• Waxing Moon
  • Moon in Cancer
  • Moon enters Leo: 10:10pm
  • Moon Void of Course: 3:53pm – 10:10pm
  • Hidden 3:3 Star Gate


If you’re in the New Jersey area, please join me as I facilitate a More Truth Will Set You Free Workshop this coming Wednesday evening!
More Truth Will Set You Free workshops are classes that help everyday people empower themselves, heal deep hurts, and awaken to a higher part of themselves. Through powerful healing energy, guided meditations, inspiring music, spiritual support and a community of friends, healing is achieved. During these classes, you are shown how to access your untapped potential, change things for the better, and see yourself in a greater light. You learn how old programs and beliefs keep you trapped and how to change these beliefs and programs with effective healing techniques. You won’t be surprised at what you learn In these transformational workshops, you will be transformed.

New Jersey
Facilitated by:
Stephanie Azaria
When: Wednesday, March 12th, 7 to 9:00pm
Where: Central Unitarian Church
156 Forest Avenue
Paramus, NJ
“The Lounge”
(entrance is in the back of the building)

Email: MoreTruthTeachersNJ@gmail.com or call (973) 886-5120

Exchange: $25 with pre-registration, $30 at the door

PLEASE JOIN ME FOR MY ANNUAL SPRING EQUINOX TELECONFERENCE, which I’m calling The Resurrection. We have been through so much and shed plenty of karmic debris. We have moved out of our old homes, cleaned up, and are ready to settle down into our brand new space. Before we do, we will need to realize just how profoundly we have been transformed. Join me on Friday, March 21st, 2014 at 7pm EST, 4pm PST, for a 90 minute teleconference on the Cosmic Consciousness of the coming season. You can register here:
Exchange: $25 (You do not need to be on the live call. Registration secures your copy of the MP3…

TO SCHEDULE A PRIVATE SESSION WITH STEPHANIE, please click here: http://www.thecosmicpath.com/private-sessions

**SPECIAL NOTE: This week, you can get a 45 minute session with me for $50 off the regular exchange. All you need to do is mention the notice on the Daily Weather Page!

I mentioned yesterday that there were a few important aspects this week, all of them taking us to the Full Moon event on Sunday, which promises to present like a huge wave of something. Almost all the aspects this week are related to Mercury, and the Great Messenger is spending his last week recovering his direct shadow after a retrograde journey. That means that every aspect he makes this week, and there are five, is the completion of a three part connection that began as he went retrograde at the beginning of February.

Today begins with a Mercury Saturn trine. This completes the process of realizing some very significant information that relates to our capacity for personal authority and our social identity. Back when February began, we were each ready and willing to step up into something new, a new aspect of our individuality, though we were hard pressed to know what that was.

Now we have a much better idea what that is. Today’s events will make it even clearer. Later this week Mercury will trine the retrograde Mars, completing a redirection for our mind/body connection. We will have to wait on that one till Mars goes direct at the end of May and we can actually take our physical place within the bigger scheme of things. Until then it is a mental process, and it is best to stay out of the fear based (lower) mind as much as possible, allowing the heart to take over. Thinking with the heart is the new black, if you will. (Or should I say white?)

Mercury makes some subtler aspects this week as well, semisquares to Uranus and Pluto, and a sesquisquare to Jupiter, and all of these are the third of three connections as well, completing various aspects of a much larger reorientation of the higher mind with the new Self.

Bear in mind we are building all week to that Full Virgo Moon, reflecting the Piscean realm of limitless possibilities. Whatever you are experiencing this week, make the effort to be Loving toward your Self, because it is your posture, your attitude, that will expand as the week progresses.

This is an amazing week of gigantic launching. Vision your world the way you truly wish it to be, and not, NOT the way you fear it will be.

“The Universe is not punishing you or blessing you. The Universe is responding to the vibrational attitude that you are emitting.”

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