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For the week of December 10 - 16, 2018

The week ahead is FAR quieter than the last few, but the planetary aspects reveal that the work is (temporarily) being done behind the scenes and undercover, so to speak. Remember that we are just coming out of the most epic and profound pivot we’ve known for a very long time. This week begins with a station that provides a part of the pivot for the 5th day in a row. Today Orcus turns retrograde.
Let’s remember that Orcus is a 5D archetype. It represents our individual and collective perception of immortality. There are as many perspectives on immortality as there are people, but as Orcus turns retrograde and begins to move toward the higher perceptions, that viewpoint tends to raise up and become more homogeneous. What does immortality mean to you?

Does it mean you know you are an eternal consciousness that embodies repeatedly in order to have experiences here on Earth? Does it mean that you feel you have to continue to be here, to incarnate, until you clear your karmic load? Or has it occurred to you at all yet that death is merely a transition point and it isn’t any more real than your physical body is? If death isn’t actually real, then maybe we can skip the experience if and when we want to? Are we truly immortals who believe in death and dying and therefore keep manifesting it? These are questions, and of course we are not in a position to know the answers. Not here, not yet, who knows when?
But Orcus’ station, coming at the tail end of FIVE planetary endings, beginnings and turnarounds, has the kind of deep, profound meaning that delivers us all to the ‘undercover’ work we will be doing for a little while… at least as long as it takes us to return to the surface of the limitless realm we’ve been deep diving in since July.
Well, in Truth, Chiron went retrograde in July, almost conjunct Salacia, (who is Neptune’s female counterpart). That station promised the revelations we are beginning to have right now. Stunningly, Salacia stations this week as well, on Friday night. She turns direct at 1 Aries 22, and she awaits the return of Chiron, who will arrive for the great MOST amazing revelation of all time on April 30, an amazing day that also contains a Saturn Earth Star (karmic node) conjunction. But much more about that later.
Chiron slipped back into Pisces on September 25, and we’ve been in that great deep dive ever since. Now, with Chiron moving forward again, it will take us all until Mid-February to reach the surface. Salacia’s station on Friday will serve to help us see whatever needs to be seen on our way back to the portal that connects the limitless realm with the higher mind. (The ocean is the divine feminine, the air is the divine masculine). When you think about it that way, Salacia’s purpose seems more obvious, doesn’t it? She helps bring what is deeply hidden in our emotions to Light.
This journey back to the male/female balance after such a deep dive is the essence and the fabric of the next few months. Last week’s turnaround will be reverberating all week. Mercury and Venus (Mind and Heart) are both recovering their own shadows, dovetailing nicely with the Chiron process.
The Black Moon is quiet this week (at least for her). She makes only two aspects all week: the first and the last aspects of the week. Interesting, isn’t it? She brackets the week, and then she heads into the shadows for most of it. You know that ultimate Black Moon Ceres square on Sunday is going to bring SO MUCH more Truth to Light. Next week she becomes extremely active again, as she slips back into Capricorn and comes together again with Pluto and the Karmic Earth Star chakra.
Mercury has two more weeks before he recovers his shadow. Everything he does this week (a great eliminator with Uranus, and manifestations with Salacia and Varuna) bring the third of three repetitive aspects, bringing full manifestation to all of them. Awakening, bringing what is hidden to clarity and gaining a much higher perspective are all on tap. Also, Mercury enters Sagittarius again, leaving Scorpio and that Light Bridge he activated with Sedna last week.
When we look at the events of last week (personal and collective), it is easy to see the importance of all that came to our awareness. Venus will be traveling through Scorpio for the rest of the year and into January. She will recover her shadow next Monday, making this the last week for her to retrace her steps.  She forms a Light Bridge with Albion on Wednesday for the third time, making some kind of beautiful music. (Listen for it). And she will eventually reactivate the Light Bridge Mercury opened with Sedna, on January 3.  She also forms a very significant resource with Saturn this coming Sunday, likely kicking off some of the important business that shows up next week.
That Saturn aspect is important because Saturn recovers his shadow this Wednesday, beginning a brand new cycle for the inner Teacher. Saturn makes his way to about 20 Capricorn this time around, before he goes retrograde EXACTLY CONJUNCT the Earth Star Chakra (karmic south node) on May 1. That is the beginning of the next very important chapter here on Earth. The ultimate coming together of Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto/the South Node/ and more, all toward the end of 2019.
There’s plenty of planetary energy turning things around this week, and shadows are being recovered (which means new chapters are beginning) at every turn. The final aspect this week, the Black Moon Ceres square (square because it is repetitive, and won’t become an actual stepping stone till all the squares are complete), promises to kick off an amazing birthing of the new Black Moon reveal, absolutely on tap for next week.
Watch this space. But do it from the observer’s perch.


