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For the week of  November 12, 2018

This is a week that requires your greatest effort to be still and open-hearted. When you look at it a certain way, being open-hearted could be considered the opposite of being afraid. This is definitely not a time to be in your head, worried about the way things might go. If anything, whatever is happening in your life right now is your master test. You have the tools you need to stay centered and present, so that you can move through the waves that are definitely threatening to overwhelm you now. They require a calm method of navigation.

This week is very much connected to last week. There’s a lot of change taking place, and while the big picture shows clearly that it is all moving in the right direction, it is also adding to the major 3D polarization that has been building for ‘we don’t really know’ how many years. The biggest picture says it has taken us 12,000 years to get here.
One thing’s for sure… this is a most uncomfortable moment. No matter what is going on in your world, know that the outcome is not what matters… What you do to move through this moment with as much peace and inner strength as you can.. THAT’s the point. It’s a master test. It’s a moment when everything you’ve learned to do is prerequisite, just to get you through the moment.
It’s an initiation of the highest order. You might say this is THE initiation, into the new world… It’s the one we are all here for. If we had known it would be this difficult, it might have been different… we might have made a different choice… What do you think? Nah. It’s why we’re here.
This is a passage that is very much like threading a needle. You may need to take your skin off to get through it in one piece. It’s a very uncomfortable journey up ahead. How many experiences have we had (since, say 2012) that have shown us how to move through profound discomfort? It’s all been preparation for this next two or three weeks, which in turn delivers us to two years of major (r)evolution.
This (r)evolution must be met with an observer’s perspective. Getting involved in the fray is a different experience, and it’s not the one we’re here for. It is the observer’s perspective that makes this an evolutionary moment. It may not make it any less comfortable, but it will certainly be less painful when approached from the higher viewpoint.
The week ahead contains one VERY rare day (Monday) that contains not one single planetary aspect. We haven’t had one of those in many many months. Usually a day like that brings more activity than is imaginable, because the lack of planetary energies is very much like popping the cork on a champagne bottle.  But this day feels a little more like an inbreath…Like the calm before the storm.. like the moment of stillness before chaos breaks loose.
The next two days, Tuesday and Wednesday, seem to be building toward something. The aspects are not too numerous, which could be a blessing in disguise, giving us all the chance to acclimate to whatever’s coming up.
On Tuesday the first aspect we experience is a Ceres Quaoar resource. This  reflects the birthing of a major new cycle. There’s also a Black Moon Mercury resource, which should help us to perceive whatever might be coming out of the shadows. This will be very helpful, because the new chapter that begins now comes on so fast, it will be hard to know what’s going on.
On Wednesday we have one more less intensive day, featuring a Sun Vesta resource, bringing strong passion for whatever we are doing, followed by a Juno Ixion Great Eliminator. This latter aspect occurs at about 11pm EST. Generally the timing of aspects is so subtle it doesn’t make much difference, but this one seems to be the actual line that we must cross into the initiation passage. A Great Eliminator produces a fork in the road, and this one has everything to do with the Light worker’s purpose. We must choose the road to unity tonight, no matter what.
It’s important to note that this week more than any other, appearances mean nothing. (That’s ALWAYS true, but this week it’s important to remember it above just about everything else). What appears to be happening is rarely if ever at all what’s really happening. Everything happens for a reason, and that reason is evolution. When things change rapidly, we must be prepared to let go of the life we have become comfortable with. Change is by definition uncomfortable. Clinging to comfort produces WAY more pain than is necessary at this time.
Thursday is where it all begins in earnest. There are a bunch of planetary events, and that alone is bound to feel like an onslaught, after a few days of energy that is more like simmering than overwhelming. Today both Uranus and Eris are involved. That means there is a lot going on that is meant to awaken us. Open our eyes. Jolt us into seeing what we have not yet seen. It’s important to note that last week when Uranus retrograded back into Aries, he took up residence one last time with Eris (for the next approximately 100 years), and the two Great Awakeners are at it again. They will be acting in tandem for about four months, as they did for all the years since late 2011. We have awakened so much since these two came together, which they did, producing a new cycle in 2016 and 2017. We are far more awake now, making this upcoming four months a far more enlightening opportunity.
Mars moves into Pisces late on Thursday afternoon, bringing a major shift that marks the beginning of plenty of change on the personal front. The personal front is reflected by the inner planets and their activities. Mars enters Pisces tonight, and begins to make his way toward Neptune. Tomorrow, Friday, Mercury turns retrograde conjunct the Great Attractor degree (which is a Source energy) and in a pretty tight stepping stone (square) with Neptune in Pisces. That is bound to make for some intense activity, but if we don’t go too mental, then it should offer a chance to perceive more clearly all that has been going on for the past couple of weeks.
The Black Moon will spend another month or so interacting with Pluto and the Earth Star (karmic South Node) before she moves on into Pisces for a while. So Pisces becomes a major part of the new chapter. Pisces, in Cosmic Consciousness, is the limitless realm; it is the place where we must look our fears right in the eye and move past them in order to access the never before realized options that have been available to us all along, but we were unable to see them.
Also, on Friday, Venus turns direct, sitting smack in between Arcturus and Haumea, sitting in that little pocket inside the via combusta that is benign. The rest of this passage, all the way to 15 Scorpio, is a tougher road. This station seems like a blessing. And let that be a reminder to count yours, making a gratitude list each morning or evening. That list can take you to an altered (lifted) place, and you never know when you’ll need that the most right now.
Friday contains the change of direction of THE two lower body rulers that dispose the mind and the heart. That’s important, don’t you think? Venus is in Libra, disposed by Sedna, and Mercury is in Sagittarius, disposed by Jupiter. You may recall that Jupiter and Sedna formed a major Light Bridge very recently. If you’ll remember, any Light Bridge that you have taken some time to work with remains an etheric construct in your consciousness forever. Is it starting to become apparent that whatever happens has its major purpose?
That purpose is never truly accessible to us in any given moment, because it’s a much bigger version than what we perceive, even with a profoundly awakened consciousness. It’s best, in every now moment, to Know you don’t Know anything, and instead watch your life like a movie that will reveal it all when the moment is right.
Saturday is a big day that features resources, bridges and an important Pallas MakeMake new cycle. That’s a whole lot of 5D consciousness flooding the picture. If you’re still and centered enough this weekend, you may notice that the difference between this Pallas MakeMake new cycle and the last one that occurred (in August 2014), is the amount of awakening we’ve been through. Nothing can happen here without our consciousness. It is the perspective we hold and the response we offer that determines our experience of anything. This is SO important to know, going forward.
Sunday features only two planetary aspects, a Black Moon MakeMake Manifestation and a Venus Juno Great Eliminator. MakeMake delivers us to the universal laws that supersede the ones we have made up here. (The same ones that some people here somehow appear to be disregarding more and more every day). That final Great Eliminator between Venus and Juno, with Venus newly direct and Juno fresh off a new cycle with Pallas, (divine feminine wisdom), we should be able to catch some important glimpses of where we are. Where are we? We are poised on the brink of a new world… one that must be birthed out of a dying old one.
Letting go of that old world is key right now. There’s no more time to consider it. It all happens very fast from here. You’ve either learned to do it or you will be forced to. Either way, if you’ve spent any time at all meditating on your own higher Self and the new world, then you can consider your Self a citizen of it. And this week presents the entry way to that new world. We’ve been in this portal since 2012, and we won’t enter the new world fully till sometime close to 2021. These next two years are uncomfortable at best and excruciating at worst. Which experience you have is entirely up to you.
Oh, and one more thing: I know this forecast seems dire, but I hope beyond all hope that I don’t have to tell you not to be afraid. Fear is the one big problem. Everything else is an illusion. It will all pass. Fear will create more chaos than any one of us knows what to do with. So please, no fear. Let’s hold hands, even though we are all dealing with our own karmic dregs. We can do it all from the observer’s perch, and with each other… standing as one.

