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For the week of October 1 - 7:

The Black Moon continues to do her magical dance, turning retrograde this week and reentering Aquarius, heading all the way back to another reunion with Mars next week (October 13) and with the Earth Star (karmic node) on October 19. This time the Black Moon skipped through Aquarius after that amazing conjunction with Mars/Earth Star on September 25, entering Pisces today for the first time (this time around), Monday October 1.
She won’t be in Pisces for long. She turns retrograde on Wednesday at 1 Pisces 45, and reenters Aquarius on Thursday October 4. And as mentioned above, despite the 5 day dance across Aquarius into Pisces, she will remain in Aquarius for the entire month and beyond. She will meet up with Mars again on election day, then go retrograde right away and come back to Mars one more time before racing back into Capricorn.
You can almost FEEL her urgency and her purpose. She has plenty of  help from her divine feminine counterparts, namely Salacia, Eris, Haumea, Juno, Ceres, Pallas and Sedna. But the big gigantic event of the week, (totally in alignment with this divine feminine blast into the mainstream), is Venus’ station, on Friday, when she turns retrograde at 9 Scorpio 52 at 3:03pm EDT.
Venus will be retrograde for exactly six weeks. She will spend this entire retrograde cycle, shadow journeys and all, inside the via combusta, also known as the rocky road or the fiery way. Additionally, Venus has a complicated time when she visits Scorpio, because she has to go deep, but these days we welcome the deep dive, (hopefully). And if we don’t, then a hard look at where our resistance arises is in order.
Venus entered her shadow on September 2, fresh off a conjunction with Haumea (and Arcturus). If you’re in for a journey through the via combusta, 25 Libra is a great place to start, because it is one of the most benevolent degrees of the zodiac. By benevolent, I don’t mean “good”, I mean that it generates conscious expansion, in multidimensional ways. Arcturus has a 9D consciousness and its presence here, at Venus’ retrograde journey launch, promises great breakthroughs in the weeks ahead.
Venus begins the week in resource with Orcus, bringing ancient lifetimes fully into the heart’s experience. We feel the eons old issue we are just beginning to balance out now. With Venus so active this week, watch for women and women’s issues to surprise us in ways we haven’t considered.
The Black Moon begins the week in a water sign, the sign of the ocean, bringing Salacia into the mix, as she is the female counterpart of Neptune. She is here to help, in whatever way she can. She is transiting at 3 Aries right now, and she’s in the middle of a huge triple conjunction with Chiron and an activating Light Bridge with MakeMake. She is assisting the retrieval of the universal laws, which may seem to be as far from the collective consciousness as possible right now, but we are actually witnessing the dying gasp of the patriarchy.
The good news is that Saturn has already relinquished the role. Everything takes longer in 3D. It’s a matter of time. But these beings who are playing the role of patriarchal force have been at it for a long time, (in this lifetime and in the bigger picture). There’s no telling how difficult it might be for them to relinquish those aeons of misguided effort.
I’m not willing to focus on the details of the mess that we are watching from the observer’s perch. We all need to remain detached enough to realize that whatever happens is meant to happen, and in the end, Love will always triumph. Any doubt you have in reacting to that statement is your own. Look into your Self to clear the doubt. There is no room for it here on these Light Bridges.
In fact the Light Bridges will knock those doubts out eventually. Hopefully it’s clear that to stand on a Light Bridge requires an open heart and the willingness to let it all happen whatever way it does.
There’s an interesting Black Moon phenomenon this week, when she produces double aspects, such as a resource with Uranus (the Great Awakener and the newly reclaimed archetype of Father) on Tuesday and another on Wednesday after she goes retrograde early Wednesday morning. This double dose of Uranian resource seems to contain a major wallop of surprise, or revelation, and hopefully both.
The Black Moon does the same with Quaoar and Juno this week, all from the new Piscean (limitless realm) perspective. This is rare, and it should offer us all a kind of see and see again experience in each of these double aspect cases. The Black Moon continues with her dance relentlessly, whether we are ready or not. The good thing is, time is non-existent in this new 5D realm, so that everything that happens remains in the now, and you will see it whenever you arrive here your Self.
We enter the week with the Black Moon moving direct in Pisces and Venus moving direct through her shadow in Scorpio. A planet moving direct is focused through the physical plane. Both of these planets turn retrograde this week, and a retrograde planet focuses through the higher Self.
This is main shift contained within the week ahead. No matter what happens, please please please remain in the observer’s perch of your choice. There is no need to jump off the bridge to get involved. (Don’t get me wrong, if you want to march, MARCH. But do it from the observer’s perch). That means don’t allow your Self to get too attached to any local story. It’s all a movie and everything changes.


ASPECTS for the WEEK AHEAD (All times given are EDT)

MON 10/1:

Black Moon Quaoar Resource: 1:31pm (0 Pisces/Capricorn 04)
Black Moon Juno Stepping Stone: 2:33pm (0 Pisces/Gemini 10)
Mercury Arawn Stepping Stone: 4:51pm (15 Libra/Capricorn 52)
Vesta MakeMake Stepping Stone: 8:12pm (4 Capricorn/Libra 29)


TUES 10/2:

Pallas Great Attractor Stepping Stone: 5:14am (14 Virgo/Sagittarius 12)
Black Moon Uranus Resource: 7:35am (1 Pisces/Taurus 24)
Pallas Neptune Bridge: 3:20pm (14 Virgo/Pisces 24)
Mercury Pluto Stepping Stone: 8:01pm (18 Libra/Capricorn 45)

WED 10/3:

BLACK MOON TURNS RETROGRADE: 12:21am (1 Pisces 45)
Black Moon Uranus Resource: 9:10pm (1 Pisces/Taurus 21)


THUR 10/4:

Mars Albion Stepping Stone: 6:46pm (7 Aquarius/Taurus 33)
Black Moon Juno Stepping Stone: 7:51pm (0 Pisces/Gemini 25)

FRI 10/5:

VENUS TURNS RETROGRADE: 3:03pm (9 Scorpio 52)
Black Moon Quaoar Resource: 3:32am (0 Pisces/Capricorn 05)
Mercury Haumea New Cycle: 4:09pm (24 Libra 58)
Mercury Eris Light Bridge: 8:14pm (25 Libra/Aries 38)



SAT 10/6:

Mercury Ixion Resource: 10:03pm (25 Libra/Capricorn 22)


SUN 10/7:

SUN CERES NEW CYCLE: 6:01am (14 Libra 05)
Sun Great Attractor Resource: 9:01am (14 Libra/Sagittarius 12)
Ceres Great Attractor Resource: 12:33pm (14 Libra/ Sagittarius 12)
Pallas Arawn Manifesting: 5:11pm
Ceres Neptune Great Eliminator: 5:13pm

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