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For the week of September 10 - 16:

As the week begins, we are newly emerged from the three month long worm hole that has been the source of a major inner transformation. Some of us are aware of that huge inner shift, others sense it and are about to learn so much more of what it’s made of. Actually, we all are about to discover the new paradigm we have created while we were being eclipsed and rebooted repeatedly. It’s a week of unveiling, revelation and awakening, and much of it comes up organically, as a result of the total transformation that has taken place within each of us individually. As within, so without. And as we begin to realize how the world has changed, we ALSO awaken to the Truth of our own rebirth. What a time to be alive.

It is vital to remember at all times this week that what we encounter out there is our own reflection. No matter what you find, like it or not, bring it back to your Self and ask your Self how is this reflecting me? It’s going to look strange.. It’s a reflection of you you’ve never seen before… But you are awake now, and whatever you find matters so much more than you know.
The week ahead is a lot about Mars, the Black Moon, The Earth Star (karmic node), and Ceres, in particular, with a bunch of different accents throughout. There are many new cycles this week, emphasizing the new beginning we are in. We have been rebirthed, and we are learning as we go, from now on. There is nothing here that we already understand, and it’s important to KNOW that, accepting it as a prime directive. Observe, let it be what it is, move through the experience in the NOW, (that is, BE present and mindful), and learn what it all is as you emerge from it on the other end. This is the new order.
One of the first things that happens this week is that Mars reenters Aquarius Monday night. As soon as he does, he hits that degree that he was transiting during the 2016 presidential election. He has just retrograded back and forth over this degree three times, and this third time is manifesting the beginning of the end of the polarization that has gripped the planet during the past two years. This 0 Aquarius point is something to watch. It is the seed of the Aquarian Golden Age, and its story line and potential will come to light over the months and years to come.
Mars will transit 0 Aquarius from Monday through Wednesday this week, and we will watch the things that activated in 2016 truly begin to deactivate now. Yes, I am referring to the current administration in the United States, along with any other polarized situation anywhere on the planet.
The Black Moon is very active this week, making 11 different aspects, mostly to the 5D planets, though the Sun, Mercury, Mars and Uranus are also participating in this major access point where the Divine Feminine finally emerges from the void where she has been in a kind of shadow existence for centuries. It’s fascinating, isn’t it, that Venus, the most personal of feminine representatives,  has just entered Scorpio, the sign of her Master Path experience, and she is traveling through her shadow now.
But that will become more and more important in the weeks ahead. For now, the focus and the spotlight is riveted to the coming together of Mars, the Black Moon and the Earth Star, an event that culminates on September 25th, but that activates and really makes itself known now, as the week wears on.
The Black Moon comes together with the Earth Star chakra (the Moon’s South Node) on Friday, and then with Mars on Sunday. Mars enters Aquarius first thing this week and comes together with the Black Moon last thing. This bracketing really defines the essence and meaning of the entire 7 days ahead.
Saturn went direct last week at 2 Capricorn and is only just now pulling out of his station. Mars and the Black Moon come together at 2 Aquarius, forming an all important subtle aspect of intimacy (semisextile). This matters because the Black Moon spent all of the past year coming together with Saturn 27 times, to effectively begin to massively decimate the patriarchy, and everything that Saturn has represented for so long.
This subtle intimacy connection brings the Black Moon’s two cycles, (this more current one a repetitive coming together with Mars and the Earth Star) into a clear and present event. Mars/Black Moon/Earth star (coming together 12 or 13 times before the end of the year) represents the brand new, thoroughly and karmically empowered female on the planet. When we look at the world, we can see, right now, the still disempowered state of the female. All those issues are up and they are here to be transformed. Don’t buy into anything else. The Light you shed on these circumstances is actually a part of the transmutation. Your Light is an essential ingredient. Don’t look away, and even more significantly, don’t misdirect your energy into fear, resentment, anger, or anything that is not Love.
Ceres makes many aspects this week too… and that makes sense. If we are rebirthing, we need to have the midwife around..  She makes six important aspects this week, manifesting with the Black Moon, aspecting both Saturn and Uranus (who are currently reclaiming their rightful archetypal energies, which have been tangled and intertwined with each other for aeons), and forming a new cycle with MakeMake on Saturday.
Ceres MakeMake promises to deliver us to the realm of the universal laws, the ones that supersede the laws we have made up here (Saturn’s old realm), and we should begin to recognize that the new world runs on these higher laws. All the clearing we’ve done inside the worm hole, for example, has moved us sufficiently out of the realm of the law of karma (3D) and into the Laws of Love and Unity.
And speaking of the new realm, Quaoar stations to go direct on Wednesday, right smack on the world axis, at 0 Capricorn 00. Quaoar has spent the last bunch of years transiting the Galactic Center and hovering around the world axis, and now as he goes direct right in the portal that corresponds to our collective crown chakra, he takes up residence in Capricorn for many years to come. Quaoar, representing our capacity to manifest a new world out of a new kind of perception, transiting the sign of the executive director, should go a long way to help us realize our sovereignty.
I’ll mention one more aspect this week, though there is SO much going on, I can’t possibly get to all of it.. I will do my best to do that in the daily blog… on Monday Mercury comes together in a new cycle with Orcus, and this should help us to realize more and more the truth about our immortality and that we are actually present everywhere all the time.. everything we’ve ever done or ever will do exists right here right now.
Here is a list of all the aspects for the week. As we go, I will try to address some more of these each day..

