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For the week of August 20 - 26. 2018

I have decided to write the weekly column for the next little while, until the Universe sends me a writer who speaks Cosmic Consciousness fluently. Way back when I first started this site, in 1999, I wrote the weekly weather and everything else. It's been a great exercise returning to it. Please enjoy....Stephanie


This is likely to be the most transitional week we’ve seen in a very long time. As it begins, we are just pulling out of the Mercury station, and all communications and connections we’ve been working on throughout the worm hole journey are now coming together. It has felt like walking through molasses just to get one step taken, but it will now become apparent that we have actually taken huge strides. That’s what a worm hole is all about… Taking those sideways elevators has delivered each of us to a brand new life.. a whole new world .. and one of our own making.

Mercury slowly picks up speed after forming a resource with Venus just as he stationed. This means, more than anything else, that we go forward with a far more balanced Mind/Heart than ever. A balanced Mind/Heart promises two things: ascension and Right Action. We are on new ground, and it is ground that we worked diligently to get to. The heart is leading the way, now that the mind has adopted more deference to what is. Action is no longer a well thought out mental plan, because we have learned to trust in trust, and let things unfold without interference. Action has become a heartfelt excursion into the unknown.
And speaking of action, Mars spends his last week in retrograde motion, revisiting Capricorn, one of his favorite places to be. Ever since he reentered Capricorn (a week ago Sunday), the very bumpy ride we’ve been on has smoothed out considerably. Last week was MUCH easier to navigate than the week before, and now, with Mercury picking up speed, the new life we’ve cultivated takes off.
I’ve been advocating clearing your decks, making sure there are no more attachments that can keep you bound to where you’ve been, and this new capacity to move without restraints is the reason why. Hopefully you’ve done the work and you’re ready for your new life. We do have this last week, while Mars pulls into his station (he goes direct next Monday), to prepare the runway, so to speak, for a great launch. Whether or not you can see what that takeoff is about, it’s in your best interest to move toward it with faith and trust, knowing that you will learn all there is to learn as you go. This is the way of the new world.
The week brings a couple of very major events… The Sun enters Virgo very early on Thursday (EDT), bringing the Divine Mother front and center. It is so interesting and beautiful that a Grand Fire Manifestation involving three divine feminine archetypes, namely Pallas Athena, Vesta and Eris, comes together just moments before the Sun’s ingress into Virgo. This feels very much like some kind of divine feminine pageantry to usher in the Divine Mother’s tenure.
Friday features a Mars/Black Moon conjunction at the master degree of Capricorn, followed by the Black Moon’s return to Aquarius. This Mars Black Moon dance, which is ongoing until into the new year, is ALSO serving to bring the Divine Feminine on line. The Black Moon, providing access to the feminine Self, coming together over and over again (11 or 13 times before they’re done) with Mars, co-ruler of the Divine Feminine Self as dispositor of the physical body, is restoring Mars to his true expression. With this process so much of what has been misunderstood and misguided (such as gender fluidity, peaceful right action, and Love’s ascendancy over warlike action) gets a chance to take its rightful place. This shift, now that it’s become possible, will take the next year or so to complete.
Saturday features a very significant GRAND EARTH MANIFESTATION that includes the Sun, Saturn and Uranus. More than anything else, this event, together with the Full Moon on Sunday, represents the culmination of the changing of the Divine Masculine archetypal energies, and the restoration of the original Divine Masculine Self.
The Sun, who disposes the masculine Self and co-presides over the spiritual body, brings a very special kind of inner balance as it moves through the sign of the Divine Mother. Saturn and Uranus have been trading places, or more accurately, taking back their rightful places in the grand scheme of things. You know the mythology. Uranus, the original FATHER OF THE HEAVENS, came together with Gaia to produce the planets. The youngest of which was Saturn. Saturn wanted to take his father’s place, and so he castrated him, throwing his genitals in to the ocean and effectively emasculating him.
Saturn then rose to power as the FATHER archetype, but his original fear based motivations produced what we call the patriarchy. And the patriarchy, as we all know, has become swollen with the power of wealth and influence and corruption has resulted, everywhere on Gaia. With the arrival of MakeMake (about 15 years ago), Saturn has been afforded a higher perspective, and the universal laws have come back into our consciousness. As a result, Uranus, freshly off his transit through Aries, sign of inner awakening, AND his new cycle with Eris, the FEMALE awakener, has reclaimed his original status. This time he is genderless, rendering the potential for corruption and unwarranted earthly power defunct.
This Grand Earth Manifestation on Saturday brings to completion this transfer of Divine Masculine archetypal power while simultaneously bringing the Divine Feminine into proper balance with the newly resurrected Divine Masculine. And as if this weren’t enough, the Full Moon on Sunday at 4 Pisces brings this amazing new paradigm to a kite formation. That means that allowing the limitless emotional response to all this transformation (Moon in Pisces) makes it fly. Makes it visible to all. Makes it a newly intrinsic part of our reality.
This Full Moon on Sunday is the culmination of the last solar eclipse of the worm hole. In so many ways it represents the ultimate fullness of all that the worm hole has delivered us to. All that remains of this epic journey is the new Moon in the sign of the Divine Mother (Virgo) on September 9th. That is our due date. That is the day of our delivery to the new world.
There is more, so much more, to the planetary events taking place this week.. Please check my daily blog for those details...
"Be true to Love. 
Do not betray Her.
Then, on the day that the forest of the mind bursts into flames, you will not run.
You will remain silent and still; 
for this is when Love bears Her sweetest fruit:
untouched Presence."

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  1. this information is absolutely magnificent and radiant!
    Beyond words! such a blessing!
    Thank you, Stephanie!
    It brings inner Trust and Power to a higher level
    I feel from the waking up – the new space is HERE! and I’m IN!
    I felt absolutely new and different space being into my usual physical home, but it”s other – multidimensional.

  2. I am blown away by this. I am writing a book – fiction – and literally included the planets and put together the patriarchy with it. Your column this week has blown my mind! I am so grateful for your insight. Love!

  3. Also – Just in general – I feel like I am a better human/spiritual being for reading your site each week. I have had a paid membership before and it is worth every cent. I will get one again. But for now – I have to say thank you for providing parts that everybody can access.

  4. Thank you Stephanie. These words are just tremendous gifts to all who read them ♥️

    I can’t wait to see how this week unfolds. Life has been a magical series of miracles and I’ve been learning from every bit of it!! It’s been absolutely incredible. Thank you for your guidance this week.

  5. My goodness you are so very enlightened… and extremely precise… thank you. After the 9 th. I would love to schedule something with you
    Many Thanks

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