• Waning Moon
  • Moon in Aquarius
  • Moon enters Pisces: 8:12pm
  • Moon Void of Course: 9:14am – 8:12pm
  • Hidden 3:3 Star Gate
  • Hidden 7:7 Star Gate


The Teleconference took Friday night, March 21st, and it is filled with all the information and guidance you’ll need for the season ahead.

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Mercury is well into his new chapter of communication and connection, moving as he is through the Piscean limitless field, and helping us all to comprehend our new world in some very magnificent ways. Yesterday he trined Jupiter, expanding our conscious horizons, and very early this morning he comes together with Uranus in an intimate semisextile. This should allow many of us to awaken to new aspects of our Selves through revelation of an uncommon kind.

The Sun is approaching Uranus as well, and that conjunction will occur on April 1st, the day after the Aries New Moon which is conjoined with Uranus on Sunday. Today’s Mercury Uranus semisextile can offer us a glimpse of what’s to come when the New Moon graces us with a major new beginning. Watch for flashes, premonitions, and intuitive hits about that mysterious, veiled place that’s just up ahead. We all have a newly enhanced intuitive function… today is a great time to check it out and see what it offers.

This Uranian New Moon on Sunday is not just the major new chapter of life on earth, it is also the opening to the Worm hole that is going to last for six weeks. There are two eclipses up ahead, and these represent opportunities to evolve in ways we can’t even imagine right now.

The first eclipse on April 15 is conjunct Mars and the North Node, not to mention Vesta and Ceres. This is an evolutionary eclipse, not a karmic one. We move, like a rocket ship at warp speed, through the worm hole, which by definition will deliver to parts unknown. Since there is nothing ‘out there’ that is not the reflection of what is within, we are about to be delivered to new, uncharted territory within our hearts. Yay.

All we need to do is be ready for anything. FEARLESS, Courageous and Bold. Aries words. The Aries new Moon this weekend is a chance to prep for what’s up ahead. That landscape is nowhere in sight, because of the eclipses. We are due to move in directions we don’t yet know exist. We need to be no holds barred and adventurous of spirit.

So pay attention today to the intuitive flashes that come up for you. They are premonitions of the highest order. The Aquarius Moon goes into an 11 hour void at 9:15am EDT today, emerging in Pisces at 8:15 pm. That puts us deeply in touch with Uranus, the Great Awakening force within, and delivers us to the limitless field tonight. We will have the next few days to swim in the realm of infinite possibilities. Pay attention to your heart for the clues about what lies ahead for you.

“Today I affirm that there is nothing in me but love. This love comes from total acceptance of myself and the understanding that I am a perfectly imperfect human being. I will walk through today and allow myself to fully express my perfection. I realize that all my “faults” are actually the Universe’s unique way of expressing itself through me. I let go of self-judgment and any projected judgments of others that I have chosen to believe and finally allow myself to just be what I truly am: infinite. As this is true for me, so it is true for all other beings on the planet. I will choose to accept everyone in my life with the same radical acceptance I have for myself knowing that we are all perfectly imperfect human beings simply doing the best we can. And so it is.”

– Jackson Kiddard

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