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For the week of September 24 - 30:

We have passed the equinox, which means we are headed for the winter solstice here in the north, and the summer solstice in the south. Passing the equinox, in either direction, has a profound effect on the collective consciousness. The seasons, after all, are among the most significant connections to life on Earth, influencing humanity in a way nothing else can.
The seasons literally make life on Earth possible. Everything connected to them becomes an intrinsic part of our existence. Gaia is Gaia because of them, and in a major way, the procession of the seasons exemplifies for all of us the Truth that life is eternal in the bigger sense, but impermanent in the physical. Everything here is born into the physical, it grows (and changes constantly), it starts to fade and eventually it passes away.
Birth and Death are the sacred events of life. Everything in between is the experience of change, and it is meant to be enjoyed. We have to find ways to savor everything we experience… the good and the bad, the highs and the lows. Life is a heartbeat. It is meant to go up and down with perfect regularity, until we pass out of the physical realm, into the realm of the Soul, where Love and constancy rule.
The week ahead is another majorly transformational one. It kicks off with the Aries Full Moon Monday night. It’s an interesting full Moon, known as the Harvest Moon, and that should have meaning for all of us at the most personal of levels. It is a time to harvest and take stock of all we have achieved this year, on every level.
The Aries Moon is disposed by Mars, who is still recovering his shadow. His recent retrograde cycle, which occurred almost entirely within the worm hole we recently came out of, completes on October 8th. But even inside his shadow, Mars is extremely active this week, coming together with the Black Moon Lilith and the Earth Star chakra, aka the Moon’s Karmic South Node. This triple conjunction has been a long time in the making, (largely because of Mars’ retrograde), and it does seem to be the focus of the Aries Full Moon that kicks off the week.
A Full Moon at the start of a week seems to imply that the entire week ahead both the culmination of what has come before, and it is also a very full one, replete with the highs and lows associated with the tides at the full Moon. The tides and the full Moon seem to make reference to the new 5D archetype Salacia, who is currently in Aries  conjunct the Full Moon Monday night, and in the bigger picture is traveling with Chiron for these couple of years (this one and next year).
Salacia is, above all else, the feminine Neptune. Neptune does, Salacia is.. From the moment she entered Aries, a couple of years ago, her presence has been palpable. She is busily revealing the significance of the shadows, and unveiling what has previously been hidden within those shadows.
As the fullness of all we’re experiencing is revealed, there are other energetic waves manifesting this week… such as Chiron’s retrograde back into Pisces.
This is a huge part of the paradigm shift I’ve been talking about all year. Chiron dips back into the last two degrees of Pisces, the degrees of our consciousness that carry all the suffering and sorrow humanity has ever experienced. When I say this, I don’t mean that we are all headed for a sad time.. Hopefully, we have learned that sorrow is but an emotion, and we have the choice to detach from it compassionately enough to hold the space of Love so that the remnants of the Piscean sorrow can be cleared from human consciousness once and for all.
This final dip into Pisces, after 8 years of traveling all the way through this sign, (I don’t know about you, but I have certainly dealt with many sorrows and struggles of my own during the last 8 years), is Chiron’s last hurrah here. Chiron is the Master Healer. He makes things whole. He is a rainbow bridge, in that his function is very directly connected to the higher Self. The only way he can do his thing without that higher connection (in you) is to cause you to pay more attention to your body.
The body is impermanent, but it is also the vehicle that carries your soul through this lifetime. It requires your tender loving care. Pain is a good way to be brought back to your body when you refuse to honor it. So is a broken bone, or cancer. (Trust me, I’ve been through all of these, and I have learned this Truth). It isn’t the pain that needs your focus, its your wellness, your healthy body, your gratitude for its function.
Chiron in Pisces will help us to get to that awareness while he’s here (September 25 until February 18, 2019)… He will also do this on a global scale, as he is crossing the world axis all year.
On the 26th Mars comes together with the Black Moon AND the Earth Star, and this, more than anything else right now is the reflection of the events related to the dissolution of the patriarchy. It’s better to watch it (from the observer’s perch, of course), than to talk about it. It is truly a wonder to behold.
There are THREE brand new cycles that occur on the 27th. Saturn/Vesta, Sun/MakeMake, and Mercury/Ceres. WOWOWOW! All three of these new beginnings promise an entirely new paradigm to come. I say ‘to come’ because a new cycle is a seed. It has more potential to become what it is meant to be than anything on Earth. But potential requires nurturing, and what better way to do that than to BE STILL, BE LOVE and Breathe life into it on a regular, ‘right here in the now moment’ basis? (More on these new cycles in the daily blog). 
On Saturday Juno enters Gemini. This should be interesting as Juno represents the wholeness that is inherent in all relationships. In Juno’s reflection, two becomes one in the highest sense. Fascinatingly, two becoming one is the 5D expression of Gemini as well. Gemini is multifaceted, like a diamond. So much awareness can come of this transit. We just need to open to it.
And finally, on Sunday night, just to cap off (pun intended) an amazingly full week, Pluto turns direct at 18 Capricorn 45. Pluto, the great rebirther, and the gatekeeper to the new consciousness, turns his focus to the planet again. (In Cosmic Consciousness, a retrograde planet is turned toward Source, and direct planet is focused on the physical realm). For the first time in a long time, the energies seem right with the world.
Here is a list of the considerably huge amount of aspects for the week. Some of them will have charts in the daily. Obviously, there are too many to put up. But I have put the time of the aspect there, if you want to create your own charts…

