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For the week of   November 5, 2018

I know I say it all the time… that the week ahead is filled with life altering planetary events, and I know you’ll agree with me when I say we have been through it… over and over again. We have been awakened, transmuted, crucified and resurrected, enlightened and utterly transformed during the last 7 years…at least.
But this week contains the mechanism of change unlike anything I’ve ever seen. It’s the kind of change that has been building upon itself for a long time.. easily for those seven years … probably more like seven lifetimes.
I promise that next Sunday you will be crystal clear that the change has come, and the beginning of the new order is under way.

Here is some of the astrology that reflects the week ahead. The Black Moon basically took the week off this past weekend, after she brought about some serious disruptions toward the beginning of last week. She formed two stepping stones with Eris last week, and she will form two more (different) aspects to Eris during the days ahead. Eris is known as the Great Disruptor, and I am beginning to feel that the “little disruptor’ is an appropriate nickname for the Black Moon. We all know what happened last week. (In case you don’t, I am referring to those “homegrown terrorist” attacks).
Those attacks, as horrific as they were, were not in any way addressed or soothed by the sitting president. This is something we have NEVER seen before in this country. The rule of law appears at this moment to be nonexistent. The violent behaviors that took place seemed to stoke the president’s agenda ( and there’s a good argument that says the president stoked those behaviors in the first place). Trump announced that he intends to change the constitution that allows a soul born in the United States the automatic right to citizenship with a stroke of his pen. (He can’t do this, but he SO enjoys stirring the pot).
We have to hope that this aberrant behavior is enough to wake us up to the Truth. This President is systematically taking apart the fabric that our country is made of. Well, at least it looks that way.
When this sort of thing happens, it is never enough to go back to the way things were.. That may not even be possible. After all, the Black Moon makes two HUGE aspects on Monday, just hours before the election occurs.
The first is a resource with Eris. Expect some very significant disruption. (Not necessarily like last week, this is a much more positive aspect). The second is yet another conjunction with Mars. On this somewhat unsettling day, the Earth Star chakra, aka the karmic south node, sits at 0 Aquarius (remember that degree?) and prepares to move back to 29 Capricorn tomorrow.
The Earth Star has been sitting at 0 Aquarius all throughout those very disruptive events last week. (Since October 26). I just took a peek at the 2016 Election chart and Mars was at 29 Capricorn. (He moved to 0 Aquarius later that day).
There’s a Scorpio New Moon on the world axis on Wednesday, emphasizing the alchemical new cycle we have manifested.
Also this week Uranus moves back into Aries (which is Mars’ sign), Jupiter moves into Sagittarius, (which is his own sign), Ceres moves into Scorpio, and late Sunday night (11/4) Pallas moved into Libra. When any one planet changes signs, the consciousness shifts. This week we are navigating a lot of change.
The Black Moon goes retrograde on Wednesday, making for a couple of those double takes she is famous for. The main one this week is a second resource to Eris and a second conjunction with Mars. So the upheaval of Monday either resonates loudly on Thursday, or it may even continues with fresh activity.
There are quite a few conjunctions this week. For the most part we call conjunctions new cycles, unless they are involved in retrograde cycles. And almost all of this week’s conjunctions are either repeats or will soon be repeated. Only when the final conjunction occurs (after the retrogrades are over) can we call it a new cycle. Still, the planets involved are busily producing new cycles, those new beginnings are under construction, and taken together with the rest of the week’s activity, it’s a lot to navigate.
But we can do it. We’ve been preparing for years, and we have the tools to hold the space for the rest of the planet. Remain riveted to the observer’s perch, but please note: that does not mean you can’t take action. You can do ANYTHING from the observer’s perch. The bridge is not a place, it’s a perspective.
And here’s a final observation on the week ahead. The whole week is a giant Finger of God. It involves Arcturus, Haumea, Ceres and Venus, each of them in resource with Ixion (life’s purpose) and all of those forming Great Eliminators (forks in the road) with Sedna and Juno. This is a HUGE Finger of God… a fork in the road that requires conscious navigation. Choosing the high road at every turn is the key. This Finger of God plays out all week. It’s like a constant reminder from on high to keep choosing the highest version of Sedna Juno you possibly can. Sedna is the key to everything these days. Here is a link to our Sedna article in the Cosmic Consciousness corner for more information…

