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For the week of January 7, 2019

There’s a very interesting week ahead. It has a kind of a split personality, in the sense that it is much quieter than the last few weeks, aspect wise. Even the Black Moon, (who is still doing her magical ‘dance of the unveiling’), only has four aspects all week before she goes retrograde on Sunday morning. When she does, she becomes the ONLY planet or point in our solar system to be moving in retrograde motion. This may yet prove to be another important facet of the Black Moon’s powers. Only the experience will tell.

On the other hand, after Uranus’ station on Sunday the 6th, and Eris’ station direct on January 10, there will be NO retrograde planets for two full months. That will leave us feeling as though life is moving at warp speed, without any brakes to slow us down in any way. Despite the fear that threatens to rise up as we become aware of this phenomenon, this is actually a very important moment on the planet and in each and every individual life.
There are events that need to happen that absolutely require this boost of energy, events that otherwise might take WAY longer to accomplish. Far be it from me to make specific predictions here, but I do urge you to let your imagination run wild, and trust in your own intuitive function.
So, it’s a week that is more quiet than usual, but it is also much more energized and readier to blast off than usual. Feels a little like a calm before the storm scenario, doesn’t it?
Let’s look more closely. We have had quite a few weeks where the aspects were almost all involving 5D planets. This week there are actually many inner planetary connections, suggesting a personal rewiring. First off, the only event that occurs at all on Monday is Venus’ ingress into Sagittarius.
Venus’ shift from Scorpio, where she is in the Foreigner position (formerly known as ‘detriment’) to Sagittarius, where she is peregrine, (that is, without labels), and resonating with the benevolent Jupiter. As a result, the heart feels much freer.
Venus makes FIVE aspects this week, all to 5D planets, and she is officially on her way to a major meeting with Jupiter, (January 17), revealing a definite theme around matters of the heart. The 5D core is being recalibrated by multidimensional energies in preparation for a major expansion in a couple of weeks. Venus comes together with Jupiter in between the two sideways elevators, giving all this heart magnification the capacity to take us anywhere, courtesy of the worm hole we are traveling through.
While Venus makes her way to a meeting with Jupiter, Mercury begins this week in a stepping stone with Mars, while he makes his way to an all important NEW CYCLE with Saturn on Sunday. This should bring great clarity to the events related to last week’s sideways elevator, because that New Moon solar eclipse involved Saturn very directly.
In fact, the Capricorn sector of our consciousness is majorly activated at this time… not just because of the eclipse last week, but also because there are a major bunch of planets gathered there, some of which are not showing in the chart. If you watch the Sun’s activities, though, they become apparent, as only the Sun has the capacity to do.
Moving through Capricorn at this time are Quaoar, Saturn, Ultima Thule, Arawn, Chariklo, the Sun, (the Moon is just leaving) and Pluto. The Sun comes together with Arawn, Chariklo and Pluto this week, before producing a major stepping stone to Eris on Sunday. (There’s that calm before the storm energy again). Eris is the great Disruptor. It’s safe to say there will be come kind of upheaval this week, though what kind and what level of our awareness it affects remains to be experienced.
It’s best not to project fear, as that has a way of manifesting. Keep your heart open, your arms in the air, and teach your Self how to enjoy this non stop ride.
As mentioned, the Black Moon makes four aspects this week before going retrograde on Sunday. All the Black Moon’s connections are to 5D planets, and the fact that she will retrace these exact steps next week means all four aspects will be repeated next week, and again for a third time later on. Each time the Black Moon contacts a planet she reaches into its shadows and pulls something very significant about it right out into the open.
It feels as though her retrograde station on Sunday will be very much a welcome relief in the middle of all our direct motion. Even though she is not actually a planet, and therefore not actually an archetype that we can work with, what she actually IS is an indispensable balancing point for us at the deeply emotional level.
She is not a physical body, but a mathematical function, (and whose to say that isn’t every bit as important?), and she serves as the point of balance for our Moon with our Earth. We have lived for centuries with the Black Moon submerged in our subconscious awareness, but now that we have conscious access to her, life on Earth is a whole different journey.
ALL five personal planets are very actively being recalibrated this week, in between the two eclipses, inside this non retrograde worm hole, rewiring our personal Selves, no doubt in preparation for the new chapter to come. And that new chapter is Aquarian in nature, as we are due to be delivered out of the worm hole on the Aquarius new Moon.
In the even bigger picture, that major paradigm shift of consciousness, expressed by the Chiron and Uranus transits, is coming to completion, now that Uranus has turned direct. The worm hole ends February 4, and the paradigm shift completes March 5, delivering us to an entirely new experience for the spring of 2019 and beyond.



Daily Aspects for Jan 7 -13:

(All times given are EST)


MON 1/7:



TUE 1/8:

Venus Salacia Manifesting: 5:08pm (1 Sag/Ari 29)
Mercury MakeMake Stepping Stone: 7:37pm (5 Cap/Lib 51)
Mercury Albion Manifesting: 10:05pm (6 Cap/Tau 00)


WED 1/9:

Venus Varuna Manifesting: 5:08am (2 Sag/Leo 01)
BLACK MOON ERIS RESOURCE: 6:51am (22 Aqu/Ari 59)
Sun Arawn New Cycle: 7:40am (18 Cap 57)
SUN CHARIKLO NEW CYCLE: 9:33pm (19 Cap 32)

THU 1/10:

BLACK MOON CERES SQUARE: 9:30am (24 Aqu/Sco 38)
ERIS TURNS DIRECT: 3:32pm (22 Ari 59)


FRI 1/11:

SUN PLUTO NEW CYCLE: 6:34am (20 Cap 56)
BLACK MOON SEDNA SQUARE: 7:46pm (26 Aqu/Tau 22)


SAT 1/12:

Mercury Orcus Manifesting: 3:41am (10 Cap/Vir 59)
Sun Juno Manifesting: 8:13am (22 Cap/Tau 01)
Venus MakeMake Resource: 8:42am (5 Sag/Lib 19)

SUN 1/13:

Venus Albion Great Eliminator: 12:14am (6 Sag/Tau 00)
SUN ERIS STEPPING STONE: 6:47am (22 Cap/Ari 59)
MERCURY SATURN NEW CYCLE: 8:32am (12 Cap 51)

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