Aspects for 9/24 – 9/30/18

All times are EDT

MON 9/24:

Pallas Orcus New Cycle: 2:59am (11 Virgo)
Black Moon Chiron Resource: 6:42am (0 Aquarius/Aries)
Mercury MakeMake New Cycle: 9:18am (5 Libra)
Sun Uranus Great Eliminator: 3:09pm (1 Libra/Taurus)
FULL MOON (Sun Moon Bridge): 10:52pm (1 Aries 59)

TUES 9/25:

Chiron Quaoar Stepping Stone: 3:16am (0 Aries/Capricorn)
MakeMake Earth Star Manifestation: 4:43am (5 Libra/Aquarius)
Sun Vesta Stepping Stone: 5:02am (2 Libra/Capricorn 14)
Black Moon Uranus Stepping Stone: 7:31am (1 Aquarius/Taurus 39)
Sun Salacia Light Bridge: 10:02am: (2 Libra/Aries 27)
Sun Varuna Resource: 11:26am: (2 Libra/Leo 30)
Black Moon Salacia Resource: 3:06pm (2 Aquarius/Aries 26)
Black Moon Varuna Light Bridge: 3:42pm (2 Aquarius/Leo 30)
Black Moon Sun Manifestation: 5:57pm (2 Libra/Aquarius 46)
Vesta Salacia Stepping Stone: 7:27pm (2 Capricorn/Aries 26)
Sun Saturn Stepping Stone: 7:51pm (2 Libra/Capricorn 51)


Vesta Varuna Great Eliminator: 12:46am (2 Capricorn/Libra 31)
Mars Earth Star New Cycle: 1:17am (4 Aquarius 10)
Black Moon Mars Conjunction: 4:43am (4 Aquarius 13)
Black Moon MakeMake Manifestation: 5:37am (4 Aquarius /Libra 21)
Mercury Albion Great Eliminator: 7:31am (7 Libra/Taurus 41)
Mars MakeMake Manifestation: 2:16pm (4 Aquarius/Libra 21)



Saturn Vesta New Cycle: 4:20am (2 Capricorn 53)
Sun MakeMake New Cycle: 9:14am (4 Libra 22)
Black Moon Venus Stepping Stone: 10:01am (9 Aquarius/Scorpio 36)
Black Moon Mercury Manifestation: 10:01am (9 Aquarius/Libra 36)
Black Moon Ceres Manifestation: 10:11am (9 Aquarius/Libra 38)
Mercury Ceres New Cycle: 10:19am (9 Libra 38)
Black Moon Orcus Great Eliminator: 1:02pm (10 Aquarius/Virgo 15)
Sun Mars Manifestation: 7:35pm (4 Libra/Aquarius 48)