If you don’t like the way the country is going, YOU ARE THE CHANGE. GO OUT AND VOTE. No big buts. VOTE. It’s the only way to get it all going in a more unified direction. This is where it has to start. If we don’t, we will have a lot more damage to work with in the two years ahead. No excuses. GO OUT AND VOTE….
Okay, here’s a day by day:

Monday 11/5:

Is huge. As mentioned, the Black Moon comes together with Mars and finds major resource with Eris. Also Venus comes together with Ceres today for the first of two times. The next time will be just after Christmas (December 27). And the Karmic South Node, the Earth Star Chakra… humanity’s Earth Star chakra, spends its last day at 0 Aquarius today. This wraps up 18 months of Aquarian karmic activity, as well as about 2 weeks at 0 Aquarius. It seems worth it to mention that America’s Moon is in Aquarius, and this last 18 months has certainly been a punch to the American gut.

Tuesday 11/6:

ELECTION DAY. The astrology is off the hook. There are seven aspects that are important… and TWO of them involve change of signs. The Nodes move into Capricorn/Cancer and Uranus retrogrades back into Aries today. This Uranus shift is part of the larger paradigm shift that is a major 2018 theme. Uranus is back in the same sign with Eris (Uranus and Eris we conjunction for the 2016 election day), promising some major shifting and changing, and of course, awakening.  Please see the list of aspects below for the rest… There’s just too much to write about this week… I will do my best to bring these other aspects up in the daily blog as they happen.

Wednesday 11/7:

This is yet another major day. It features the world axis Scorpio New Moon and the Black Moon station. Venus in a Great Eliminator with Sedna (part of the weeklong Finger of God), Chiron in a Great eliminator with Ceres, (NOT part of the big Finger of God, but every bit as significant), AND a Vesta Pluto new cycle, promising a renewed sense of devotion and energy. The New Moon in Scorpio is SO important right now. Scorpio is the part of our collective consciousness where we manifest our beliefs into the physical world. And it is a new cycle for our spirit, as the Sun and Moon co-dispose the spiritual body. (Please see Vivian Small’s Moon report for much more)..

Thursday 11/8:

ANOTHER huge day.. three in a row that seem relentless and thoroughly transformational. First, the Black Moon repeats her two aspects from Monday.. a resource with Eris, promising a second look, maybe a deeper look at the disruption of Monday, or possibly another round… and a second conjunction with Mars. There is so much activity permeating these few days it’s breathtaking. Also today Jupiter manifests with Uranus, at 29 Sagittarius/Aries, MASTER degrees for two very powerful archetypes. Uranus is the new FATHER archetype. Jupiter seems to energize him as the giant planet makes his way home… to his own sign of Sagittarius, ALSO today. And Mars is manifesting with Haumea today too, assisting our efforts to reunify. Everything Mars does for the next few months is intimately connected to Uranus, as he is disposing the Great Awakener while he travels through Aries.

Friday 11/9:

FINALLY a quieter day. It’s not exactly quiet, there are two huge aspects taking place today.. An Ixion Haumea resource (the life purpose of unity), and a Venus Mars Manifestation, always important for the furthered empowerment of the feminine.

Saturday 11/10:

Mars is important today as he forms two stepping stones with Sedna and Juno. Those are the two archetypes that the Finger of God is emphasizing this week. Stepping stones are good for seeing what we have not yet been able to see. We’ve been swimming in the intensity of the energies all week and the stepping stones provide a bit of an observer’s perch and the opportunity to rise up out of the water and walk upon it. In fact there are a bunch of stepping stones today… Mercury forms one with Orcus, delivering us to our ancestral memories. The Black Moon forms a stepping stone with the Sun, an aspect that is sure to light up shadows we didn’t even know were there. And Venus retrogrades back to her second of three conjunctions with Haumea. This is part of a bigger new cycle that involves the Venus retrograde cycle and the unity she brings as the triple bridge with Uranus awakens the heart in all new ways.  It will be a couple of weeks before the final conjunction, which constitutes a new cycle. That occurs on Thanksgiving Day. You can’t make this stuff up.

