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For the week of   October 15 - 21, 2018:

There are many stepping stones and Light Bridges to work with this week, as well as another all important Black Moon Earth Star conjunction next weekend. It’s safe to say that the week ahead features another round of fast moving, unbelievably life altering events that are sure to keep us all on our toes. For the next three weeks the energies are somewhat relentless. The energies build, even past the Full Moon on October 24, to a major crescendo during the first week of November. Here in the United States, that is mid term election day, when it becomes possible to change the state of things somewhat, by exercising the power of the democracy and voting to help create a world that more closely resembles the one you want to live in.

If the full Moon occurs in the middle of next week, you can already perceive the trajectory of the energies that are building right now. There are Light Bridges everywhere, encouraging us all to stay put in the observer’s perch of your choice.
The week kicks off with a Mercury Venus conjunction in Scorpio on Monday afternoon EDT. Earlier in the day the Black Moon gets involved by producing a stepping stone to each of these lower body rulers. The Black Moon is dancing a nonstop dance for the next few months. Her role is so much more significant than we ever imagined. We are watching the manifestations of her hard work, and it is truly breathtaking. She jumps right in this week, and she is with us, making important inroads, just about every day this week.
Mercury and Venus represent the mind and the heart, and therefore the male/female balance. This conjunction at 9 Scorpio, as Venus retrogrades, is a major turning point for the inner mind/heart balance of each and every one of us. It may not FEEL like a turning point, because Scorpio is such a deep and alchemical sign. An aspect like this one, so personal and transformational at the same time, is likely to feel more like a bubbling cauldron than a turning point, but it does produce a major shift, when all is said and done.
That ‘done’ point may not come until Venus comes back to this degree, on December 14. Venus’ retrograde cycle is one reason why the next few weeks promise to bring so much radical change. Well, actually, it’s Venus, Mercury’s upcoming retrograde cycle, the Black Moon’s dance, Jupiter’s entry into Sagittarius, and the Moon’s Nodes leaving Aquarius/Leo and entering Capricorn/Cancer just one day after the mid term elections, and during a Scorpio New Moon on the world axis.
So on Monday, the Black Moon’s stepping stones to Mercury and Venus point out any place where mind or heart need balance and alignment. The Mercury Venus conjunction offers each and every one of us the chance to bring that balance more fully into perfection than ever before. If you can’t make it happen, don’t worry about it. Venus is retrograde. There’s plenty of space for getting it right. However, these two won’t come together again this time around, even with Mercury’s upcoming retrograde cycle. That means that whatever comes up on Monday, whatever alignment requirements show up for you personally, will be something you’ll need to work with for a while. Just know that eventually you will get it right.
The main event mid-week is the Sun’s infusion into the Eris/Haumea Light Bridge. Tuesday features a Sun Eris Light bridge. Eris is the Great Disruptor. Enough said there. On Thursday the Sun comes together for a new cycle with Haumea, at the degree where Venus will go direct in mid-November. The Sun lights up and energizes whatever it touches. Whatever happens, be sure the Sun will bring Life and unprecedented energy to this High Way we’ve been walking together for years now. This is MY personal Light Bridge of choice. It’s an active bridge, and it requires devotion and mindfulness. What great practice…
On Wednesday there is but one aspect… a Ceres/Pluto-Charon Stepping Stone in the evening (EDT). What a powerful singleton aspect to be living through. The archetypes of birthing/midwife and rebirth and resurrection producing a low bridge, a chance to rise above the chaos of the current birthing, and observe with elevated perspective what is happening.
Friday features another important Light Bridge, courtesy of the Black Moon and Varuna. With Varuna’s capacity to see from very high places, there’s no telling what that superconscious Black Moon will reveal.
Also on Friday, another very important, very personal Stepping Stone, made by Mercury and Mars. Mind/Body adjustments are the order of the day. These are made easier with an altared, or elevated perspective on what you can do in your own life to make for an easier ride.
And Saturday brings yet another in a long series of Black Moon Earth Star conjunctions. With the Black Moon reentering Capricorn tomorrow, every aspect she makes right now will be repeated, and there are a lot, especially next week. The Black Moon will continue to dance with the karmic node, all the way back into Capricorn later this year. There’s no denying that the events playing out on the world stage are karmic. That’s the understatement of the millennium.
The Black Moon forms a stepping stone with Uranus tonight and with the Sun tomorrow night. That’s a lot of Black Moon stepping stones this week. She is manifesting her own little bridge for us to walk on the water, remaining above the drama of the chaotic emotional realm right now, and making us all the examples of what happens when the heart is open and filled with Love.
Pay careful attention to the events of this week, because everything will be repeated over the course of the next few weeks while the Black Moon retrogrades and then goes direct again. It’s no time to look away. But please do all you can to stay riveted to the observer’s perch.

WEEKLY ASPECTS OCTOBER 15 – 21, 2018 (All times given are EDT).

MONDAY 10/15:

Black Moon Venus (R) Stepping Stone: 1:50am (9 Aquarius/Scorpio 04)
Black Moon Mercury Stepping Stone: 10:12am (8 Aquarius/Scorpio 27)
Mercury Venus (R) New cycle: 4:21pm (8 Scorpio 50)


TUESDAY 10/16:

Mercury Vesta Resource: 8:51am (9 Scorpio/Capricorn 51)
Sun Eris Light Bridge: 7:20pm (23 Libra/Aries 32)
Mercury Orcus Resource: 9:43pm (10 Scorpio/Virgo 39)



Ceres Pluto Stepping Stone: 5:40pm (18 Libra Capricorn 49)



Black Moon MakeMake Manifesting: 9:45am (4 Aquarius/Libra 51)
Vesta Orcus Manifesting: 10:48am (10 Capricorn/Virgo 40)
Sun Haumea New Cycle: 12:52pm (25 Libra 15)
Sun Ixion Resource: 7:39pm (25 Libra/Sagittarius 32)
Mars Great Attractor Resource: 11:10pm (14 Aquarius/Sagittarius 12)

FRIDAY 10/19:

Venus Albion Light Bridge: 4:08am (7 Scorpio/Taurus 16)
Mercury Neptune Manifesting: 5:48am (14 Scorpio/Pisces 03)
Mercury Mars Stepping Stone: 1:24pm (14 Scorpio/Aquarius 30)
Black Moon Varuna Light Bridge: 7:00pm (2 Aquarius/Leo 45) 



Black Moon Earth Star Conjunction: 3:06am (2 Aquarius 06)
Black Moon Salacia Resource: 4:55am (1 Aquarius/Aries 57)
Sun Galactic Center Resource: 9:33am (27 Libra/Sagittarius 06)
Sun Sedna Great Eliminator: 10:18am (27 Libra/Taurus 08)
Black Moon Uranus Stepping Stone: 6:55pm (0 Aquarius/Taurus 40) 


SUNDAY 10/21:

Black Moon (R) Reenters Capricorn: 1:40am
Mercury Arawn Resource: 7:10am (16 Scorpio/Capricorn 40)
Black Moon Chiron Resource: 12:15pm (28 Capricorn/Pisces 54)
Pallas Eris Great Eliminator: 1:57pm (23 Virgo/Aries 29)
Black Moon Sun Stepping Stone: 5:01pm (28 Capricorn/Libra 24)

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