FRIDAY 9/28:

Chiron Juno Resource: 3:58pm (29 Pisces/Taurus 52)



ARAWN TURNS DIRECT: 12:06am (16 Capricorn 52)
Black Moon Jupiter Stepping Stone: 1:59pm (21 Aquarius/Scorpio 50)
Black Moon Eris Resource: 10:27pm (23 Aquarius/Aries 42)


SUNDAY 9/30:

Mercury Great Attractor Resource: 2:35am (14 Libra/ Sagittarius 12)
Black Moon Haumea Manifestation: 3:45am (24 Aquarius/Libra 48)
Mercury Neptune Great Eliminator: 6:23am (14 Libra/Pisces 28)
Venus Orcus Resource: 9:11am (10 Scorpio/Virgo 19)
Juno Quaoar Great Eliminator: 11:07am (0 Gemini/Capricorn 03)
Sun Albion Great Eliminator: 4:34pm (7 Libra/Taurus 37)
Black Moon Sedna Stepping Stone: 5:06pm (27 Aquarius/Taurus 17)
PLUTO TURNS DIRECT: 10:03pm (18 Capricorn 45)

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  1. Here is a list of the considerably huge amount of aspects for the week. Some of them will have charts in the daily. Obviously, there are too many to put up. But I have put the time of the aspect there, if you want to create your own charts…

  2. My Mother passed away during the Full Moon and almost exactly during the Black Moon Uranus stepping stone. What a perfect time for you to mention that birth and death are sacred events of life. I knew that this Full Moon would carry her home and I was there for her passing. While sad, it is no doubt sacred. Thank you for these words this week.

    1. Hi Tami,

      I feel for the loss your Mother, however she did cross with Divine Timing. death does not stop the LOVE that flowed in Life, your Mom is with you. and probably with my Mom. My mom passed on October 26, 2015. My dad passed 3/1/2005.

      However, they are always with me, as your Mom;s love with always be with you.

      I was not able to be with my Mom when she passed, so good to hear you were able to be there for your Mom’s passing, even though sad, the body dies, the soul goes on forever.

      My condolences and Love,
      Susan in Virginia

  3. Dearest Stephanie,
    WOWWOWWOW is the 5D version of 3D BOWWOWWOW.

    You and Jan, in her weekly channel show how important, and difficult, or shall I say challenging, it is for us ALL to be in the 5D Observer’s Perch with LOVE, rather than in the 3D duality seat of fear, if WE foolishly sit on that old throne.

    There is SOOOOOO much information in your website this week, your weekly update, the moon report, and Jan’s channel. I was offline from most sites for about 10 days, and well today, the 27th day pf September, 2018, that I checked in with THE Cosmic Path, all in Divine Timing.

    The patience of waiting for the time to check back in was perfect. Also many miracles happened wiht me this week, and they are so clear in the Observer;s perch.

    With so much love, and gratitude, with peace, love, truth, non-violence, and correct action.

    Focusing on manifesting to get to Creacon in March with you all.

    I also responded to Jan, for anyone interested, the Divine flowed through me, it was directly from Source.

    Susan in Virginia with all the RIAN(RAIN), and sentient beings of the woods, like the big black bear, hanging around, giving good medicine and protection.

    The animals are ascending, and also some dying, much as Mother Earth, at this time.

    It is so nice WE all are spending more time in 5D Observer’s Perch, where the HIgher Self roosts.

    Susan in Virginia

  4. the Chiron Juno resource feels big, deep, and full of Grace. Chiron making use of the Divine Fem to bring us whole, bring us home, to Heaven on Earth.

    (pardon if I’m repeating something you wrote in your daily, it’s a big day of embodiment catch up, ie, I’m surprised I can type)

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