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For the week of  November 19, 2018

I think it’s interesting to look at the aspects that bracket the week… that is, the first and last planetary connections that take place… because it can reveal the overall essence of what’s just up ahead. The week begins with a Sun Sedna Light Bridge and ends with a Venus Sedna Great Eliminator. Sedna is holding the space and defining the week for us now. She is the record keeper for the Divine Feminine journey. The first planetary event of the week is a Sun Sedna Light Bridge… providing an observer’s perch of the highest order.

When the Sun bridges with any planet, it lights it up in ways that are uncommon. (New planets are often discovered when the Sun is in polarity to them). The Sun, after all, is consciousness. The Divine Feminine has established her Self in all new ways here in America, filling the legislative branch of the government with more women than ever before. We have entered a very significant patch of adjustment and revision that will deliver us to the new year. It’s no coincidence that the new congress begins at that time.
Sedna is, according to cosmic consciousness, the new dispositor of the sign of the mirrored Self (Libra). She is a 5D harmonic of Venus. Even their myths are the same. It seems very poignant that the last aspect of the week is a Venus Sedna Great Eliminator. It seems the events of the week will deliver us to that fork in the road that asks us to choose which path we will travel. It’s almost as if the events of the week bring some of us, possibly many of us, to a more collective, global, conscious perspective on the role of the feminine in this transformational process that has just started up.
It began with the stations of both Venus and Mercury. Venus is recovering her shadow now, moving through the via combusta. She will spend the rest of this week in Libra, pulling out of her station very slowly. In fact, she will move only about two degrees all week, coming together with Haumea on Thursday (Thanksgiving Day) for the third of three conjunctions. This effectively produces a definitive new cycle for the unified heart.
Mercury does not appear to be very active this week, unless you count the fact that he just went retrograde (Friday the 16th) conjunct the Great Attractor degree, and he is currently out of bounds… traveling through uncharted conscious territory. He does connect with Orcus (also on Thursday), and that is also the day the Great Messenger returns to the ecliptic. Thanksgiving proves to be a big day, for reasons other than the obvious, as both Venus and Mercury, disposing the Mind/Heart connection, undertake important events that shift everything.
A Mercury Orcus square (the second of three), on the day when we gather with our families, brings forth matters related to lineage and the immortality that shows up in the form of communication about ancestors. Information may come to light this week that requires some deep exploration, maybe some research, in order to get to the Truth of things.
With Mercury coming back inside the ecliptic on Thanksgiving, information from ‘out of the blue’ or maybe ‘out of left field’ might just be the main conversation over family dinners everywhere. Whatever messages Mercury brings, they will be reverberating through to the new year. By then Mercury will have squared Orcus three times, producing an important stepping stone, or altered perspective, on whatever shows up this week.
Please don’t forget the Sun Sedna Light Bridge that kicks off the week. It provides an amazing feminine observer’s perspective that will come in handy this week. Feminine means letting it all be, just as it is. Still and surrendered, without reaction or judgment.. just taking it all in. Sedna is a record keeper, and she will help us take note of all that happens now.
The week is filled with significant changes. The Black Moon retrogrades back into Capricorn on Monday and goes on to produce yet another conjunction with the karmic Earth Star Node on Tuesday at the master degree (29) of Capricorn. The Black Moon is VERY busy this week, and all of it from the sign of the Great Executive Director.. The Black Moon brings what is hidden out of the shadows into the light, and this Black Moon South Node conjunction is the 11th in a long series of revelations that have been going on since the end of the summer. There are two more of these left, before all is said and done, and these conjunctions too will deliver us to the new year.
By Saturday the Black Moon will have danced her way to Pluto, and yet another conjunction with the Gatekeeper to the new consciousness. And in between Tuesday’s conjunction with the karmic node and Saturday’s conjunction with Pluto, the Black Moon makes ELEVEN other connections. She is very busy showing us what has been hiding in the corners of our awareness, and she delights in being able to bring what is secret to the light of day.
And there’s so much more.  The Sun enters Sagittarius, ALSO on Thanksgiving Day (Thursday). Remember last week when Jupiter moves out of Scorpio and entered Sagittarius? What a major lift that was? The Scorpio/Sagittarius portal is an unusual one, because it takes us from the depths of the emotional being to the heights of the spirit, all in one step. Expect a major lift on Thursday, all while Mercury comes back from his out of bounds journey and delivers unusual news.
The Gemini Full Moon occurs on Friday, adding to and reigniting the Sun Sedna Light Bridge that begins the week. This time the bridge includes Juno and Jupiter. Any time Jupiter participates in a planetary event from his own sign it promises to be big and conscious and expansive. That Full Moon provides one heck of an observer’s perch, and it is disposed by Mercury, making it informative too.
Mercury is SO active this week in subtle, even passive ways. He’s barely making aspects at all, yet he’s present everywhere, doing his thing.
Late Saturday night Neptune turns direct. This too involves Mercury, as Neptune is stationing at 13 Pisces, in a perfect stepping stone with Mercury’s station. Mercury forms a very subtle intersection (formerly T square) with the long term Neptune Orcus Light Bridge. This is a bridge that has been active for a couple of years, and with Neptune’s station is coming into full activation once again. This Light Bridge provides much important perspective on how the past has helped to manifest this moment. The word historical comes to mind… in the sense that history is being made right here.
It’s a big week, in a somewhat subdued way. Maybe that’s because Mercury is retrograde, or because Venus is just pulling of her station and barely moving at all this week. It’s a huge week for the Mind/Heart connection, though there are more huge weeks to come along these lines.
A full Gemini Moon promises to be busy, though Mercury is retrograde, and that is bound to have some kind of effect on the nature of that busy-ness. And all the while, all throughout the week, the Black Moon dances in a very present, very persistent way.


