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For the week of August 27 - September 2, 2018

The week ahead is a bit gentler but no less transformational than the last few weeks when all is said and done. The VERY long awaited Mars station occurs first thing Monday morning, at around 10am EDT. We’ll get into that in a minute, but it’s important to note that the very first aspect of the week, (giving the week it’s essential theme) is a Black Moon Earth Star (South Node) conjunction, which occurs at 2:30am (EDT). This event is very much connected to the Mars station, as it is part of an ongoing series of conjunctions that the Black Moon is making as a result of her wild dance.

The Black Moon began connecting with Mars and the Earth Star in July. Actually, she connected with the Black Moon AND Mars on July 28th for the first of what will be 12 times for the Earth Star and 9 for Mars. This set of conjunctions, which is more like a dance of the Black Moon around the very significant ongoing transit of Mars/Earth Star (which is bringing about the transmutation of life on earth as we know it), will take us right to the new year.
The Black Moon’s presence here is bringing the divine feminine on line, both within us, personally, and collectively as well. She is empowering the feminine, the part of us that trusts enough to surrender to what is. Without that capacity there is no hope for change. Without the letting go of what we believe we know, there is no way that something new can manifest. And all new manifestation must be birthed by the feminine.
For the rest of the year this triple conjunction will be a main theme that is ongoing. And the Mars station today marks a major turning point in this process. Mars was at 0 Aquarius when Donald Trump was elected. Mars has returned to this degree for the first time since the election. AND he has gone retrograde, moving back and forth over this point three times, when it’s all said and done.
With Mars’ direct station today, the Great Activator begins to make his way back to the third transit of this all important ‘sensitive’ point, arriving there September 11 – 15. Between now and then we will watch the undoing of this administration, and because of what time it is on the more universal clock, hopefully more than the administration will unravel.
It’s time for the patriarchy to end, and for the more universal, divine father to ascend and reclaim his rightful place. This process is underway. By the time Mars gets to 0 Aquarius, Saturn (representing the patriarchy), will have gone direct. Saturn pulls into his direct station on Sunday. He will then take a few days to turn direct and begin moving forward again.
On Tuesday the 28th, Sedna, the outermost planet in our solar system (to date) turns retrograde. This should have a global, collective effect on the process of the resurgence of the Divine Feminine on the planet. She turns retrograde at 27 Taurus 23.
Also on Tuesday, Mercury forms a stepping stone with Jupiter. This is important for obvious reasons, (that the expansion of our mental operating system requires the observer’s perspective if it’s going to be smooth). Resistance makes for a tougher journey, but at this time, a stepping stone is a stepping stone and there is no longer any such thing as a conflict. There will be growth.
What’s really fascinating is that early Wednesday the 29th, just after this stepping stone occurs, Mercury reaches the eclipse point, making it possible for us to realize the effects of that last conscious reboot on August 11. Mercury also forms a Great Eliminator with Pluto on this day, pointing out the importance of choosing the high road in the midst of transformation and intense change.
On Thursday and Friday (August 30 and 31), the Black Moon becomes very active again, bridging with Mercury and delivering all the new awareness we’ve gleaned about the eclipse to the Divine Feminine access point (the Black Moon). There is a real integration here, which is very key, because the Black Moon then goes on to interact in a beautiful way with the ongoing Light Bridge that is the High Way to Awakened Unity Consciousness (the Eris-Haumea Bridge).
In fact, the Black Moon, then Mercury and finally Venus ALL interact with this Light Bridge this week. Venus literally joins up with the Light Bridge for the first aspect of September this year. September, the ‘9’ month, is the month of completion. To begin the month with a heart infusion into the best observer’s perch we have available to us right now is such a blessing.
With all this Light Bridge interaction, there’s a whole lot of personal transmutation taking place all week long. We gain an observer’s perspective on the way we access the Divine Feminine Self followed by a similar process involving the mind/heart connection. When you look at this from the observer’s perch, it’s easy to see how significant the shift is this week.
And then to top it all off, Mercury recovers his retrograde shadow on Sunday September 2 and begins a brand new cycle of communication and connection. The mental operating system is upgraded once again, and we are ready for the Virgo New Moon and the end of this Mother of all worm holes on September 9.

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