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For the week of   October 29, 2018

We have entered into a long stretch of high energy activity. I know, it seems we’ve been in that sort of space for a while, but believe me when I tell you, all that we’ve been through for the past six or seven years has simply delivered us here, to this incredibly over the top, polarized as it can get stretch. The good news is it will take a huge shadow exposing event (or two or three) to get us all to the point where we can no longer look the other way. So it's all worth it.
The heart awakens in the next couple of months, in ways we have not experienced yet. And in a way, in a very significant way, ALL of this paradigm changing reality we’re moving through is the very stuff that awakening is made of.

The astrology looks like this: Light Bridges abound just about everywhere and they are available to all who are willing to access them. (What is a Light Bridge? Please go to the Cosmic Consciousness Corner and check out all the 5D consciousness. Shelly Leal and my Self have been very busily loading up that section with article after article, and there’s a wonderful one on What is a Light Bridge?)
Just to name a few, there’s a Mercury Sedna Light Bridge as the week begins, Jupiter Sedna as well. Mercury Juno, Ceres Eris, Chiron Pallas, and Black Moon Varuna are all active pretty much all week. But the main Light Bridge event taking place right now is the Venus Uranus Bridge, which comes together exactly for the second of three times on Wednesday. This bridge is the one that is facilitating the awakening of the heart. I recommend spending lots of time there at this time.
Mercury comes together with Jupiter early this week, and that degree, 27 Scorpio, is where Mercury entered his shadow late Sunday night and where he will go direct (December 6) after retrograding for a few weeks. That he is in a new cycle with Jupiter here is SO important, because it portends a major expansion in consciousness.
It’s important to mention that the extreme polarization taking place on the planet means that everything that goes on in the cosmos can go either way now… or more accurately, can be used for either side of the polarity. This is why it is so important to remain in a heightened state, centered and open hearted, so that whatever happens here in the 3D realm is recognizable as essential to the bigger picture. Reaction to anything that happens only adds to it. Do your best to remember that nothing happens that isn’t meant to happen, no matter what we think. It’s all part of a greater plan, and the logic can be totally elusive at times. Going for logic doesn’t really work at a time like this.
Ceres spends most of the week infused with the High Way Light Bridge (Eris/Haumea), which is the one we are all traveling en masse to the new world. Ceres is the mid wife, promising all sorts of rebirthing this week. She comes together with Arcturus and Haumea, while Venus retrogrades back into Libra (10/31) and comes together with Ceres on election day.
The week ahead is SO busy, so filled with rare and significant aspects, it’s impossible to deny that some great change is under way. I’ll discuss this much more next week, when the very obvious shifts actually manifest. For one thing, Uranus is headed back into Aries, where he will join with Eris, the other Great Awakener again, and together they will form a wild and massive Light Bridge with Ceres, Arcturus, Haumea and Venus. And that’s just a little sliver of what goes on next week.
We will feel all these energies building this week. When energies get so massive, we must practice stillness and make use of all the tools we’ve been given along the way to practice peace. We have always known we were headed here, to this quantum leap into the next dimension of consciousness, which produces the new earth.
Most of us remember this is why we’re here. Even if you don’t remember, practice staying centered in your heart, and don’t allow the wild and crazy events taking place on the planet to distract you or worse, to cause you to jump off the bridge and get involved. You can BE Love from wherever you stand. You can make a difference, but only when that is not your motivation.
I have a reader who relayed a story to me. She said she went shopping and as she was parking she witnessed four people, all in cars, fighting over something or other. She said there were at least 12 bystanders, all involved in a major shouting match. She said that without giving it any thought, she stepped in and spoke some words of Love and literally dispersed the crowd. When she told me the story, she was actually down on herself. She said “I jumped off the bridge, but I didn’t know what else to do.”
I don’t think she did jump off the bridge. She said a few choice words that did the trick. 16 people who are upset is a lot of energy. It only takes a few words to disperse it, but ONLY when it’s coming from the right place. My point is, it is possible to be Love and act from the observer’s perch. Even though my client believed she left the perch to act, she did not. She went about her way, after all was said and done, and she remained centered and still. It’s easy to perceive things differently than what we experience just because we are in the habit of something else. She did a beautiful thing, that only Love could accomplish.
The Black Moon spends November 1 through 4 uncharacteristically quiet after so many months of high activity. We all know by now what happens when such an active archetype quiets down for a little stretch: EVERYTHING.  Oh, she’s not done. She reemerges on November 5 to dominate election day. And speaking of the patriarchy. Saturn and MakeMake FINALLY come into that long forming stepping stone they’ve been manifesting. This is a major turning point in the dissolution of the old order and the establishment of the new.
Honestly, with all the changes taking place, it’s hard to imagine how the election next week won’t produce major change. Planets are changing signs, changing directions, light bridges are activating all over the place, and Mercury is moving through is retrograde shadow, promising to bring transformation and change in the next couple of months.
In so many ways this week represents the end of a large number of cycles, and next week brings so many new energies into play. And they are large, long term energies, promising to bring lasting change. Watch this space…but watch from your favorite observer's perch...