Aspects for the week of November 19 – 25, 2018

All times given are EATERN STANDARD TIME



Sun Sedna Light Bridge: 1:01am (28 Scorpio/Taurus 50)
Black Moon Jupiter Resource: 5:45am (2 Aquarius/Sagittarius 24)
Saturn Albion Manifestation: 10:58am (8 Capricorn/Taurus 38)
Black Moon Salacia Resource: 12:04pm (1 Aquarius/Aries 30)
Mars Jupiter Stepping Stone: 8:31pm (2 Pisces/Sagittarius 33)
Black Moon (R) REENTERS CAPRICORN: 10:28pm


Black Moon Uranus Stepping Stone: 1:56am (29 Capricorn/Aries 29)
Mars Varuna Great Eliminator: 3:20am (2 Pisces/Leo 43)
Sun Chiron Manifestation: 5:56am (28 Scorpio/Pisces 03)
Black Moon Sun Resource: 10:25am (28 Capricorn/Scorpio 14)
Black Moon Chiron Resource: 11:47am (28 Capricorn/Pisces 03)
Saturn Pallas Stepping Stone: 3:08pm (6 Libra/Capricorn 45)
Jupiter Varuna Manifestation: 3:14pm (2 Sagittarius/Leo 43)
Black Moon Sedna Manifestation: 8:28pm (28 Capricorn/Taurus 49)



Black Moon Haumea Stepping Stone: 2:10am (26 Capricorn/Taurus 49)
Black Moon Venus Stepping Stone: 4:33am (25 Capricorn/Libra 43)
Black Moon Vesta Conjunction: 8:18am (25 Capricorn 14)
Black Moon Juno Manifestation: 24 Capricorn/Taurus 38)
Sun Uranus Great Eliminator: 2:52pm (29 Scorpio/Aries 26)



Black Moon Eris Stepping Stone: 1:40am (23 Capricorn/Aries 12)
Mercury Orcus Stepping Stone: 4:04am (11 Sagittarius/Virgo 07)
Venus Haumea New Cycle (#3): 7:30pm (26 Libra 04)



GEMINI FULL MOON: 12:39am (0 Gemini 52)
Vesta Haumea Stepping Stone: 4:55am (26 Capricorn/Libra 05)
Sun Salacia Manifestation: 2:45pm (1 Sagittarius/Aries 27)
Venus Vesta Stepping Stone: 4:03pm (26 Libra/Capricorn 04)
Venus Ixion Resource: 5:40pm (26 Libra/Sagittarius 19)


 BLACK MOON PLUTO CONJUNCTION: 7:39am (19 Capricorn 28)
Mars MakeMake Great Eliminator: 3:44pm (5 Pisces/Libra 33)
Mercury Pallas Resource: 4:03pm (8 Sagittarius/Libra 24)
Vesta Sedna Manifestation: 5:22pm (26 Capricorn/Taurus 47)
Sun Varuna Manifestation: 8:02pm (2 Sagittarius/Leo 41)
NEPTUNE TURNS DIRECT: 8:-08pm (13 Pisces 41)


Mars Ceres Manifestation: 4:02am (5 Pisces/Scorpio 53)
Venus Sedna Great Eliminator: 5:12am (26 Libra/Taurus 46)

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