• Waxing Moon
  • Moon in Aries: All day
  • Moon Void of Course: No
  • NEW MOON (Moon conjunct Sun): 2:45pm
  • 9 Aries 59
  • 3:3 Star Gate


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The Aries New Moon occurs at exactly 2:45pm EDT, and with it a major worm hole opens. We will be in this eclipse passage for the next six weeks, and it is a major one. It begins with this Aries new Moon that is conjunct Uranus, and so a major awakening where the physical body or your individual perception of the physical world is offered here. Since the worm hole includes two eclipses, there is plenty of opportunity to get to some previously uncharted places within your own consciousness. That’s exactly what eclipses are for.

This new Moon is not an eclipse, but it is delivering us to a full Moon in two weeks that is a lunar eclipse. That makes this New Moon the place where the eclipse passage begins. Once we enter a worm hole, everything feels different. Don’t be surprised to find the fabric of the atmosphere changed. And with this worm hole so profoundly focused on the physical experience, the world is going to seem very different for a while, maybe forever.

It’s time to make a vision board, and this Aries new Moon is ALWAYS a most important one for manifesting into the physical world whatever it is you desire. To make a vision board, don’t do too much planning. Gather whatever magazines or newspapers happen to be about, and have all your materials (such as poster board, scissors and glue) at the ready. Cut out pictures and words that hit you while you’re searching, don’t think too hard on this. Let your vision board reflect whatever your heart feels pulled toward in the moments that you are creating it.

Aries, in Cosmic Consciousness, is the sign of Mental Power. That refers to the higher Mind, and it is the place where we awaken to our higher Selves, becoming the most authentic version of self that can be. That sounds very Uranian doesn’t it? There’s no mistake about Uranus participating in this kickoff of the worm hole.

Mars rules the new Moon, and therefore the entire worm hole passage. Mars, of course, is retrograde in Libra, and will remain so for the entire worm hole period. In Cosmic Consciousness, a retrograde planet is moving clock-wise, which means it allows us to move in the direction of our higher self. What could be more magnificent than Mars, ruler of the physical body and all of our energy, moving retrograde in Libra, sign of physical power? How clear can it get that we are in this worm hole with the distinct potential to transform our physicality for good?

Mars is the last of the lower body rulers to complete a retrograde cycle this year, and I have said many times that this represents the four body system recalibrating with the higher Self for our initiation into the 5D world. The other Lower body rulers, the Sun and the Moon, rulers of the spiritual body, are also very active now, as the major forces contributing to eclipses, and with two new Moons and two full Moons defining the worm hole we are just entering into. All the inner planets, the rulers of the lower body system, are highly active right now, along with Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto. More about all this in the weeks to come.

For now, let’s look at Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for today’s Aries new Moon at 10 Aries, reprinted with the author’s permission, from his book Star Sparks. This is amazing, and it describes the ergy of the entire worm hole journey:

Aries 10: Roots of a tree entwined around the statue of a nude woman.

”I am bound by vows to take my stand here. My wandering days are over. For I am meant to bear witness, to balance the equation, to reveal what only shows itself to me when I stay within the focus of the Mysteries.

Even as my outward movement ceases, my internal authority intensifies. The less I go out and do, the more I can accomplish by being present to this extraordinary chance I am given, to be active on the inside and be free of the turbulent waters, released to be strictly myself.

Much of my focus is to root myself within myself, to take my body and soul and empower them to drink of the cup of this world without ceasing. I learn to make no apology for my considerable obsession. I must make something new arise out of all the old stuff I bear and compost and liberate.

This interior quiet is so fierce and demanding that I relinquish all claims upon reputation and currency and supplant these with putting all my life on the line for something that can grow through me. I have no proof, no certainty, no guarantees. But that fiery instinct is supported by so many earth forces, once I join up with them, going deep, staying put.

Everything tells me to get to work on myself and to do everything I possibly can to eliminate the costly error of the feverish attempt we easily succumb to. We want to be approved. We need to be appreciated. So we sell out our souls routinely. That’s what I stand against.

What can happen I become in the here and now, authentic to the one I’ve always been, and from there hearkening toward the one I am meant to become. What if I persist in the core practice of getting straight and getting clear and don’t sell this short for anything? What will come of this experiment?

I do know where it goes. I do know what I’m doing. I’m tapping a wisdom which is older than the world. The only thing it tells me is; take courage, walk courage, stay on with what is in you.”

“One man with courage makes a majority.”
– Andrew Jackson

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