Sunday, 11/11:

Aside from the triple 11 Star Gate, which is huge enough in its own right for downloading the keys and codes of personal mastery to anyone with an open crown chakra all day long, this is ANOTHER huge day. Juno comes together with Sedna today, to put a finishing touch on the weeklong Finger of God. There’s a Sun Pluto resource, which is very energizing and speaks pretty directly to Ceres, who enters Pluto’s domain, Scorpio later tonight. Also, we haven’t had many Light Bridges this week, but to finish it all off, there’s a Ceres Uranus Light Bridge at 29 Aries/Libra… yet another opportunity to step into the mastery that is available to anyone who will receive it this week.
SUCH an active, important week filled with the mechanisms of change. I doubt very much the government will not switch back to a more democratic energetic, but I have to say, in this environment of perfect polarization, it will not do to be complacent. Remember what happened in the 2016 election? No resting on your laurels. YOU ARE THE CHANGE. YOU ARE THE WAVE. Go out and vote. You can do it from the observer’s perch.

ASPECTS for November 5 – 11: (All times given are Eastern STANDARD time) 

MON 11/5:

Ceres Galactic Center Resource: 3:53am (27 Libra/Sagittarius 08)
Black Moon Eris Resource: 4:33am (23 Aquarius/Aries 20)
Black Moon Mars conjunction: 10:20am (23 Aquarius 50)
Venus Ceres Conjunction: 8:46pm (27 Libra 25)


TUES 11/6:

Mercury Albion Great Eliminator: 12:43am (6 Sagittarius/Taurus 54)
Sun Neptune Manifestation: 1:41am (13 Scorpio/Pisces 47)
Pallas Quaoar Stepping Stone: 2:45am (0 Libra/Capricorn 33)
Venus Galactic Center Resource: 3:46pm (27 Libra/Sagittarius 06)
Ceres Juno Great Eliminator: 9:54pm (27 Libra/Taurus 49)

WED 11/7:

BLACK MOON TURNS RETROGRADE: 12:30am (25 Aquarius 26)
Venus Sedna Great Eliminator: 1:28am (26 Libra/Taurus 57)
SCORPIO NEW MOON (11:02am) (15 Scorpio 11)
Vesta Pluto Conjunction: 2:40pm (19 Capricorn 06)
Ceres Chiron Great Eliminator: 10:11pm (28 Libra/Pisces 20)

THUR 11/8:

Jupiter Uranus Great Eliminator: 1:19am (29 Scorpio/Aries 56)
Pallas Salacia Light Bridge: 1:32am (1 Libra/Aries 37)
Mars Haumea Manifestation: 5:11pm (25 Aquarius/Libra 46)
Black Moon Eris Resource: 8:58pm (23 Aquarius/Aries 18)


FRI 11/9:

Ixion Haumea Resource: 12:58am (25 Sagittarius/Aries 18)
Venus Mars Manifestation: 10:12am (26 Libra/Aquarius 11)

SAT 11/10:

Venus Ixion Resource: 6:40am (25 Libra/Sagittarius 59)
Mars Sedna Stepping Stone: 4:00pm (26 Aquarius/Taurus 56)
Mercury Orcus Stepping Stone: 4:06pm (11 Sagittarius/Virgo 01)
Black Moon Sun Stepping Stone: 6:15pm (18 Aquarius/Scorpio 30)
Mars Juno Stepping Stone: 7:25pm (27 Aquarius/Taurus 01)
VENUS HAUMEA CONJUNCTION (#2): 10:06pm (25 Libra 40)

SUN 11/11:

Pallas Varuna Resource: 4:44am (2 Libra/Leo 46)
JUNO SEDNA CONJUNCTION: 5:38am (26 Taurus 55)
CERES URANUS LIGHT BRIDGE: 6:42am (29 Libra/Aries 49)
Sun Pluto Resource: 10:18am (19 Scorpio/Capricorn 10)

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  1. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Stephanie, for doing your part to GOTV! You so beautifully make the point that WE are the change! So many in the spiritual community
    appear unwilling to encourage participation, but I don’t know any other way that our current situation will change without us! Democracy depends on it! THANK YOU.

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