as you are. You are allowing your mind to rule your behavior, and you are not yet centered in your heart.

It does take a leap of faith. But once that leap is taken, you will find it isn’t at all difficult to come from your heart and stay there.

Mercury is retrograde, approaching the Sun (just after the Full Moon). That will mark the midpoint of the retrograde cycle, and reveal its meaning in a conscious way. The Sun squares Saturn today, and Mercury will also square Saturn after he connects with the Sun. Trust your inner guidance and let it be your greatest authority. There has never been a better time to learn to Love with your Mind and Think with your Heart.

Once you learn to Love with your Mind, that is, think loving thoughts.. replace the ones (especially toward your Self) that are not quite so loving, and deliberately, devotedly, change them to words of Love… Once you are Loving with your Mind you will automatically Think with your Heart. Your Heart has a (much Higher) mind of its own. But you have to get out of the way to activate it.

The Sun Saturn square today provides a stepping stone that you can use to raise up your consciousness. This stepping stone was once an inner crisis, an identity issue that was profoundly fear based. That was the 3D version. Here in 5D, all inner conflict is now inner strength, and everything that was associated with learning to be the real you is at your disposal at all times, all ways.

Look for the Sun Saturn square and step firmly onto the stepping stone it has become. This is the theme for the full Moon and the week or two ahead. There is so much you will be moved to do when you are thinking with your heart.

“Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.”
— Winston Churchill

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