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I received this email from a faithful reader yesterday:
”All last week my body was reacting in all sorts of ways but mainly scars or wounds from my past seem[ed] to come to the forefront; random bumps & bruises [that I received]at various times: a fall on my hip, a muffler burn, a fall where I did damage to my teeth…all of these at [different] points in my life began to hurt again or reveal themselves (the muffler burn scar really freaked me out because that had disappeared and happened when I was 18). Curious similarities of these random wounds in time is that they occurred out of hostile or negative energy, and that their manifestation is a release again???

In any case, I thought perhaps that’s what happens when you get older all the wounds just hurt again; after reading your daily I can understand why. Also I could not get enough water last week, constantly dehydrated despite drinking water every moment I could.
Thought I would share since I read your weather report was glad these old wounds coming to the surface were part of a process and reminder the physical body is only transportation.” (Thank you, Alicia!)

The week ahead is profoundly focused on the physical, as a rare alignment of the Sun. the Earth and Mars is going to dominate this whole leg of the journey as we approach the eclipses that begin on the 15th. The Moon’s Nodes are aligned with the Sun and with Mars, much as they are when an eclipse occurs, and so in a sense, there is an eclipse of Mars coming up. The Earth is in between the Sun and Mars, and it is my sense that this is going to bring up a lot of circumstances like the above, for review and final, ultimate clearing.

Don’t forget that Mars is the main player in the entire worm hole passage. Whatever comes up this week can be offered up for total transmutation when the eclipses occur. This is like an eclipse before the eclipse. Mars is retrograde at the moment, making it easier for us to access the higher purpose of anything he does, and he is backing into a cardinal cross in a couple of weeks, which will trigger the new human code for physicality.

This is a huge moment in the human story. I say all the time that when such overwhelming energies wash over us, it is almost impossible to grasp what is actually happening to us till the wave passes. Astrology is the most efficient and significant method of understanding we have available to us, and this is the perfect moment to utilize it, for grasping what’s going on.

Mercury moves into Aries today, leaving the limitless realm, crossing the world axis (i.e., affecting everyone) and activating a new Aries stellium by joining Uranus and the Sun, and of course the karmic South Node. With Mercury’s arrival today, all that was overwhelmingly UNclear now becomes much more graspable. With the Great Messenger’s ingress into Aries he immediately begins making his way toward Uranus and a huge awakening plants itself firmly on the horizon.

Meanwhile the Sun and Mars come into a polarity (with the Nodes in tow), creating yet another bridge for us to cross, giving us much more access to the conscious understanding of the physical and what we’re going through in the moment. We are all going through something similar to what Alicia is going through, and in the biggest picture, we are all turning into crystalline light bodies.

This isn’t a simple process and it hurts. It brings up those old wounds, and it doesn’t matter how old you are. When your body shifts from dense to light, every part that has ever been wounded is going to moan and groan. But that is a very good thing, because with this new consciousness, anything your focus is drawn to can be made whole again in an instant.

How? All you ever have to do is say “I AM WHOLE”.

“Prosperity is the out-picturing of substance in our affairs. Everything in the Uni-verse is for us. Nothing is against us. Life is ever giving of Itself. We must receive, utilize and extend the gift. Success and prosperity are spiritual attributes belonging to all people, but not necessarily used by all.”

– Ernest Holmes

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