• Waning Moon
  • Moon in Capricorn: All day
  • Moon Void of Course: No
  • Hidden 7:7 Star Gate


The Teleconference took Friday night, March 21st, and it is filled with all the information and guidance you’ll need for the season ahead.

Exchange: $25


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Everything changes this week, as we have completed an important part of our inner realignment process and we move into another very important chapter. Mars will continue to retrograde until May 19th, which does continue the inner alignment at the physical level, and this is not to be devalued or underestimated in terms of its significance. Some of us are truly dealing with huge physical realignments at this time. But others have it clearly on the radar screen and under a watchful eye, leaving you free for the events that are coming up in the next few days.

There’s a Venus Saturn square on Saturday that is building all week. This square, which in 5D represents an important stepping stone that has been earned, very much like a reward, for hard work well done in the past, offers a leg up that will be very much needed in the weeks to come. A Venus Saturn aspect always has to do with self-worth/ self-esteem issues. The more you’ve garnered the better off you’ll be in the eclipse passage that is set to open up this coming Sunday.

The new Moon next Sunday is an Aries New Moon, good for visioning any new beginning you have at heart. This new Moon is conjunct Uranus, the Great Awakener, giving us all a little extra intuitive capacity and unusual perspective with which to form this new start.

The thing is, this new Moon delivers us on April 15 to a lunar eclipse that is the first of two inside this next 6 week passage. So Wherever 11 Aries in in your chart is where you begin, and you are going to be delivered, via wormhole, or sideways elevator, to 24 Scorpio, which is currently Saturn’s territory.

That is why this Venus Saturn square this week is so vitally important. We are about to be delivered to a new sense of inner authority and self-worthiness, courtesy of the eclipse passage that the new Moon on Sunday opens up for us.

So if you’re dealing with physical issues right now, LOVE them. Resistance is the worst thing you can do. Start, ALWAYS start right where you are, in total acceptance and devoid of hatred or fear. You want to reach the Aries New Moon on Sunday in a state of relative peace and self love over anything physical going on with you. Aries is Mars’s sign, and Mars rules he physical body.

Whatever is going on with you physically is the stuff this upcoming eclipse cycle is made of. All of your misalignments can be eclipsed into something thoroughly masterful and unexpected. Don’t worry if you don’t know WHAT that looks like. Just believe in its possibility and go.

GO IN. To your heart. Open it up and tell your Self you Love your Self today, warts and all.

“Most of the shadows of this life are caused by standing in one’s own sunshine.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

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