“There is nothing more glorious than the beginning of the path. Your heart soaring with possibility, you take that first baby step into the unknown. Trembling but alive, you walk.
It was never about getting to the end, reaching the finish line, it was always about falling in love with the beginnings. And life is always a beginning. Each step, each breath, each brand new day, each invitation to surrender, each sunset, each dawn, each wave of joy or sorrow, each chance to trust.”
~Jeff Foster


Daily Aspects for 12/10-12/16/18 (All times given are EST)

MONDAY 12/10:

ORCUS TURNS RETROGRADE: 2:52am (11 Vir 11)
Black Moon Sun Resource: 2:09pm (18 Aqu/Sag 40)
Quaoar Salacia Stepping Stone: 10:10 pm  (1 Cap/Ari 22)

TUESDAY 12/11:



Venus Albion Light Bridge: 3:19am (6 Sco Tau 15)
SATURN RECOVERS HIS SHADOW: 5:05pm (9 Capricorn 08)
Sun Juno Great Eliminator: 6:42pm (20 Sag/Tau 53)


Ceres Neptune Manifestation: 8:18pm (13 Sco/Pis 47)
Vesta MakeMake Manifestation: 8:38pm (5 Aqu/Lib 46)

FRIDAY 12/14:

Mars Arawn Resource: 1:59am (18 Pis/Cap 08)
Mercury Salacia Manifestation: 8:13am (1 Sag/Ari 22)
Vesta Albion Stepping Stone: 7:02pm (6 Aqu/Tau 13)
SUN ERIS MANIFESTATION: 9:36pm ( 23 Sag/Ari 03)
SALACIA TURNS DIRECT: 10:23pm (1 Aries 22)


Mercury Varuna Manifestation: 10:40am (2 Sag/Leo 27)

SUNDAY 12/16:

VENUS SATURN RESOURCE: 9:27am (9 Sco/Cap 34)
BLACK MOON CERES SQUARE: 4:28pm (14 Aqu/Sco 57)

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  1. Thank you for sharing this inspiration, Stephanie. Albion can already be heard, and he is singing ‘Let it Be’ by the Beatles. I wonder if the reason for their tremendous success was the wisdom found in so many of their songs.

    1. Hello fellow Capricorn. Pluto exactly conjunct my sun two nights ago. Eighth house. Just wondering to myself lately if my life is going to make any sense to me anytime soon. Hindsight has faded and dulled, foresight is just totally unknown. I’m so done with all of the past. Present moment is not what I want my future to be. And of course, it won’t be that. But for frigg’s sake. Don’t know what the heck to do with myself now that I’ve put down all that was keeping me so busy. Mostly other people needing help, but it just turned into “alright, that’s your baggage, I’m not a part of this anymore, I have my own stuff to do.” But what that is now… I don’t know.

      1. Hi A,
        I guess I am just so freakin’ glad to be alive with Pluto transit conjunct natal sun, to enjoy the beauty I have worked very hard to nurture in my life, that when those moments you have described cross my path I just take a deep breath and turn the mind channel. Does beauty really make any sense? It just is, right? and it is NOW, so I look for the fun and serendipity in the moment. If you look enough, you will find it, too!

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