MON 9/10:

Venus Chiron GE 5:16am
Mercury Albion Manifesting: 5:29am
Sun BM GE: 6:21am
Ceres Uranus GE: 6:12pm
Mars enters Aquarius: 8:56pm (at 0 Aquarius until 9/15 early)

TUES 9/11:

Ceres Varuna Resource: 3:49am
Mercury Orcus New Cycle: 6:19am (10 Virgo)
Sun Jupiter Resource: 8:11am
Sun Pluto Manifesting: 11:27am
Ceres Saturn SS: 7:07pm

WED 9/12:

QUAOAR turns Direct: 1:58am  0 Capricorn 0
Ceres Salacia Light Bridge: 3:41am
Jupiter Pluto Resource: 3:28am
Venus Salacia GE: 4:42am
Venus Uranus Bridge: 5:02am
Mercury BM GE: 8:29am
Mars Chiron Resource: 1:35pm
Venus Varuna SS: 1:48pm
Mercury GA SS: 2:46pm
Juno GC GE: 6:01pm
BM Orcus GE: 11:43pm
Venus Saturn Resource: 11:58pm

THUR 9/13:

Juno Sedna New Cycle: 9:25pm  (28 Taurus)
Mercury Neptune Bridge: 9:32pm

FRI 9/14:

Black Moon Earth Star CONJUNCTION: 6:07pm (5 Aquarius)
Mercury Arawn Manifesting: 11:00pm

SAT 9/15:

BM MakeMake Manifesting: 1:01am
BM Ceres Manifesting: 1:35am
BM Venus SS: 2:55am
Ceres MakeMake New Cycle: 4:23am (5 Libra)
BM Salacia Resource: 6:55pm
Mercury Pluto Manifesting: 10:52pm
BM Varuna Light Bridge: 11:45pm

SUN 9/16:

BM Uranus SS: 7:02am
Mercury Jupiter Resource: 7:52am
Saturn Varuna GE: 2:05pm
Sun Eris GE: 2:13pm
Saturn Salacia SS: 7:29pm
Black Moon MARS Conjunction: 8:58pm (2 Aquarius)

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  1. Thank you Stephanie!! This is incredible!! This might have been a confusing passage if not for teachers like you to guide us through it. But no fear, not anymore. This is it. Thank you for all of your writings Stephanie. Have a beautiful week everyone!! 🙂 Love, love, love you all!!!

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