Aspects for the Week:

(All times given are EDT, until Sunday, when we revert back to EST)

MONDAY 10/29:

Black Moon Varuna Light Bridge: 4:07am (2 Aquarius/Leo 47)
Pallas Sedna Manifestation: 7:56am (27 Virgo/Taurus 03)
Pallas Galactic Center Stepping Stone: 10:36am (27 Virgo/Sagittarius 06)
Mercury Chiron Manifestation: 9:56pm (28 Scorpio/Pisces 36)

TUESDAY 10/30:

Sun Albion Light Bridge: 8:56am (7 Scorpio/Taurus 02)
Mercury Juno Bridge: 8:59am (29 Scorpio/Taurus 11)
Black Moon Sun Stepping Stone: 1:35pm (7 Aquarius/Scorpio 14)
Venus Quaoar Resource: 9:00pm (0 Scorpio/Capricorn 26) 



VENUS URANUS BRIDGE (#2): 4:46am (0 Scorpio/Taurus 15)
Mercury Uranus Great Eliminator: 5:36am (0 Sagittarius/Taurus 15)
Black Moon Orcus Great Eliminator: 8:54pm (10 Aquarius/Virgo 53) 



Mercury Salacia Manifestation: 10:51am (1 Sagittarius/Aries 44)
JUPITER CHIRON MANIFESTATION: 1:36pm (28 Sagittarius/Aries 31)
Chiron Pallas Bridge: 1:48pm (28 Pisces/Virgo 31)
Jupiter Pallas Resource: 2:02pm (28 Scorpio/Virgo 31)
CERES HAUMEA NEW CYCLE: 8:05pm (25 Libra 36)

FRIDAY 11/2:

Pallas Juno Manifestation: 1:48am (28 Virgo/Taurus 44)
Ceres Ixion Resource: 7:09am (25 Libra/Sagittarius 48)
Mercury Varuna Manifestation: 8:06am (2 Sagittarius/Leo 47)
Jupiter Juno Bridge: 8:48am (28 Scorpio/Taurus 41)



Sun Orcus Resource: 6:10am (10 Scorpio/Virgo 55)
Venus Juno Great Eliminator: 12:58pm (28 Libra/Taurus 29)
Venus Chiron Great Eliminator: 2:16pm (28 Libra/Pisces 27)
Chiron Juno Resource: 4:51pm (28 Pisces/Taurus 27)

SUNDAY 11/4:

SATURN MAKEMAKE STEPPING STONE: 3:25am (5 Capricorn/Libra 13)
Mercury MakeMake Resource: 10:33am (5 Sagittarius/Libra 13)
Ceres Sedna Great Eliminator: 9:41pm (26 Libra/Taurus 59)
Uranus Pallas Great Eliminator: 11:51pm (0 Taurus/Libra 03)

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