• Waxing Moon
  • Moon in Pisces: All day
  • Moon enters
  • Moon Void of Course:
  • MARS STATION: 11:24am
  • NEW MOON (Moon conjunct Sun): 3:00am
  • 10 Pisces 39
  • Hidden 1:1 Star Gate

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We enter the 3rd month of the 7 year, and anyone into numerology will tell you that the ‘1’ that results from adding those two numbers means major new beginnings. Everyone is feeling the new energies flooding the atmosphere. Mercury has gone direct, which is always a big boost, and today, very appropriately, the Pisces New Moon occurs at am EST, conjunct Neptune and Chiron. That is an event that is big enough to fill three days, but it isn’t the only major planetary event taking place today. At 11:24am EST, Mars goes retrograde at 27 Libra 32. Oh, so much to talk about!

This day is the middle of three major days in the human story. I said last week that no one will recognize their lives by the end of this coming week, and these three days are (largely) the reason why. Mars’ station today marks the third of three important retrograde this year, all the rulers of the lower bodies, one after the other, like dominoes. We have realigned the heart and the mind with the higher Self, and now it is time for the physical recalibration. It may be your body, or your home, or anything else in your physical world, but something is undergoing a total transformation while Mars retrogrades (till May 24).

It may be subtly or stunningly obvious, and that will be a matter of your own consciousness and what you’re ready for. What is important to note is that Saturn is also stationing today, (going retrograde tomorrow), and that puts these two archetypes together in a new kind of dance. Mars Saturn connections are ultimately about right action. Take a look and see where that applies in your life. (But please be aware this is just the beginning of that journey). As always with Right Action (action that comes from the heart), integrity and diligence are most important.

I’ll talk more about the Mars retrograde journey tomorrow (and for weeks to come, no doubt), but let’s get a look at this humongous New Moon today. It is the first of two new Moons this month (a repeat of January). Two new Moons in one month makes the month seem so much busier and more jam packed. This first new Moon in Pisces places us squarely in the limitless field, with Neptune, ruler of the field, and Chiron, Master Healer Teacher. We are familiar enough with this endless realm of possibilities, and hopefully we all know enough by now to courageously begin to create whatever we want for ourselves. Neptune adds an enlightened perspective, or at the very least, the promise of enlightenment, and Chiron promises the coming together, the inner unification, that we’ve been after for so long.

This is a huge new Moon. Mercury will be back here right around the time of the Spring Equinox. (Remember the Great Messenger went retrograde in Pisces as February began). There is important information here, and it will become crystal clear as Mercury makes his way back to this realm. Until then, pay attention to all that occurs to you along the lines of creating out of the limitlessness of the universe. You have a blank canvas before you. Don’t be afraid to create your masterpiece.

Belief, Trust, and a resolution to be vigilant for escapist tendencies are prerequisite. If you don’t have one or more of those, then work on acquiring them for yourself. They will serve you well in the weeks to come.

What follows is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for today’s new Moon… (Mar’s station will be up tomorrow). It is reprinted here with the author’s permission from his book Star Sparks Pisces 11: A high, crumbling wall. It is part of a ruin and covered with ivy.

”What we are most up against is whatever we have made our own. This tends now to come back upon itself and to re-invent itself in ways both compulsive and illuminating. We have these memory-worlds which carry a lot of energy in them. Can we, will we, discharge that voltage, unplug from their steep caress, and be done with nightmares, the phantoms we insisted upon for so long.

The path is to clear these entangling, thick lies in releasing ourselves from a very old sense of self, perhaps taken as a given. We have hidden behind the disguise of being somehow passive and a product of experience. We have lain low in the underbrush of the familiar, the commonplace, the repetitive, the reassuring. It is that very sense of self we’ve built up and carried as our fortress against the world which is now giving way and must be relinquished at even deeper levels.

There is somebody in here trying to get out. There is a thrashing, insistent force in here that cannot stay cooped up one moment longer. There is a staggering buildup of frustration, [possibilities] unsearched, realms unplumbed, lives not lived. Everybody in here wants to come out now.

That primal cry echoes from every side of our world. Is it our own plea? Is it this earth that is casting us forth? Is it everybody here at once saying the same thing in that same voice?

The structures, the forms, the containers hold this energy of memory. They are as strong as we keep making them. As we become ourselves again, the way it seems to be cracks and cracks again. We are being released now inside the belly of the whole. There is somebody here who never could abide the fixed self world.”

“Since everything is a reflection of our minds, everything can be changed by our minds.”

– Buddha

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