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For the Week of October 8 - 14, 2018

It’s an interesting week ahead, filled with all sorts of new and different vibrations. The first four or five days this week seem to be as far from the unsettling events of last week as possible, though of course, life in this country is no longer what it was before. There’s no telling what will happen, or how long it will take to reunify all that is so polarized. But one thing is for sure, there are elements to this moment that have never been present before, (such as the newly reunified and empowered divine feminine), and these will provide an entirely new set of options for manifesting a new and unprecedented reality in the months to come.

The week begins with two major new beginnings: First, Mars finally recovers his shadow to begin a brand new cycle. Mars has been traveling through Aquarius now since May 15th of this year. On that day the Earth Star (South Node) was at 9 Aquarius, where Mars is today, and where he went retrograde on June 27th and spent his entire retrograde journey inside that mother of all worm holes this past summer. Everything that has occurred between May 15 and today was very much focused on the events that took place the LAST time Mars was here, traveling between 29 Capricorn and 9 Aquarius. Those dates were November 6 – 21, 2016.
Now Mars begins a brand new cycle, and he is still traveling with the Earth Star and the Black Moon Lilith. Mars will leave Aquarius on November 15, which means he will be resonating with Uranus (traveling through Aquarius), and Uranus (the Great Awakener) is currently deeply engaged in a triple bridge with the retrograding Venus. Venus goes direct on November 16. And Venus and Mars will produce an all important stepping stone later this week.
The other new event taking place today is the Libra New Moon, occurring at 11:47pm EDT tonight, Monday, October 8. The New Moon is conjunct Ceres, indicating a major birthing going on. Libra is the sign of physical power, according to Cosmic Consciousness, and Mars, who disposes the entire physical realm, has just entered his new cycle. We may not be able to SEE it yet, but we are certainly FEELING it, and an entirely new physicality… a new life, if you will… is being born as we speak.
The Moon had to meet up with MakeMake and Ceres once she entered Libra, which means that both those archetypes are participating in this new cycle. Sedna, disposing Libra, is also a big player, and Mercury formed a Great Eliminator (inconjunct) with Sedna early this morning. It seems the spotlight is on the Libra part of every consciousness tonight.
One important new paradigm to be guided by at this time is that the new order asks that we lead with the heart and leave the mind to follow. The Mind has been leading for so long, and it has produced the wheel of life. We have circled round and round for centuries, while the beautiful spiral that takes us all to the next level waits, silently but ever so brilliantly lit up. It is essential to have eyes to See.
The week begins with a bang, but there’s so much more to come. And MOST of it is new, manifesting without echoing what we’ve been through these past six months or so. On Tuesday Mercury enters Scorpio, and almost immediately forms a resource with Quaoar, who is the 5D octave of Mercury. The resource is creative and productive, so that this aspect, which kicks off Mars’ entire journey through Scorpio, promises to launch us to a new perspective, provided we are willing to let go of the old ones.
Wednesday the 10th is a continuation of Tuesday, as Mercury forms a bridge with Uranus and then later on Mars produces an all-important stepping stone with Venus. All these personal planets mixing with the Great Awakener (Venus is in an ongoing triple bridge with Uranus) promises an awakening of the highest order.
Wednesday ALSO features a Soul Star Varuna new cycle, lifting us to a high, high perch from which to perceive our evolutionary path. This aspect also introduces a couple of days, no, actually, a month of very important Earth Star/Soul Star activity.
That activity takes us back into the chaos that has manifested on the planet. The current state of the United States is a case in point. Did you know that the ascended masters call the awakened ones AMERICA? The birthing of the new begins here. And every soul that is present, regardless of orientation, color, country of origin, or religion… every awakened soul is here, literally or figuratively, because the new world is being manifested right here right now.
There’s bound to be a period where the evidence is not apparent, but this is a moment for faith and devotion. Devote your Self to your practice, to the observer’s perch, to Love… whatever keeps you centered and still in the moment.
Saturday the 13th features only one aspect, and that is another BLACK MOON MARS conjunction… This throws us back into the events that are taking place here in America, and into similar events taking place all over the world. Remember last week I spoke of double takes? Some of those have revealed themselves, but believe me when I tell you, most of them have not yet surfaced. Be still and watch what happens.
Please read my daily blog for more detailed information on the daily aspects, and Vivian Small’s article on today’s New Moon as well.

Aspects for 10/8 -14: (All times given are EDT) 

MON 10/8:
Mercury Galactic Center Resource: 12:22am (26 Libra Sagittarius 06)
Mercury Sedna Great Eliminator: 2:20am (27 Libra Taurus 14)
MARS RECOVERS HIS SHADOW: 1:40pm (9 Aquarius 12)
Jupiter Eris Great Eliminator: 10:37pm (23 Scorpio Aries 37)
NEW MOON (Sun Moon New Cycle): 11:47pm (15 Libra 48)
TUES 10/9:
Mercury Chiron Great Eliminator: 11:20am (29 Libra Pisces 23)
Black Moon Haumea Manifestation: 1:52pm (25 Libra Aquarius 02)
Venus Orcus Resource: 4:18pm (10 Scorpio Virgo 30)
Mercury Quaoar Resource: 10:54pm (0 Scorpio Capricorn 08)
WED 10/10:
Vesta Albion Manifestation: 1:29am (7 Capricorn Taurus 27)
Black Moon Jupiter Stepping Stone: 1:52am (23 Aquarius Scorpio 51)
Black Moon Eris Resource: 4:05am (23 Aquarius Aries 36)
Mercury Juno Great Eliminator: 6:35am (0 Scorpio Gemini 38)
Mercury Uranus Bridge:  1:36pm ( 1 Scorpio Taurus 05)
Soul Star Varuna New Cycle: 10:23pm (2 Leo 41)
Venus Mars Stepping Stone: 10:29pm (10 Scorpio Aquarius 17)
THUR 10/11:
Mars Orcus Great Eliminator: 12:22pm
Mercury Earth Star Soul Star Intersection: 12:40pm (2 Scorpio/ Aquarius Leo 34)
Mercury Varuna Stepping Stone: 2:31pm (2 Scorpio 41)
Pallas Pluto Charon Manifestation: 3:02pm (18 Virgo Capricorn 47)
FRI 10/12:
JUNO TURNS RETROGRADE: 12:02am (0 Gemini 39)
Sun Pluto-Charon Stepping Stone: 12:07am (18 Libra Capricorn 47)
Mercury Saturn Resource: 4:21am (3 Scorpio Capricorn 34)
Black Moon Ceres Manifestation: 9:39am (16 Aquarius Libra 24)
SAT 10/13:
BLACK MOON MARS NEW CYCLE: 10:04pm (11 Aquarius 41)
SUN 10/14:
Black Moon Orcus Great Eliminator: 8:25am (10 Aquarius Virgo 36)
MERCURY ALBION LIGHT BRIDGE: 4:30pm (7 Scorpio Taurus 21)
Venus Vesta Resource: 4:41pm (9 Scorpio Capricorn 12)

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