Aspects for the Week of 11/12 – 11/18/18

(All times given are EST)


MON 11/12:

NO Aspects today 

TUE 11/13:

Ceres Quaoar Resource: 6:56am (0 Scorpio/Capricorn 42)
Black Moon Mercury Resource: 4:35pm (12 Aquarius/Sagittarius 47) 

WED 11/14:

Sun Vesta Resource: 6:54am (22 Scorpio/Capricorn 03)
Juno Ixion Great Eliminator: 10:59pm (26 Taurus/Sagittarius 06) 

THU 11/15:

Mars Uranus Resource: 4:31am (29 Aquarius/Aries 40)
Black Moon Orcus Great Eliminator: 4:35am (11 Aquarius/Virgo 04)
Jupiter Salacia Manifestation: 7:46am (1 Sagittarius/Aries 32)
Sun Eris Great Eliminator: 11:34am (23 Scorpio/Aries 15)
Juno Haumea Great Eliminator: 5:36pm (25 Taurus/Libra 55)

FRI 11/16:

VENUS TURNS DIRECT: 5:52am (25 Libra 14)
MERCURY TURNS RETROGRADE: 8:34pm (13 Sagittarius 29)
Vesta Eris Stepping Stone: 10:36pm (23 Capricorn/Aries 14)

SAT 11/17:

Mars Quaoar Resource: 12:02am (0 Pisces/Capricorn 47)
PALLAS MAKEMAKE NEW CYCLE: 12:00pm (5 Libra 27)
Sun Juno Bridge: 4:39pm (25 Scorpio/Taurus 29)
Ceres Varuna Stepping Stone: 10:26pm (2 Scorpio/Leo 44) 

SUN 11/18:

Black Moon MakeMake Manifestation: 6:04am (5 Aquarius/Libra 28)
Venus Juno Great Eliminator: 8:54am (25 Libra/ Taurus 19)

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