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  • Moon in Leo: All day
  • Moon Void of Course: No
  • 7:7 Star Gate

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An interesting thing happens today. The Sun trines Saturn at 5:16pm EDT. While a Sun Saturn trine is always significant for the definition, inner authority and solid progress it confers, that is not the interesting thing about it. This trine occurs at 23 Pisces/Scorpio. If a Grand Trine were in place, if you can imagine a Grand Trine here, that third planet would be sitting at 23 Cancer. And therein lies the fascinating truth. Jupiter stationed to go retrograde right on Christmas day last December at 23 Cancer. That makes this a planetary station. When a planet stations, it leaves what is called a ‘sensitive degree’ hanging there, and that makes today’s Sun Saturn trine an energetic Grand Trine with Jupiter.

Jupiter, as we know, stationed direct last Thursday at 10 Cancer, the place where he formed a perfect Grand trine with Saturn and Chiron (and other planets in Pisces) last Summer. These two ‘sensitive’ points, 10 Cancer and 23 Cancer are the places where our new social consciousness is manifesting.

Social consciousness has to do with the ways in which we perceive others and the way others perceive us. It has to do with our status in the world, and for many of us that is something that is changing at this time. That’s perfect. For those not aware of this change, please note that it is happening, just on a more subtle basis for you.

Jupiter, as we know, is in the middle of creating a major bridge (polarity) with Pluto. Jupiter and Pluto are opening the way for us to reach that higher level of conscious awareness we have been approaching for many years now. Many of us know that this consciousness is manifesting in a big way at this time.

All these energies, taken together with Mercury’s last steps of his shadow journey and its attendant aspects that are informing us of so much of what’s going on, are literally changing everything. Here in the Northeast, the 65 degree weather days that we’ve had here for 2 days give way to more freezing cold and another storm, which in turn will be followed by more warm weather. That is very much what’s going on inside of us too.

Be willing, be prepared for the changes of tide and physical energies that this week brings. Ride with them, and don’t be overwhelmed by them. The Full Moon on Sunday reflects the Piscean limitless realm of possibilities. Anything can happen now. But what is most important is that we keep a very positive intention for the outcome of these changing energies. It is the intention, the belief, that creates the world.

“Vision without execution is just hallucination.”
— Henry Ford

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